The Next Generation Of ...

We are always looking to the next generation of anything for answers, giving clues to the flow of consciousness and as a guide to the future movement of reality. Pay attention to what is evolving in the world and you will understand what the program is teaching at any given time. Take each lesson to its highest harmonic and see what comes next. It is all about 'Next', "Exist' and 'Exit'.

The next generation brings challenges and moves us along in The Age of Technology and Spirituality. For those who do not like change, they best be advised that everything is evolving with lightning speed so don't get stuck in old systems ... they simply won't work. The hope for humanity is that the next generation unites the paradigms of our reality into 'one' as everything is merging in the spiral of consciousness. This is crunch time.

The 'next generation' also references the next generation of souls who are now in their twenties and becoming adults. As with all generations in the past, we find souls who are educating, balanced, goal oriented and strong enough to see their future. Like all other generations, these souls, party and learn from whatever is available to them at home, in school, on the road, and through technology.

As in the past, there are elements that make this another disillusioned generation, many are traveling to find their destinies, taking jobs abroad to allow time for travel and to see the world. Life affords more opportunities as the age of technology lifts us to explore and discovery who we are.


As with generations before them, for the young adults in their 20's there are those who are dysfunctional, now looking at the DNA patterns in family, understanding limitations and seeking out way to overcome them and find functional lives. The 'loose canon' personality type is now coming for readings and telling me they are here to unite and lead people to a brave new world. They speak to me using metaphysical terminology found on the internet, telling me they are Indigo or Crystal Children, etc. They spew channeled cliches at me that were part of the channeled information of the 1990's. They are lost and need a focus, therefore they are here to save a world that does not want to be saved, but wants to evolve.

Suppose a man came to you believing he was Jesus incarnated in our time line. There are lots of people roaming around out there who believe they are Jesus and feel it, always have been. Almost are all are certifiable. And what if they were Jesus? "What are your plans?" you would ask of him. "To unite the people of the world," would probably be the reply. "How, and to do what?" you might ask. "To save ........ " would be the answer. "Is that feasible?" Can anyone save the planet?"

We have now come to understand that the mission is to save oneself through healing, clearing, balancing, and awakening to the truth about reality ... knowing who you are ... limitations, liabilities, personal powers. Young, often abused people, want power. They often become caretakers and healers learn the hard lesson that unless a soul is ready to heal and is beyond preprogrammed lessons, it will not change, no matter how much love and guidance is given. Healing always goes to awareness and readiness, but don't overdue it or you will burn out.

Gone are the days of people bringing me channeled information, generally from the grid .. or their higher selves. These souls now believe they actually are the incarnation of the souls that were once channeled, are now walking the Earth and will be guided to each other for some greater purpose. Those they meet will be by the magnetic attractions/connections of grid points to complete a preprogrammed experience/lesson. That's how it's done with everything we do. With every generation there are the leaders and the wounded followers. Think for yourself. Don't procrastinate.

As with a child in school/university/universe, the soul attracts lessons until it feels complete, then moves to the next frequency.