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The Didjeri-Dudes
Grid Attraction ... 2009 is the Year Soul Mates Meet
12.2.08 ... Conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter - Smiley Face
1 in 5 Have Personality Disorders
DNA and Encoded Memories
Body-Swapping -- Another Step Toward Understanding the Illusion
The Economy December 2008
    Big Bailout: Product of a Flawed Democracy
    Crystalinks Economic Report

    Full Moon 21 Gemini, Meditation
    Mother Mary, Quetzalcoatl, Snakes, Pyramids, Conical Hats
    Ellie and the Spiraling Wind
Humor is Transformational Energy, Fun With Friends, Sherif Returns

The Return of Dilmun
    Zoroaster, Sumerian Gods, Creation, Serpent People, Isis and Horus, Mother Mary and Jesus
Ancient Stone Heads of Mount Nemrut, Turkey, Zoroaster
Pine Cones, Fibonacci Numbers, Acorns, Jesus, Christmas
Can Santa Hang the Moon?
The Return to Balance

Winter Solstice Meditation MP3 File From the December 2008 Newsletter
Winter Solstice 2008 Themes
    Photo: Ellie's Stonehenge - The Sun Comes Through the Arches of the Bridge and Casts a Spell
    Blog Talk Radio: Ellie Crystal and Dee Kennedy - Wheel of the Year, Yule, December 21, 2008, Visualization (30 minutes)
    Astronomical Observatories: Newgrange, Stonehenge Updated
    Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field, Snow in Las Vegas
Leaks Found in Earth's Protective Magnetic Field
Before the Beginning - Bridge Over Chaos - Creation Myths
2008 - News of the Year in Review

Music & More
The 12 Pyramids of Thoth Music, Journey, Meditation, Closure
New Moon 6 Capricorn Meditation Music File
Spiral Down the Rabbit Hole of Consciousness with Alice Music, Visualization

Election Week 2008
    New York City Marathon,
    Meeting High School Friends in the City,
    Celestial Blessing on Election Night,
    Michael Crichton Dies,
    The Day After Election Day, Z, It All Began in Virgo, Acorn, Economy

Week of 11/11
    Discovering Sesheshet's Pyramid, Seshat and Thoth Egyptian Codes,
    11:11 to 12:12 - Stunning Crystal Images
    World Peace Crystal Grid - 12 Around 1 Buried in the Snow at North and South Poles
    11:11 Genetic Codes
    Veteran's Day
    Germany: Remembering Crystal Connections & Codes (Ellie's Family)
    Germany: Time to Test Time, GEO600, The Hologram, Quantum Mechanics
    Germany: Blueprints for Auschwitz camp found in Germany
    Germany: 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht - Crystal Night
    Messages From Z: Back to the Middle East, Sumerian Blueprint, The Biogenetic Experiment is Over

Ellie and Crystal - Twins in New Z

Pyramid Mysteries
    National Geographic - Great Pyramid Spiraling Geometry - Hidden Room
    Alien Connections and Close Encounters - Chimes, Bridge Lights Flashing
    Programmers - Watchers - Grids
    Film Close Encounters - Devils Tower National Monument - Mayan Pyramids

Sagittarius 2008 - Galactic Center Tones
    Time Travel with Friends - Pat, Jane, Mark, George, Ron - Gatekeeping

Thanksgiving 2008 - Time is Encoded ... Something to be Thankful For
Dreamscape Projection and Hole Punch Cloud

James Gilliland, UFO's, Magic and Alchemy, Jesus, Christ the Magician, White Dove

October Magic - (Meditation) Meeting Merlin (MP3 File)

Harmonics (Opera) and Ancient Pyramids Under the Stars
    Egyptian Pyramids, Giza Plateau: "Aida"
    Mayan Ruins, Chichen Itza: "Concert of 1,000 Columns"

Chiming In Bells and Chimes Manifest Out of Nowhere ...
The Parabola Effect and the Verrazano Bridge 10/12/08
Reality in Wonderland - The Backwards Clock

October 10, 2008 :: Economy in Crisis :: 10/10 - Welcome to the Matrix

Gordon-Michael and Ellie
Dream of Reunion - Ari the Lion - Isaac Luria The Holy Lion - Kabbalah
Ellie Crystal and Gordon-Michael Scallion Obama, Akhenaten, Sun Gods Speak

