Brooklyn - Wednesday Evening November 28, 2007

Friends, Pat, George and I sat in my living room in the energies of the Verrazano Bridge with their brilliant sparkling lights. Suddenly the energies changed and I asked, "Do you feel that?" They did. We felt a swift cool breeze. The temperature in the room shifted. Whoa! You would have had to be here to experience the intensity of the moment. (My room fills with floral essence as I sit here typing this.)

The energies continued to shift as Z came swooping in with a group of souls. They stood near the window, across from George who was facing the bridge (south). I sat facing west, to their right, as Pat sat across from me facing east. George saw the entities with stars above their heads. Their numbers varied as more entered our space. Our bodies began to vibrate. Our voices echoed as we spoke in this realm... Our frequencies were altered. In the most profound experience any of us ever had, we realized we were with the 36 who had come to take us on a journey. And then we left ... the program ...

George remembers us shooting straight up and out ... higher and higher ... until we entered the place of creation.

Pat and I vaguely remember being in the center of the 36.

There was a strong sense of connection with who we are and our place in all of this.

Whatever was shown and done, is beyond our ability to translate into words or concepts at this level of consciousness, but when we returned, about an hour later in right time, none of us could get back into our physical bodies. For me the room was spinning counter clockwise. I made a joke about ... "Is this the way people feel when they do drugs?" having never done a drug in my life... George said something about Shamanic practices with hallucinogens, but I was unable to hear him clearly, his voice rippling.

When we returned with Z and several of the 36, Z looked like a cardboard cutout to me, while the entities looked animated. The cardboard cutout metaphor has showed itself to me just a few times in the past, and goes to various interpretations.

Thursday Morning

In my wake-up dream, a man with slanted eyes (viewed through the rear view window) was dropping me off in his vehicle on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 94 Street. He seemed to have trouble parking as it was partly on and off the curb of a service station where cars (vehicles) are repaired. The message ... my 'vehicle' had been altered. (3rd=3D- physical reality) (9 endings) 4 (Closure in Physical Time). As I exited his vehicle and woke up, I realized it was a metaphor. I felt happy, though this is not where I live (4th Avenue and 101 Street - More Metaphors) ... Though I never saw his face it felt as if something wonderful had just happened to me.

"My mother always talked to me a lot about the sky. She liked to watch the clouds in the day, and the stars at night... especially the stars. We would play a game sometimes, a game called, 'What's Beyond the Sky.' We would imagine darkness, or a blinding light, or something else that we didn't know how to name. But of course, that was just a game. There's nothing beyond the sky. The sky just is, and it goes on and on, and we'll play all of our games beneath it."

Today's Ezine Quote From 'Taken'

Ellie time traveling during a Past Life Regression - Time Travel (Hand over my mouth with wrist watch)
Journeying Beyond the Red Brick Wall

Image best view in a dark room at a distance. It is one of 12 in a time-lapse sequence.
This image has not been tinted blue.
Blue goes to Sirius - Electromagnetic Energies to create Grid Programs - Duality - Aura
Shirt: Star, Phoenix, Dolphin, Home
Cover the right side of my face. What do you see? My soul ... as a consciousness explorer in time!

What is the Soul?

Travel Connections and Crystalinks

The Turning Point

Tin Man: Journey Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Six hour Sci Fi Channel miniseries - Sunday 12/2/07
This is exactly 5 years after the miniseries "Taken" debuted.

Lots of Z's ....
The show starred Zooey Deschanel as DG (Dorothy Gale).
The wicked 'witch' was named Azkadellia.
The lion's name was Raw, pronounced Ra ... as in the creator god.

We experience in the 'lion's tale', as denoted in the 80 watercolor drawings mentioned in the "Lost Book of Nostradamus". The cowardly lion sings, I'm afraid there's no denyin' I'm just a dandy-lion ... which takes us to Dandelions Are Free an image I often wake up to, and an expression that has filled my mind since childhood. Dandelions represent ... Star Seeds ~ Star Souls moving through the grids of experience.

It's so much easier to find what you seek along the yellow (alchemy) brick road Home as human and planetary frequencies accelerate. As you heal yourself you raise your frequency and that of the grid, not the other way around. It is all about your journey. People move into their brain (consciousness, awakening) - their heart (center of the soul and universe) - and find courage (to overcome fears to release from the physical grid as the program closes.)

'Tin Man' Comments

If I wasn't in search of metaphors - our reality is myth, math, and metaphor - I would have passed on the Tin Man miniseries after the first night. The metaphors linked to each character were EZ to understand depending how attuned you are to such things.

Some of the metaphors were visual, each a unique message for the viewer as we are all consciousness observers through the eye ('I'). It's often best to record a program, then review it later to discover something missed. Other messages were verbal, "There comes a place and time where we learn where we're supposed to be - and that time is coming soon." "I feel a pressure from the other side - a light."

The swing metaphor goes to moving between realities.

The twin spinning ballerinas go to 'reunion at the end' - hands meeting - and "The Dance of Creation" - the spiraling movement of consciousness above and below - the Music - Box metaphor which goes to the harmonics of creation. The spinning ballerinas in the "Tin Man" were green (heart and alchemy) and pink (love).

Speaking of children - this is not the best venue for young children, or those with emotional problems, yet the second group would be pulled into the dysfunctionality of it, all the while triggered by the metaphors. Not everyone is triggered by meditation and love and light stuff. Many can't go to that frequency but find answers buried in the dark sides of paranormal experience.

Of all the metaphors, I most connected with the pattern in DG's left palm - spirals, fibonacci numbers, sacred geometry, coming full circle. It took me to 1996 when Trae, and I first met here - in Ellie's World - on my birthday - February 17th. Z implanted an alchemy symbol in each of our hands as keys for something in the future. We have yet to activate them, though my left palm pulses as a type this.

In a world of synchronicities, my second client on this day was a local woman named Bonnie, who reminded me of the day met, 12 years ago. We have not communicated since. Bonnie came to a workshop here when the featured guest was a man from Australia who played the didgeridoo as a healing tool. That was the week Trae and I first met, he stayed here, and was a guest at the lecture.

The symbol in the palm also sent me to the zodiac symbol for Cancer (the Masonic Program in which we experience virtually). Cancer takes me to El-Sherf and Dennis. El-Sherf and I met on the journey home, in Cairo, on that magical mystical day 12/12/00. Saturday he emailed about having a reunion on 12/12/07. I have blogged about our mystical adventures in the past and the fact that he has been close friends with Zahi Hawass for 35 years. There is shared destiny here. Dennis and I met in March 2004, getting together from time to time after that, but beginning our journey on 10/1/07 when we met Merlin. Dennis and I also share adventures of the psychic kind, from lucid dreams to remote views and whatever lies ahead. It all spells magic and fun to me.

The story goes to consciousness, freedom of soul, and finding one's way back home. It is all about the reunion of family - your soul family that is. Your physical family may have characters that you don't feel connected to, just as DG (Dorothy Gale) never felt at home outside of OZ. Most readers of this blog, do not feel they are from here and can't wait to get home. DG needed to remember ... and so she did .. and so are you.

How to kill a wicked witch (negative emotions) ... Move into higher light. You are part of the green crystal (alchemy of time). Dorothy, in the original film, killed the wicked witch with water (the collective unconsciousness destroying and recreating).

Reunion with creator is a theme that runs though many stories, generally linked with the merging of hands, above and below, in the energies of light. This was done at the end of "Tin Man", "Taken" "ET the Extraterrestrial" among others.

You are a character inside a computer simulation.

Your answers lie at your finger tips ('key'board)

and in your heart and soul in the blue.

Close you eyes. Click your heels/heals three times and think, or repeat after me ... "There's no place like home ... there's no place like home ... there's no place like home ... I remember." What do you see?

The 36

After Pat, George and I were 'taken' by the 36 last Wednesday, I was unable to return there - as if viewing a cinder block wall when I tried. Saturday afternoon, the 'wall' disappeared as Dennis and I watched, but it was not the time for us, as he was in the wrong place ... and will have to come here. Sunday, after watching the "Tin Man" - several of the 36 came for me again.

Something in my soul ... a memory if you will ... guides me to post this image and link on this day.

Consciousness is thawing in the alchemy of time

Tornadoes and Other Changes

Image From Tin Man

Sunday evening "Desperate Housewives" was broadcast at the same time as "Tin Man" Part 1. Parallel running themes included 'tornadoes' (spiraling eye symbology), each show having great special effects.

In both shows we saw how a tornado changed the face of each character's life in seconds. Has this happened to you? How often do we read about accelerating Earth and climate changes on the planet in recent years?

As the program comes to closure, it affects all of our lives, mirroring and activating the movement of consciousness. It makes one wonder how they will affect the final outcome of our program and destinies.

Physical reality gets more difficult as the walls come tumbling down and we return to soul essence as sparks of light (the blue - electromagnetic energy). It's all happening.

End time themes as metaphors takes one either spiraling back to the 'eye' (of time) and the eclipse, 'tsunami' or 'volcanic eruption' of consciousness. Think outside the :: Connect the dots.

As I watched the devastation in each program, I thought Tornadoes never happen in Brooklyn ... Z quickly reminded me of the tornado that touched down 33 blocks from here on 8/8/07.

When it comes to making choices, follow your heart and your calling, for the rest may turn out to be a trivial pursuit.

The word Genesis comes to mind which takes me to The Garden of Eden and related metaphors.

Tornadoes ... lightning and thunder also go to ...

Thunderbolts of the Gods

Our souls forever send us messages and clues of remembrance, most seen as archetypical patterns, part of a Grand Design. They remain, challenging us, until we discover their meaning. For me another long time unexplained archetype came clear on Monday, and once again linked to Z in his various roles - right down to the z-pinch..

My oh my ... Look what the archetype represents ...

The Ancient Thunderbolt of the Gods
Monday December 3, 2007
Held Vertically: Above and Below - Hourglass Effect
Thanks Zeus ... Z ... WiZard in OZ!

Checking the metaphors from the article...