April is Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, and in these times of economic turmoil, US Income Tax Day. This is an interesting pattern as they are all connected to coping with life's issues.

We all get stressed from time to time, finding coping mechanisms to help balance brain chemistry. Short term stress is no biggie, but long term ... forget about it.

After 15 years of blogging on Crystalinks, I've written dozens of articles about dealing with stress from a spiritual to an emotional perspective, most recently One Deep Breath.

From Yoga and Meditation to Holistic Remedies to Western medicine and needed medication - we all know what we have to do, or how to search online for help.

If you are programmed for drama and stress, you will continue on and not find a way out, but the day that part of your programming ends, you'll say, "I'm changing my life forever."

There are all sorts of exercises one can do to relieve stress, but what I have found as a therapist and psychic is that people stay stressed until they can't handle it anymore. By that time many have achieved the goal of the stress -- disability and not having to work, ending a bad relationship or job, not playing the victim, etc.

There are endless self-help and self-awareness gurus, books, CD's and systems on the Internet that teach you how to relieve stress, but as I always blog, they are all the same, with a different twist and someone who wants to be rich and famous by healing and helping others.

If you read that stress is a good thing and teaches lessons, move to the next article. Stress may propel you on, but if the soul's not ready, the person will burn out.

Align with this thought ... Stress kills.

Metaphysics 101

In 30 years as a psychic, I wish I had a dollar for every client who has tried one or more healing systems and is through with them. That is when they come to me for truth, most fully capable of writing a book and creating their own system, but as I point out, healing others is often more depleting than working on yourself, so please be careful. Even the healers I know are burning out and want to know what's next. Just look around at events on the planet.

How do I know when a person is stressed? Their aura is static, their mind unfocused when I align my grid to their's for a medical scan, their timelines are inconsistent, but most of all, the look in their eyes say they are stressed or burned out.

When the emotional body is stressed - the physical body will suffer - illnesses, accidents, breakdowns. Depression brings autoimmune diseases and so on.

April is Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars so the stressed person can be explosive especially if they are a substance abuser. In 2011 Mercury is Retrograde. Oy veh!

Of course you knew all of the above ... so why did I blog it ... because people expect me to and it makes good copy.

You know my theory ... humor is the key that unlocks the emotional codes of reality. Music works. Love works. Hugs work. Nature works. Great sex works.

And then there's the understanding that reality is a Simulation or Hologram