Dee Kennedy's Spiritual Journey, Earth Dance8 in Sedona
Sun in Scorpio - Cartomancy, Playing Cards, Osiris, Rebirth
The Road to Change Wall Street Adventures & Mediumship on the Upper West Side

Halloween Themes
Halloween Week 2008

"Ellie's World" - Blog Talk Radio
Dee Kennedy - Halloween - Magic and Traditions (60 Minutes)
Dee Kennedy Earth Dance8 (Chant) (Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Gordon-Michael Scallion
Presidential Election, Economic Crisis, Predictions, 2012, Earth Changes, Dreams (60 Minutes)
James Gilliland Eceti - Consciousness, ET's, The Future of Humanity (60 Minutes)
Nancy Burson Meet the Extra Celestials ECs (Meditation) (60 Minutes)
Ron Alexander Economy in Crisis (15 Minutes)
Messages From the Dolphins (Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Synchronicities In Your Life (15 Minutes)

Joy and Ellie Interview Alan Levy the CEO of Blog Talk Radio

Sink or Swim - Marriage or Divorce? The Defining Line
Speed Dating and Relationship Timelines

9/9 - 9/11
    September 9 - 9/9 - 9 Lifepath Numerology
    September 10 - Large Hadron Collider Begins Its Journey
    September 11 - Reboot 911 ... The View From Ellie's World ... John's Blog From Ground Zero
    Pyramid Journeys in Time
    Goddess - The Program Begins - It is all One Soul

Rebooting Space-Time and Your DNA Programming
Lines - How They Define Realities

The Problem, The Solution, The Grid Matrix, The Closing Bell
610: Fibonacci Number, Harmonics, Color Spectrum
Remote Controlled Realities - Consciousness is Playing it Out Differently Now
Wake-up Dream - Sumerian Cylinder Seals

Ellie and The White Dove
    A White Doves Sits on my Window
    White Dove and Black Bird Tales
    Language of the Birds

08/01/08 - New Moon 9¼ Leo Total Solar Eclipse
08/08/08 - Olympics in Beijing, Crop Circle, Numerology
By the ... Numbers, Book, Letter
Chapel of Dreams - Wake Up Moments

Don't Pour Money into a Failing Business

Anaglyph Images - 3D

Space Vehicles: UFOs - Z-Mobile - Merkabah - Seen Over Volcanoes

Parallel Realities - Multiverses & Parallel Lives

Ellie and Joy Interview Dr. Michio Kaku August 15, 2008

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 8/16/08

Happiness Is the Key to Longer Life

Empty Nest Syndrome 2008
    First came the nest (black hole) ... then the egg (soul spark) ...
    then the nest egg ... then the empty nest syndrome as souls flew away ...

Ellie, Colin Andrews, Alexander and Alexandra - 2012 Projects
Education August 2008 - 2012 - The Next Four Years
Road to Ready - Grant Writing - Rick and Ellie

August 25, 2008 - Crystalinks Celebrates its 13th Anniversary
    From Crystalinks 13th anniversary to the 13th Floor - It's all about the Matrix.

From Religion to Truth -- A Muslim Client Talks About God and Other Issues

The Power of Positive Thinking

'Q' On Cue - Quintessence Pack Rat Effect - Endowment Effect
Navy Sky, Southern Cross, Cosmic Cross, Mt. Shasta, Seshata, Shifts Summer 2008
French Connections - Bastille Day July 14, 2008, Freedom Inserts
    Phrygian Cap, Bonnet Rouge, Freemasons,
    Twin Births, Angelina and Brad
    Lady with a Parasol, Parasol Symbology
    Rennes le Chateau and Related
Economy July 2008 - The House of 'Cards' is Falling Down
Photos: Hold the Sun
Photos: Hold the Moon
Full Moon July 18, "The Grace Light", A New Countdown Sequence Begins
Photo Effects Explained, Light Painting, Fire Clouds Raleigh Scattering
Leo - The Lion and the Girl
Crop Formation Multiplies and Completes

Ellie Goes to the Post Office - Finding the Creator - The 'Green Church' on 4th

Pain: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Coping, Breaking Free

Children Themes, Inner Child - Matthew and Noah

Cheating (Emotionally) on Your Spouse Dealing With Relationships

Large Hadron Collider Text, YouTube, Images, News, Metaphysics
The Holodeck Experiment, Prophecies, Parallel Universes, Alternative Realities
Milky Way Metaphors, Milky Way Loses Two Arms, Eye Candy, Z and 2012
Crystal Skull, Mayan Prophecy, 2012 Shaman, Jose Munoz Meets with Ellie and George
UFO's and Other Primitive Vehicles
    UFO's In Earth's History, Mini Cooper, Gas Prices

Animation LHC, Dream, Time Travel, Germany, Rooftop Synchronicities
The Cosmic Bird and Sagittarius
Friday the 13th - 13 - Fear and Remembrance

Blogs June 8-14, 2008
We began with 13 and end the same way.
    Fear and Remembrance, The Dragon (DNA) and the Eagle
    Friday the 13th, 13th Floor Virtual Reality, 13,
    Masonic Program Symbology, Eagle, Nazi Program, Time Travel
    The Eagle Has Landed, Apollo 11, Book
    777, Hermetic Qabbalah, It's all Magic
    Zeus, Electromagnetic Energies, Eagle, Black Hole, Eye, You are the Pupil in the Experiment, Eye of Ra
    Electrical Storm in New jersey, The Music Box Played, 100 Degrees
    Barbury Castle Crop Circles: 1991 ... 2008 and Pi
    The Cosmic Bird, The Bird is the Word, Sagittarius, Milky Way Center, 2012, Geometry and Creation
    Dream: These Are The Days of Our Lives, Reunion
    Large Hadron Collider Genesis Machine? Animation Worth Checking Out
    Rooftop Synchronicities, From Europe to Mexico, the Mayan Calendar

Friendships and Sex in the City 2008
Father's Day 2008 - Bring it on Home to Me Music File
June 14, 2008: Sun and Clouds Create Special Effects
Full Moon Illusion, Ponzo Moon, Summer Solstice 2008
Museum of Natural History - Hayden Planetarium

Celestial Spheres - Harmony of the Spheres
Solar Sail on SpaceX
Circumhorizon Arcs - Fire Rainbows

May Day 2008 Beltane, Ribbons, Parachute Symbology
NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour - May 4, 2008
Ellie's Vision of Closure The Fool in Tarot, Zero Point, Feeling Content an Inner Knowing

Bloodline, The Movie Ellie with Renˇ Barnett and Bruce Burgess, Interview, A Day in Manhattan, Artifacts
Bloodline Themes Eight Belles, Ellie's Blue Photos, Egyptian Connections
Mother's Day 2008 The Bloodline, Inner Child

Earth Changes in the Ring of Fire - May 2008
    Volcanic Activity: Chaiten (Chile) and Kilauea (Hawaiian Vog) - Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar
Vog - Hawaii's Volcanic Smog

The T- Bar Visualization Corkscrew, Champagne, Freedom
Extinction Level Event (ELE, Ellie)
"Stolen Innocence", Sexual Abuse, Alien Abductions and Revelations (Vatican)
Photo: Phoenix Rising in Flames

Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls - Blue Apples, Stargates
Bridges: Physics, Consciousness, Verrazano, Brooklyn, Rainbow
The Tea Room... Then and Now
Spiritual Travels with Mark - Hawaiian Volcano, Swimming with Dolphin, The Mayan Pyramid

Memorial Day 2008, Cannonball Park, Paul Revere, Masonic Program, Alchemy
Photos: Jones Beach Air Show Memorial Day 2008

'Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives' with E, Stargates & Wormholes, Time Travel, Cones & Tones Create Realities
Horns and Harmonics, Cones and Tones, Gramaphone Speakers

Ellie live on the Judy Joy Jones Radio Show May 30, 2008

Dee Kennedy: Goddess Energies and Amazing Spiritual Photos

April Fool's Day 2008
Jules Verne - Man and Machine
Science Fiction Projects and Visions
    In Search of Z
    Ellie's Project: "2012 The Alchemy of Time'
    Jules Verne ... Man and Machine
    Once Upon an Egyptian Time ...

Taurus ... A Time For Change, Relationships, Flirting, Office Romances 2008
    Love at the Green Tea and Filtered Water Dispenser

Coney Island Adventures 2008 with Mark, George, and Anna Parachute Jump, Spirits, Dilmun, UFO's

Earth Day 2008 - UFO's and Other Arizona Happenings

The House of El Ellie in the Park, Beam Me Up, Isis Rising, Nietzsche, Kal-El

Double Helix of Healing Workshop Park Slope Brooklyn

Women's History Month 2008
    The 21st Century Women
    Women Making a Spiritual Difference ~ Ellie, Jeanne Bice, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Josephine Wall
    International Women's Day
    Women's Spirituality

Time Sequencing, Carpe Diem, 2012, Crystals Skulls, Aliens
The Galactic Mask and Metaphors

Saint Patrick's Day 2008
    Green Themes: Money, Environment, Healing, Spring/Vernal Equinox

Recorded UFO Sightings Over Peru 2007, Cataclysmic Connections?

