Relationship Files

4 Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship (2021)
4 in 10 Have Had an Office Romance (2013)

A Summer Romance Text and Video Blog
Autumn Summer Text and Video Blog

The Black Pearl
Bootie Call or Foodie Call
Break Up Letter
Business Affairs

Call of the Wild Syndrome
Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?
Can You Give Love?
Cheating (Emotionally) on Your Spouse
Conjuring Up A Lover, Love Spells

Coronavirus and Finding Love
Romance Spring 2021~ Take Your Time
Relationships and Wedding Dress Styles ~ Spring 2021

Dating Rules You Should Actually Follow

"Divorce Corp"
Divorce Decree or Degree?
Do Opposites Attract?
Roadmap to Divorce - The Sleep Divorce

Do you really know what you want in a partner?
Dynamics In Relationships

Either It Works, Or It Doesn't
Entangled, Ending an Extramarital Affair with Another Married Person

The "Fall" of Relationships 2016 Frequencies Of Love Making, Merging Body, Mind, and Soul

Gay, Homosexual
Ghosts or Ghosting: The Element of Surprise Video Blog
Go Fish - Relationship Issues
Golden Bachelor Divorces - Relationships 2024

Heart of the Matter - Love
How Long Will Your Love Last?

If I had a dollar for every time ....
If your partner cheated would you ...
Internet Addictions and Romances
Interim Lover, Transition Person

Long Distance Relationships 2013
Love As Therapy
Love is in the Brain

Marriage in America 2012 Style
Marriage, Living Together, What are the 2013 Trends?
Married Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
Money and Relationships

Older Women With Younger Men

Political Differences and Relationships (2016)
Preparing for a Break-up in 2012

Quantumly Entangled on Valentine's Day 2012

Reality TV, The Bachelorette, Marriage, Getting Dumped, Shallow The Rebound Relationship
Relationships and Make-Overs
Relationships and Money
Relationships 2013: What Men tell me ... What Women tell me
Relationships - The Three Year Glitch
Relationships With Metaphysical Partners
Revenge Sex
Riding The Emotional Roller Coaster
Romantic Relationships at Different Times of Your Life

Science Explains Instant Attraction
September Relationships - Coming and Going
Sexual Patterns
Sex: Who Are We Sexually Attracted To?
Sexual Anorexia
Soul Mates and Seniors
Soul Mates and Twin Flames
Speed Dating and Relationship Timelines
Sperm Donor Relationships
Sperm Donor Relationship Seven Years Later - Soul Reunion
Stiff and Stuff - Male Sexual Performance
Summer Romances 2007

Tantra Healing
Taurus ... A Time For Change, Relationships, Flirting, Office Romances 2008
"The One"
The Three Year Glitch
The To-do Lists Before Moving in Together
Transition Person
Twin Flames From Other Worlds

Valentine's Day 2012
Valentine's Day 2009

Waiting For A Partner
What People Want
What People Want in 2004
What Women Really Want in 2012
When Should You Leave a Relationship?
Who Are Women Most Attracted To?
Why Can't We Be Friends?
Women Are Often Attracted to a Masculine Version of Themselves

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