When the Money Runs Out

November 26, 2007

In April I wrote a blog called No One Wants to Work Anymore.

This referenced the tired souls, who drop out of work, and often reality, finding some means of income so they can stay home to write and do other creative things, as a means to healing their issues.

They are not necessarily lazy, so much as emotionally unstable, or burned out, the final years of the program challenging the best of souls.

As time passes, many of these souls, have, or will, deplete their assets, or income, and move into fear mode.

In metaphysics, one is taught that when abundance is needed it will be there. That's so not true. Much of what is taught in metaphysics is a crutch to comfort the wounded souls, but is deceptive and backfires. Beware when making life choices. How and what we attract goes to one's emotional grid archetype and self worth.

If you are thinking outside the box, watch the unfolding patterns of your life, determine your ability to produce abundance and at what level, and plan from there.

As I have written, caretakers can provide just so much, usually with a price, then move on, as the name of the game is finding One's place in the big picture.

If the money is running out, and you are afraid of debt and bankruptcy, start planning your next move today or definitely after the New Year.

If someone is living off you while playing metaphysics and arts and crafts, don't go into debt because of an attachment you have for them. Wise up before they ditch you for another caretaker - and they will.

If your 'time out' has been about healing, or checking out metaphysics and spirituality, be sure that you totally understand what is emotionally going on with you.

Many people see challenges in other family members, but not themselves. Ask yourself, "Can I work full time? Can I support myself? What type of job can I handle, if any?" as jobs are not easy to find, especially for people without skills who have been out of work for many years.

The game is to heal, understand, then move back to 3D and find a way to have survive and have fun while waiting. How long? Check with your soul and you will know. Guides won't tell you. They use expressions like "Soon". They may not know, but your soul remembers.