Ellie Crystal's Biography

A Biographical Portrait

By Ian Christopher - Filmmaker and Producer

Ellie Crystal is a Psychic, Teacher, Author, Researcher, Lecturer, and Broadcaster.

Everyday legions of fans are drawn to Ellie Crystal's remarkable digital Internet oasis, Crystalinks.com. Ellie's down-to-earth, engaging, and humorous writing, places her daily blog Ellie's World as the "must read" website for her worldwide fans, while drinking their morning coffee. Ellie is the founder, author, webmaster, and creative artist behind this extraordinary one-of-a-kind website, Crystalinks, which celebrated its 28th anniversary on August 25, 2023. Crystalinks is a compendium of thousands of files, evolving into a major educational tool and vital resource on the internet.

Simply put, Crystalinks is perhaps the largest, most comprehensive and ambitious metaphysical and science website on the Internet today, a journey taken by millions of visitors each month that is spiritually, mentally and emotionally in tune with its readers' lifestyles, needs, zeitgeist and the transcendental quest of humanity. Ellie's meticulous files, archives and articles cover an abundance of diverse, current and relevant topics. A search engine and directory allows the reader to find answers to their most pressing concerns, such as: "What is my mission? Where are we going as a race? Are we destined for evolutionary change?" People have remarked that no matter what they are searching for, regardless of the topic, all roads ultimately lead to Crystalinks.

From a very young age, Ellie developed her abundant, intuitive and natural psychic abilities. At age eleven, Ellie experienced an otherworldly encounter that abruptly changed her life and shaped her future. In the Nevada desert, a spirit named Zoroaster, lovingly called Z, appeared to her. He became part of Ellie's daily life, bringing her to a destiny set in motion from the beginning. Those who know Ellie, or have read about Ellie and Z, have suggested that their ongoing repartee and adventures would itself make a humorous, magical, and heartwarming movie.

During her early years at college, Ellie was a double major in Psychology and Special Education. She later became a licensed hypnotherapist. Naturally gifted and talented, Ellie has continuously been educating and counseling individuals in need throughout the course of her life.

Ellie produced and starred in the television talk show, The Metaphysical Experience, from 1991-1993. During that time she interviewed many world renowned researchers in the metaphysical world. She was known as the "Psychic in the Pyramid", ending each show with a meditation in her nine-foot pyramid that "rocked" the studio and occasionally totaled power lines! Ellie next became the "Satellite Psychic" reaching a global viewing audience, through satellite television.

In August 2006, Ellie presented her theories of creation at the United Nations - UNSRC.

Ellie was a special guest on the History Channel presentation, "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" which premiered on October 27, 2007. Throughout the years, Ellie has made guest appearances on CBS, Fox, UPN news, as well as endless live radio and Internet talk shows.

Ellie has received honorable mention in the New York Times, along with John Edward, as Psychic Mediums channeling artist Andy Warhol at Serendipity restaurant, in New York City. Ellie was a pioneer in the subject of crop circles. In fact, she brought the topic into the public square by organizing a special event in 1995 at Madison Square Garden that featured world renowned researcher and author, Colin Andrews.

Her international teleconferences, lectures and workshops are always highly anticipated events that draw serious truth seekers both near and far to this day. Ellie is highly sought after by VIP's, professionals and laypersons for her profoundly insightful 'personal life' readings. Her popularity and the growing demand for her unique and intuitive skills keep her schedule filled. Her loyal clients come from all walks of life; some even arrive from outside of the United States simply to have a private session with her. In addition to her many talents, Ellie is also an accomplished author. Ellie's book, 2012 Sarah and Alexander is a thrilling esoteric adventure and Internet bestseller.

Welcome to Ellie's World!

Ellie's Autobiography

Can a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn really change the consciousness of humanity? At the very least, she can try. Read on ...

My most distant memory is my consciousness spiraling through a wormhole, so to speak, from another time and space to this reality, one of many stops my soul is making along the way...

The place was Coney Island, just off the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. I would experience in these energies, in one area or another, all of my life, its meaning becoming clearer and clearer through time.

I was a happy child, coming from two functional parents who loved me. My parents always gave me a sense of being special, in a world were anything was possible. Living in New York City, there was a strong cultural environment that never ended, and would later be part of the lives of my three daughters.

We all experience a turning point in our lives when the next step of our journey is shown. From that moment on, we are forever changed.

At age 6, in 1949, I had a Near Death Experience while in the hospital with pneumonia. I saw myself sitting on the branch of a tree somewhere, next to a boy approximately my age. Would I stay or would I return... the choice was mine, I was told telepathically. I looked at the boy and somewhere I knew him, his message clear, Return to the physical world. One day we will meet again And so I returned knowing this was all meant to be.

February 17, 1954, I turned 11. I was a good student, with no emotional problems, and feeling a strong sense of being connected to something besides physical reality. Perhaps it was linked to the boy in the tree, or maybe it was something else, but something stirred my soul that spring.

April 4, 1954 ... the Nevada desert ... a late model four-door Chevy Sedan slowly drives toward its destination in Nevada ... the passengers unaware of what is about to unfold. It had been a long cross-country journey, beginning in Brooklyn. It was dusk. The sun in glorious tones of red, pink, and orange, was setting behind the mountains reminding me someone in a distant memory, perhaps not of this realm.

I sat listlessly in the back seat, while the car made its way along the bumpy terrain. My mother, Florence, a gifted psychic, did not explain the purpose of the journey, but our close connection allowed us to understand the timing was right for something. My soul stirred as we drove on. She had already told me that after many miscarriages, she became pregnant with me. Spirit came and told her that a baby girl would be born to her, and she must guide the child's destiny until the time was right. The time had come and we both sensed it as we drove along.

There are the moments in our lives when we are not sure what is real and what is projected illusion, or, as I have come to understand, they are one and the same. Reality is not much more than a virtual experiment created by thought consciousness and projected into the frequencies of third dimension, linear time and space, to create an emotional playground based on duality, in which we experience. Decades later, physicist would prove what I knew as a child.

I know you've seen, or read about, this scenario before while wandering through the realms of science fiction, but this is what happened.

The car came to a sudden stop just like any UFO film. The driver, a man from Brooklyn, my mother, and I, got out. Suddenly and slowly, an object manifested from above as the three of us watched. I didn't feel any sense of fear or anxiety even as my mother and the driver appeared to be frozen in time. I guess one could say I moved outside of linear time.

I was taken on board the ship by a man and a woman both dressed in robes. The ship took off, and I clearly remember being in an orbit around the Earth, as I sat fixated looking out a window. Next to me was a boy my age - the boy I had met on the tree years before.

The male was an entity who called himself Z . Telepathically he told me about a special destiny that would unfold when I was grown. I would meet the boy again, many years in the future, and would know him as Alexander. And so it has come to pass... with the creation of Crystalinks and my book "Sarah and Alexander." I was shown a future in which I would help shape the destiny of this planet, another cliche in time, as all enlightened souls seek to help humanity evolve. My work would be linked to pyramids, time, a book, and Zoroaster, who would guide me from that time on. I would call him Z.

I remember viewing two circular screens in which endless images were shown. One ran alongside the perimeter of the vehicle, which appeared to have scenes in human history, while the other came from a 'liquid-like core' in the center of the room, producing archetypical holographic messages that I watched with recognition on some level, but to this day do not fully remember or understand.

There was a momentary pause, as if the projections were finished, now encoded in my DNA or perhaps activating it. Everything faded to black as if the end of the film. I next remember returning to the desert, right-time resuming.

A journey had been set in place that would come to fruition decades later when I would remember the nature of reality as a biogenetic experiment in which our DNA acts as programmed codes that evolve through time.

One of my fondest memories after returning from Nevada had to do with healing a little girl who lived next door to my family. The family consisted of a mother, father, a three year old son, and a beautiful blond, blue-eyed one-year old daughter. The mother was very kind to me during this transition in my life. The daughter had a condition called Hydrocephalus - water on the brain and did nothing more than lay in her crib. Something inside allowed me to know I could heal her. I remember Z telling me to stand her up and send her love through hugs. I held her and hugged her. Within two days she could sit up alone. A few days later she could stand. A few days after that she was cured, which was considered a miracle.

