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Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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August 11-12, 2020

Perseid Meteor Showers Peak

Sunday August 9, 2020     8:00 PM EDT

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5.1 Sparta, North Carolina Earthquake Transition Integrity Project

North Carolina's strongest earthquake in 94 years shakes area along Virginia border

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake was reported in Sparta, North Carolina, and felt across the Triangle at around 8 a.m.

Some tectonic plates ÔwobbleĠ before major earthquakes

Locals in Mauritius try to stop oil spill

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

August 9, 1968

Gillian Anderson - Videos - Filmography

I believe people are in our lives for a reason.
David's birthday was two days ago. Coincidence?

Gillian Anderson Quotes 1

Gillian Anderson Quotes 2

August 9, 1985

Anna Kendrick - Videos - Filmography

I fall in love with characters when they're out of their element.
I am a big fan of Mulder and Scully and the concept of aliens on Earth.

August 9, 1976

Audrey Tautou - Videos - Filmography

It might seem paradoxical given my profession,
but I'm not someone who likes to be in the limelight.

Audrey Tautou

August 9, 1968

Eric Bana - Videos - Filmography

This year has been a wild ride.

Eric Bana Quotes

August 9, 1927 - January 24, 2016

Marvin Minsky Artificial Intelligence- Videos

Kubrick's vision seemed to be that humans are doomed, whereas

Clarke's is that humans are moving on to a better stage of evolution.

Marvin Minsky Quotes 1

Marvin Minsky Quotes 2

August 9, 1896 - September 16, 1980

Jean Piaget Psychologist, Worked with Children - Videos

Understanding reality means constructing systems of transformation
that correspond, more or less adequately, to current timelines.

Jean Piaget Quotes 1

Jean Piaget Quotes 2

Saturday August 8, 2020     6:20 PM EDT

This 'War Game' Maps Out What Happens If The President Contests The Election

Transition Integrity Project: A war-game exercise simulating the 2020 election unmasked some key vulnerabilities.


Canada's last intact ice shelf collapses due to warming

Mont Blanc: Glacier collapse risk forces Italy Alps evacuation

Argentine marshland threatened by worst fires in decades


Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk's plans to colonize space are even crazier than we thought

The Force of Nothingness Has Been Used to Manipulate Objects
Nothingness refers to the attractive force that arises between two surfaces in a vacuum, known as the Casimir force.


Second person dies from bubonic plague in China's Inner Mongolia

Coronavirus deaths in Latin America hit global high


Pinpointing the cells that keep the body's master circadian clock ticking

What to do when anxiety affects your sleep

For The First Time, CRISPR Gene-Editing Has Been Used on Squid


Genomic Study Reveals New Zealand's Tuatara Is Like No Other Animal on The Planet


Humans Have Been Making Poison Arrows For Over 70,000 Years, Study Finds

Saint Margaret's Well: From Healing Pilgrimages to Alice in Wonderland

The Fascinating Life of a Chinese Eunuch in the Forbidden City

Pits of Skulls Found in Shimao: China's Neolithic City of Mystery

Scientists Prove Rome's Ancient Glass Was Not From Rome!

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

August 8, 1949

Keith Carradine - Videos - Filmography

Playing the president of the United States and actually knowing
knowing how to run a country are two different things.

Keith Carradine Quotes

August 8, 1937

Dustin Hoffman - Videos - Filmography

In All the President's Men I played Carl Bernstein a Washington Post reporter,
assigned to cover the Watergate story and expose corruption in the White House.
Imagine that role in today's world with Trump as president and his daily dramas.

Dustin Hoffman Quotes

August 8, 1952

Robin Quivers co-host The Howard Stern Show - Videos

If George Washington had heard us, he probably would have said,
"We shouldn't have free speech."
If he met Trump, lord knows what he would have said about Tweeting.

Robin Quivers Quotes

August 8, 1814 - April 2, 1902

Esther Hobart Morris - First female US justice of the peace

The college-bred woman is not a contented woman.
The broader her mind the more she understands
the unequal conditions between men and women, the
more she chafes under a government that tolerates it.

August 8, 1986

Peyton List - Videos - Filmography

Today's woman seeks great change for herself and society.

August 8, 1976

JC Chasez Singer, Actor - Videos - Discography

The beauty of music is that everyone hears it their own way,
and every song you hear leaves an impression on you that
alters the way you hear everything from that point on.

JC Chasez Quotes

August 8, 1981

Roger Federer Tennis Player Ranked #4 - Videos

Success is about skill and timing.

Roger Federer Quotes 1

Roger Federer Quotes 2

Friday August 7, 2020     7:30 PM EDT

For The First Time, We Can See Patterns of an Eerie Glow in The Martian Atmosphere

Mysterious 'fast radio burst' detected closer to Earth than ever before

Physicists watch quantum particles tunnel through solid barriers. Here's what they found

China launches 2 satellites from Gobi Desert

Cluster's 20 years of studying Earth's magnetosphere


Thousands seek refuge as high heat slams Britain, France

Researchers find link between Atlantic hurricanes and weather system in East Asia

Florida current is weaker now than at any point in the past century


Mystery ancestor mated with ancient humans. And its 'nested' DNA was just found

Prehistoric Graves Reveal The Wealth Gap Existed Even in The Stone Age

6,600-year-old gravesites in Poland suggest wealth gap existed earlier than thought


Manhattan apartment sales plunge while the suburbs boom

New York governor says schools can reopen for in-person classes


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally could draw 250,000 people in South Dakota despite COVID pandemic


We Finally Know How This Ancient Reptile Lived With Such an Absurdly Long Neck


Home-educated children left without qualifications as exams replaced with teacher-predicted grades, study shows


TikTok and privacy: What's the problem? Perhaps the video-sharing app gathers too much data

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

August 7, 1960

David Duchovny - Videos - Filmography

All that's missing in today's news is an alien invasion.

August 7, 1944

John Glover - Videos - Filmography

I think we all have madness in us
which seems to be taking over society today.

John Glover Quotes

August 7, 1966

Jimmy Wales - Videos - Co-founded Wikipedia in 2001

There's so much change in the world today it's hard to keep up.

Jimmy Wales Quotes 1

Jimmy Wales Quotes 2

August 7, 1975

Charlize Theron - