Why Can't We be Friends?

Letting go is probably the hardest lesson we face as a race. We cling to the hope that someone, or something lost, will return, especially in a romantic relationship. Hearts heal at different paces, depending on the issues of the people involved.

Some relationships end and the people remain friends as time allows, as long as there is not codependency.

Most times, the people involved need to move on and get past old feelings of hurt, fear, pain, etc. and put everything to closure. It is a time to move into self-awareness, independence, and personal growth.

Ending a relationship is always a time of emotional upheaval. Letting go is a difficult process, so feeling that you and your former partner can friends, seems to be part of the equation, especially for wounded souls. There is growth with the end of a relationship, which can be lost if the partner who was hurt hangs on and hopes they may reconcile.

Souls attract to each other for many reasons and part under any number of circumstances, in most cases one partner wants out while the other does want to stay together.

There are couples who can remain friends as they move into the next stage of their lives, but often that is not possible as the new relationship can become threatened by the old.

You can't hold onto a friendship or relationship that has ended. Breaking up is hard to do when the wounds go deep, often sending people into therapy. For those who find 'change' difficult, each break-up brings up old issues and wounds from former relationships that failed. Professional counseling is a good way to go. It will help you get over issues that have blocked your soul growth for along time and allow you to learn more about who you are and how you function.

Friendships and relationships come and go in life. Eventually, all relationships evolve, alone or together.

Always remember that if someone wants to be your friend, they will. It's that simple.

If your relationship is ending, please don't go into the 'We will always be friends space' because you may be disappointed if things don't work out that way.

Don't hang on to hope of the person returning. Things will never be as they once were.

Don't dwell in the fantasy of 'what was' or 'what could be', but only 'what is'!

"Why can't we remain friends?" If both souls agree, then all's well that ends well. But if one friend needs space and to move on, respect that or you will suffer with pain and anguish.