As I was so young, I found the experience wonderful, yet very scary, as I didn't understand what was happening, so I stopped healing, asking for the gift to be taken away. Shortly afterwards the child and her family bought house in another neighborhood and we all went our separate ways. I wish I had that healing power today. The power for spontaneous healing has never returned and I doubt that it ever will.

My clairvoyant and clairaudient connection to Z became part of my everyday life, our ongoing dialoguing continuing to this day.

The years passed. I remember my teenage life with fond memories as an honor student in school, graduating from Brooklyn College at age 20 with a dual major in Psychology and Special Education. I went on to receive a Masters in Psychology at NYU the following year, after which I became an elementary school teacher. I was never rebellious, never had issues, never suffered from substance abuse just had fun being a teenager.

People have always told me that there was something special about me, that I would discover when I got older. I knew it was linked to my relationship with Z - though I kept him 'in the closet.' My experiences were positive - my greater spiritual destiny on hold until later.

I had great friends, was Miss Brooklyn, modeled, danced on the TV show "The Alan Freed Show" among other shows and generally enjoyed my experiences in third dimension. I've always liked the limelight - having a Leo Moon!

As the years passed, I went on to do all the traditional things: marriage, raising 3 daughters, the house, two cars, etc.

There has always been a side to me that likes adventure and off-beat things, though not in a dysfunctional way.

For example ... I learned to fly a plane while on a trip to the Caribbean Islands. I often wish I had the opportunity to fly more often though I guess I do it in my own way! I have always felt that I belonged in the air.

Life changed in 1983, when I turned 40, and I recognized that it was time for me to embrace my destiny. My children were almost grown. I divorced my husband, Ralph, though we remained good friends until he died of cancer in 2005. I knew the spiritual journey I was to make, must be traveled alone.

Overnight, I went from a middle class Jewish housewife, teacher and psychologist, to psychic reader, talk show hostess - "The Metaphysical Experience" and "Satellite Psychic" - researcher, lecturer, teacher, author, html programmer, in a never ending list of careers that unfold to this day.

With my diverse educational background, nothing could have prepared me for the experiences and friends, I was to encounter as a metaphysician. The souls I have met come from all walks of life, all ages, ethnic backgrounds, religions, careers, and sexual orientations.

I consider myself fortunate to have found knowledge and friendship, with some of the leading researchers, authors, healers, lecturers, teachers, and prophets. That list continues to grow as humanity evolves.

I have watched many of my clients go on to become Film Makers, Spiritual Healers, Therapists, Counselors, Nutritionists, Researchers, Psychic Readers, find families from other lifetimes, and find their soul purpose in one spiritual modality or another.

Festival at the end of the journey it would be time to embrace what I came here to teach - Reality is a consciousness hologram that had a beginning and is now evolving out of time.

Brooklyn has always been my home, especially here at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge, where the world of Crystalinks is created on a daily basis. There is something magical about my apartment that everyone feels when they visit. I do not do hokey things like burn incense or set up altars, and I am far too pragmatic to believe in free will. If free will truly existed, we would all be living different lives. I talk to spirits as I have done all of my life, which is now called 'mediumship' and is often part of my psychic readings with clients. If I can't do it with humor and fun, I don't want to do it at all. That is the way I am programmed.

In 1991, with my three daughters almost grown, I divorced, sold my house and moved to my present apartment on 9/1/91. It is on the top floor of a six-story apartment building, with skylights, a terrace, and a view of the waterway and Verrazano Bridge. Many of my archived blogs reflect my endless adventures here where life is anything but dull. Historic Cannonball Park is just across the street. It contains an obelisk and a stone pyramid. Interestingly, my apartment, one of the most desired in Brooklyn, was vacant 9 months before I moved here, as if waiting for me, the birth of something new.

The day I moved in, a psychic friend said, "Ellie, you will entertain many famous people here." I knew she was right. The following month a movie was made in my apartment. The energy for media has never stopped. To date I have been filmed here by FOX News, WCBS News, the History Channel, A&E, the Bio Channel, among others. I filmed a documentary here called "What is Love". Production companies often call about using my apartment for location shots.

Please enjoy your journey through Crystalinks. It is my pleasure to welcome you.

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