The Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton met in 2001 at St. Andrews University.
They started dating in 2003 and moved in together.

Getting Engaged on November 16, 2010

The Royal Wedding Limos and Carriages

Did you ever walk into a room of people and know that all eyes were on you and you held the energy of that time and space? I have on many occasions when, especially when I was young, so I can emphasize with what Kate felt on her wedding day. It's powerful and positive and a high that is hard to describe. You have to live it ... to be it. It is a feeling that goes beyond destiny and merges you with something greater than who you are in your physical body here. It transforms.

On Friday morning April 29, 2011, I woke up at 5:45 to watch the Royal Wedding. There was Queen Elizabeth getting into a limo looking stunning in canary yellow - her coat looking like the suns rays radiating out. She and Prince Philip stepped into her limo to head off to Westminster Abbey for the wedding of their Grandson Prince William to Kate Middleton. On the morning of their wedding day at 8:00 am, officials at Buckingham Palace announced that in accordance with royal tradition and on recognition of the day by the Queen, Prince William was created Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus.

Carol Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Camilla

Prince Charles and Michael Middleton

The weather in London was not only cooperating with no rain, but the news showed the clouds parting as Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey. A reported from Access Hollywood said that the moment Kate and William became husband and wife, the clouds parted and the sun beamed down.

Kate looked radiant. Her stunning dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen fashion house. (Was that a Sarah and Alexander moment?) Kate, who looks a lot like Sarah in the story, wore her hair half-up, half-down and with a dramatic veil and a tiara from Queen Elizabeth II. Kate looked every bit the fairy tale princess. Here sister Pippa also wore a dress by Sarah Burton and looked amazing.

What's amazing about Kate, Pippa, William and Harry is they are fun people, like children on a playground, enjoying the moment and doing it in style. You get the feeling they are here to make a difference but in ways other than those of royalty who preceded them.

Kate's Sister Pippa Middleton

The Ceremony

Wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine   Wikipedia
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Royal Wedding BBC Coverage

The Balcony at Buckingham Palace

Prince Phillip, Pippa, Prince Harry of Wales, James Middleton

The Balcony Kisses at Buckingham Palace


The Royal Wedding Party Friday Evening

The next day ...

The Planets Aligned For the Royal Wedding

Six Planets Now Aligned in the Dawn Sky  
Live Science - April 29, 2011

If you get up any morning for the next few weeks, you’ll be treated to the sight of all the planets except Saturn arrayed along the ecliptic, the path of the sun through the sky. For the last two months, almost all the planets have been hiding behind the sun, but this week they all emerge and are arrayed in a grand line above the rising sun. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are visible, and you can add Uranus and Neptune to your count if you have binoculars or a small telescope. This sky map of the six planets shows how they should appear at dawn to observers with clear weather and an unobstructed view. Astrologers have always been fascinated by planetary alignments.

Trees and Arches - Transforming Reality

Wednesday, when I posted the image below,
connecting the wedding to trees and arches,
I had no idea Kate had requested trees for Westminster Abbey.
Royal wedding: Trees and flowers transform abbey   BBC - April 28, 2010

We play all of our games

Under the Arches - In Time

Westminster Abbey -- Images -- Videos

Then and Now

Two Years Later - Prince George's Christening

Photos of the Christening   BBC - October 23, 2013

  Baby Prince George is christened, 7 godparents named   CNN - October 23, 2013
Prince George made his first public appearance in three months
as he arrived with his parents, Prince William and Catherine,
Duchess of Cambridge, for his christening at St. James's Palace.