Cellular Automaton

January 22, 2007

I woke up this morning with the image at the top of this file in my mind and wondered what it was. I traced the image to a Crystalinks file I wrote in December 2000, just before I left for Egypt and my pyramid adventures there -- Pyramid 12 of the Twelve Pyramids of Thoth. My thoughts also turned to this old file Khufu's Folly.

Later in the day, a Crystalinks reader named Evel discovered what the image represents and sent the following information.

Elementary Cellular Automaton Math World
Elementary Cellular Automaton Wolfram's Book, Chapter 2, Section 1 "The Crucial Experiment -- How Do Simple Programs Behave?"

Cellular Automaton Wikipedia

I was also drawn to this aerial image of the Great Pyramid.

Faces of the Great Golden Pyramid

History of Geometry

Pyramid Meditations with Ellie, UFO Themes, NYC and Media

Media and technology, are quickly changing the way we think, heal, and find the truth, on all levels. If anything, the energies are accelerating, as if racing to a greater revelation that most of us sense will happen soon, that will unite humanity, the past, present, and future. The world (consciousness) is being prepared; it is ready.

Pyramid at Home 1990's

The Purple Frequency

Pyramid in the TV Studio ... 1990's

Pyramid at Home by the Verrazano Bridge ... 2007

In the 1990's, I taped my TV show "The Metaphysical Experience" in a studio on 57th Street, in NYC. One day, David, the main engineer, and I, decided to have some fun and create four 7-minute meditations in my nine-foot pyramid, to be edited at the end of upcoming programs I was producing on various topics. Last week I watched that meditation tape with Ron and he created an mpg file. It's on YouTube. You can view it by clicking on the following link Pyramid Meditation with Ellie. The meditation went with the UFO themes I was researching in the 1990's, complete with remote broadcasts in different cities. Too bad I can't post those video experiences. UFO research and technology has come a long way since the 90's, in some respects, but not in others. Sometimes I miss those days as media can be so much fun.

Moving along with UFO themes, today I received an email from my neighbor, friend and fellow researcher, Harold Egeln, asking me to look at the latest updates on his website, S.P.A.C.E.. The file is called "Close Encounters NYC News" ... A MultiMedia Festival.

In 2006 UFO Digest ran this story about me, though it was not correct. Among the inaccuracies, I wasn't 9 when I was 'taken' and told about my destiny. That was Allie at the end of the TV mini-series, 'Taken'. Ellie was age 11 (Nevada) - which is interesting now that I think about it, as 11 represents the evolution of DNA, among other things found on the 11:11 file. Sarah, in my book, initially meets her destiny at age 6, then meets Alexander at 7, then .... I won't tell the rest. As for me waiting for my partner is destiny, also not true, but makes for good copy..