The Eliot Spitzer Affair - The Governor and the Call Girl
Ashley Alexandra Dupre, Dealing with Issues
    The Goddess and the Prostitute Archetypes, Mystery School Teachings
Screwed in 3D - Economics and Politics
    Saint Patrick's Day, Bear Stearns, Recession, Eliot Spitzer, David Paterson

The Passing of Arthur C. Clarke
    2001: Thus Spoke Zarathrustra, Dextre the Robot, HAL 9000, Quotes, 'Taken'

Easter 2008 ~ Faith ~ The Soul in Ascension
Cellular Memory
Ellie and the Undertakers

The Woo Factor
The Midway Station

What's In and What's Out For March 2008
    The Midway Station - Consciousness
    Visionary Art is 'In'
    Goddess Energies and Spiritual Photos
    Elephant Painting a Self Portrait - YouTube
    Prophetic and Lucid Dreams are 'In'
    Relationships and Sex are 'In' and 'Out'
    Being Politically Correct and Politically Corrupt are 'In'
    Nostradamus is Always 'In' - 5/11/08 Prediction
    Earth Hour is 'In'
    Globalization is 'In'
    Reality Check is 'In'
    Meltdowns and Icebergs Are 'In'
    Financial Meltdown is 'In'
    Ellie in Media is 'In'
    Disclosure is Almost 'In' - Conspiracy and Secrecy are Almost 'Out'

Everything's Super in New York City: Super Bowl XLII - Super Tuesday Primaries
Destiny is ... Crystal Connections
Peopling the Mythical Landscape
Valentine's Day 2008
    Matthew ~ Candy Kisses ~ Fairy Tales ~ Sand Castles

@ The End of Time and Projected Illusion
Projected Illusion
    Brooklyn Cemetery, Ghosts, Holograms, Metaphors, "Light Quest" TV Show
Platforms - Dreams - Meditations - Flying - Falling
Masonic Archetypes Challenged - All Seeing Eye
Making Plans in 2008

Healing and Awareness Blogs
    Consciousness, Reinventing Yourself, Healers, Coaches, Spiritualpreneur
    US Presidents Day 2008, Crown of Wounds, Cycle of Thorns, Middle East
    Atlantic City MUFON Conference, Grids, Friends and Humor
    Full Cold Moon 1¼ Virgo, Total Lunar Eclipse
    Journey of the Lunar Goddess Into Consciousness
    You Are ... Sabotage, Anxiety, Curses, Dragons, DNA, Tree of Life,

I Believe I Can Fly
Russian Synchronicities - Ellie, Elina, Elena, Ella
The Fire Officer's Guide To Disaster Control

Archives February 20-29, 2008
    It's All Being Recorded, The Repository of Knowledge
    Stargate SG1: The Ark of Truth
    Project Earth, Ellie and the Seeding Ship
    Norway, Svalbard, Seeding the Future, Arctic Seed Vault Opens, Sea Fossils and Earthquakes
    Earthquakes Are Everywhere and Accelerating, Greece, Thera, UK, Indonesia, Virtual Mega-quake, Wells, Nevada
    Wells Nevada, Orson Wells, H.G. Wells Prophecy "The Time Machine" Was The Sphinx
    Plate Tectonics, The Plates are Shifting Everywhere
    Aliens, UFO Sightings Increase, Webbed Digits, The Fire Officer's Guide, Zone of Silence, Mexico, Russia

Happy New Year 2008 - Projecting Ahead ...
Ziraya Message Board With Ellie and George
Success 2008, Quantum Disconnectedness
Synchronicity and Reality
Balance and Being
Works in Progress - Crystalinks and Wikipedia
Understanding Human Behavior - Genetic Reality - Cracking the Plates - Images by Alex Gray

Mercury and the MESSENGER, Matter, Dark Matter, Antimatter
Space Adventures January 2008
    Warp 5, Orion Connections, Mayan Calendar, Winter Triangle
    New Sunspot Cycle Begins
    Asteroid Prophecies, Zoroaster (Zero Point Aster/Asteroid)
The Journey in Images, Matthew and Ellie 2008, Cool Symbolism
The Return of Quetzalcoatl

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