Power Animals

A power animal is a broadly animistic and shamanic concept that has entered the English language from Anthropology, Ethnography and Sociology. The concept of a Power Animal is universal to all cultures. One might perceive a power animal as a tutelary spirit guides who helps or protects individuals, lineages, and nations.

In the shamanic world, everything is alive and connected, bearing an inherent virtue, power and wisdom. Power animals represent a person's interconnection to all life, their qualities of character and their power, their inner self.

Just as humans often find comfort and power with physical animals, so too can they find that same symbiotic relationship with power animals especially as it relates to experiences in higher consciousness.

Someone can have more than one power animal. Power animals can change depending on one's life-path. As this reality is dictated by emotions, power animals are often attracted by the emotional grids of the person at a given time. One day your power animal may be a lion, and the next day a bear. Understanding the symbology of each animal is most important. Remember that when it comes to overcoming emotions, power animals are just a tool, not a solution.

Allegedly we all have power animals that are connected to us much like spirit guides. They come in all shapes, sizes, and frequencies bringing something special at the time we connect. The animal you meet today relates to your current challenges and will show you the way by taking you on a sacred journey.

In shamanism power animals often shape shift making an experience more profound. They guide your journey into awareness, by unraveling secrets lost in time to discover the nature of reality and where it is going especially in today's world where people and experience make less sense each day and answers are often found beyond physical reality.

Power animals most often appear to humans in dreams, meditations, initiations, and visualizations. In shamanism they could physically manifest briefly as if seeing a spirit.

In today's frequencies, the image of an animal, based on your subconscious thoughts, will appear. For some it will happened quickly, for others it could take a few minutes. The animal you meet today relates to your current challenges and will show you the way by taking you on a sacred journey. Let's get started ...

Finding Your Power Animal


Before falling asleep, you can ask to have your power animal shown in dreamtime (the consciousness grids).

Meditation or visualization ...

Find or quiet place or just relax at your computer.

Being in nature, or listening to music, especially drumming, could enhance the experience.

Relax your mind ... your body ....

Prepare as you would for meditation.

Close your eyes.

Still your thoughts.

Allow your consciousness to bring into view that which you seek at this time - your power animal.

Relax ...

Follow your power animal and see where it leads you.

Later ...Write it all down. Draw it. Record it. Analyze it.

My experience - with clients and teaching classes - is using audio recording devices often results in the sound of the power animal heard during playback.


To find out the meaning and mythology of your power animal - see Totem Animals.

Animals of flight represent ascension - or the return to light and consciousness.

Aquatic animals refer to the return to the flow of the collective unconsciousness - also creation.

Earth bound animals deal with your physical issues here that need to be addressed.

If you see an animal that cannot be found in our current timeline, or on this planet, your experienced will be further enriched by its presence.

Alien animals represent a connection to an aspect of your soul experiencing in another grid reality.


Shamans believe that everyone has power animals - animal spirits which reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them from illness, acting similarly to a guardian angel. Each power animal that you have increases your power so that illnesses or negative energy cannot enter your body. The spirit also lends you the wisdom of its kind. A hawk spirit will give you hawk wisdom, and lend you some of the attributes of a hawk.

It is important to honor your power animal. In many western cultures we are not taught to value animals or the gifts that they add to our life and the world around us. In shamanic work the power animal is essential, for a shaman who has no power is not going to have very good results. More about Power Animals