Speed Dating and Relationship Timelines

Everything is accelerating paralleling grid frequency.

My wake-up dream Saturday morning was a glimpse at Speed Dating - the images of the people seeking partners moving faster and faster until relationships became a blur. I assume that means, in the acceleration of time, relationships move from physical to quantum, or they just don't last that long anymore.

Many clients have tried speed dating, but only one has found her husband that way. For some it's fun, for others, it continues to build frustration about today's world and what it does to relationships.

Saturday's client theme was ... 'How to heal and let go after your relationship ends'. This too, is a process that is not easy especially when the karma that created the connection is not fulfilled, or one of the people suffers from OCD.

There are so many questions clients ask ... Will the person come back to me? Other psychics have told me this and that ... How do they feel about me now? Why can't I let go? That person still comes into my dreams ... what does that mean? We work - or socialize in the same circles - now what am I supposed to do? Why do I still feel a soul connection? I've dated others and it's not the same ... what should I do? Why do my partners always disappoint me?

Always remember our motto: "Either it works or it doesn't". Keep busy, get away from the person and give it time to release from your consciousness, depending on your psychological make-up and life-style.

The answers to the questions above depend on the people involved and changes in their lives and way of thinking. The general answers are - many people do not want the responsibilities of a full time relationship. They want fun, sex, a partner without many issues who is independent. Most people have issues dragged into the their relationships which cause sabotage and failure. People don't remain faithful, even if they believe they will. They change. Life changes. Partners change.

It is normal to feel lonely and want a partner to share your life. Good partners are generally hard to find in this crazy reality and the drama people are not worth the work.

For the female readers ... stay away from the 'bad boys'. They may be hot and feed some psychological and/or physical need to heal and help them, but they create too much drama and generally cheat.

For the male readers ... the same holds true for the partners you chose. Dysfunctional 'hot women', will be your downfall and leave deep emotional scars.

This also applies to gay relationships ... watch out for drama queens.

Would you rather spend your time alone, or immersed in a relationship that zaps your time and energy?