Finding Missing Persons - Getting the Message

Generally when we read about psychics working on missing persons cases, it is after they have helped have found the missing person or a body. There are many times when psychics are wrong or vague about what they see. Detailed information is most important. It would be great if the facts presented on TV shows like 'Ghost Whisperers', produced by James Van Praagh, were true, but they are not necessarily the case or the psychics/mediums would be called in to find all missing persons. Right or wrong ... we call it a Hit or a Miss. Other psychics I know try their best and few are in it for the glory. The big in the news about the past week is this high profile story about two missing boys, Shawn and Ben, recently found alive and well, details of their abductions still coming in.

Missing boy: psychics get it spectacularly wrong Paranormal Review - January 18, 2007

Why did both psychics 'read' the information incorrectly? I couldn't say for sure. Basically finding someone who is lost or kidnapped, even an animal, goes like this. First 'look' above and below to locate the frequency signature of the soul. Many of you can do that. Practice. If the missing person is in a physical body you must do a remote view to their location coming up with specific information. Yes, you can talk to the soul without the physical version of the missing person be aware on this level. I've had Hits and Misses myself over the years, but as with all psychics I do my best. I am always right about whether or not the soul is alive. Exact location gets sticky. Sometimes names flow ... other times ... nothing.

Could the lesson be that the kidnapper and victim are here to play out their scenario? This goes to ... why is it that tragic events are not foreseen by psychics and thus prevented - i.e. earth changes, 9/11, other? I believe that these events cannot be altered or the program will reactivate/reboot the event ... cause and effect ... experience complete ... 'free will' zero. We will never know why things play out as they do until the program is over. Never try to second-guess it. It can change an insert in the blink of an 'eye'.