Book Signing - Ellie with Whitley Streiber - September 20, 2007

What a Difference a Decade Makes ...

Thursday September 20, 2007
East West Living Manhattan

It's been ten years since Whitley Strieber and I last met, and boy have we come a long way baby, not to mention the amazing changes in East West Book Store. Whitley and I first met in 1989 at a meeting in Manhattan. In 1996, we met again at the Star Knowledge Conference in South Dakota. Tonight we met again.

To begin the evening, I met friends Pat and George early, to explore the renovated store, filled with books, crystals, etc. (no photos allowed). I met a saleswoman who remembered me from years ago when I had an office a block away, which I visited last night. Sometimes it's nice to revisit the past just to see how much has changed within, and outside of, your experience here. There is nothing like the pulse of NYC. I could never be happy living anywhere else.

Back in East West, I was greeted by many Ellie's World readers who stopped by to meet me and to hear Whitley. As with other EW readers I have met in the past, they shared the fact that whatever I blog here, seems to parallel something in their lives at that time. Never forget, I read grids, timelines and the stories are created by Z. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and share information. Thank you all for showing up! Special thanks to Laurel from New Orleans, who is visiting the city with her husband and brought me a wonderful gift, a book and CD called Children of the Sun. This certainly seems to be a year I am around the world of books and publishing.

Harold's Blog about the Event

There is something about Harold ... As you know Harold is a fellow researcher and long time friend (MUFON 1989), who I blog about from time to time. Harold also lives in Bay Ridge, where he writes for a local newspaper. He is the founder and director of S.P.A.C.E., the Search Project for Aspects of Close Encounters, a support and research group founded in New York City in 1992. Thursday night, just before Whitley arrived in the jammed packed room, I suddenly turned to Pat and said, "Harold is here." I turn to the staircase to my left and there was Harold coming up the stairs. He was joined by some of the members of his group, who I met years ago. Some of them remembered me and greeted me warmly. I also met fellow researchers and abductees from the UFO community that I hadn't seen in years.

Right on time, along came Whitley with his wife Anne, who happened to sit in from of me. She turned and told me also remembered the old days and it was good to meet again. Who would have thought that many years later we would be meeting back here in the city, having accomplished so much with our work. Whitley greeted me with a hug and said "It's been a long time, Ellie." Meeting Whitley was another trip down memory lane. I always believed he had been abducted and was here for greater global purpose to which I was connected somewhere out there. Whitley spoke about his books, old and new, and potential movies based on his stories. It was not hard to see the metaphors created in his latest sci fi book "2012 The War For Souls" which all begins with an explosion of the great pyramid. While looking through the book, my eyes stopped on a character named Al! (smile) I could see the patterns bringing it all home as we wind up the program.

Whitley spoke for 30 minutes followed by Q & A for another 30 then book signing. What I remember:

  • Much of what he discussed went to current events and ties to my blogs 'Ellie's World' and 'Ezine'.

  • Warming 'opens Northwest Passage' - This is event is very important.

  • Whitley spoke about climate changes that will escalate, but could not confirm that he believes that group meditations could change things. Like most, Whitley sees a more evolved future. The Grays? He wonders if they are the Keepers of the Seed? (Shades of Sarah and Alexander) They are not.

  • Is reality a hologram? Whitley cited this August 2007 NY Times article Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy's Couch that I blogged about Here. It's starting to look that way ... Ah the world is catching up to us, Z!

  • Seeing things from a larger picture ... consciousness is expanding ... what I call viewing the patterns from outside the box.

  • Things we spoke about in metaphysical arenas years ago, are now coming to pass in physical reality - quantum physics gains validity.

  • When Whitley met with the Grays, he finally asked them what this is all about. Telepathically they showed him ... water (the collective) - a compressor (time and grids compressing now) - ice (consciousness frozen in time) - bubbles (DNA). These are my interpretations not necessarily his. When you understand the metaphors and archetypes, you 'get it' and can translate the script. It made me realize how advanced we are at Ellie's World by having Z as our teacher and guide. Then again, this is his consciousness program... There is a collective message coming to the abductees about the program.

  • Whitley and Anne moved from Texas to California to be near their son. Many will be guided to the coastlines (oceans) in the years ahead for reasons they may not understand until they are at 'Sea' 'C' level ... the flow, the current, etc.

  • 2012 ... Like everyone else, he is not sure what will happen on that date, or won't commit, but talked about discussions with Jose Arguelles and others to that end. People who have given exact dates in the past have all been wrong ... yet they all named this timeline for closure.

    After signing books, I walked over to Whitley to take a picture. He stopped and told me what I great job I was doing with Crystalinks. He couldn't have been more complimentary. Apparently, sooner or later, everyone visits Crystalinks for one reason or another. Though I would have liked to converse longer with Whitley, it was time to move on. We will meet again.

    They say that 60 is the new 40. Harold and I were born in the same year, 1943 (64 years old). Whitley is 2 years younger. We all still have lots to do with a passion for our work. Can't speak for the guys, but I am in perfect health and having fun with life. You need humor, passion, recognition of limitations and challenges and finding the right people to share your journey. It's all about a lowest common denominator as reality is created by the patterns of sacred geometry.

    We all have at least one story to tell, for the lost part to help others through our experience. Write what is in your heart. It is your time and your program. Sometimes when things are not black and white ... you live in the energies of Gray.

    The Storyteller

    Thursday September 19, 2007

    As I sit here updating my files, a thought comes to mind, actually more of a remembrance ... I am here to keep the records of the events in this program, for review after it closes - a Chronology of the experiment, if you will. I am here to educate and document the closure of the program. I am a storyteller. The Storyteller from a Twilight Zone Episode -- "The Storyteller" is an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the fourteenth episode of the first season - it's about Sirah. It's also about Z giving me the right words each day to trigger someone who needs to read them when their time is right to activate change in their life. When the time is right, the Messenger will appear -- Thoth the Scribe, Hermes the Magician, Mercury the Messenger, Z at Zero Point Return - one and the same.

    Sarah and Alexander

    The Alchemy of Time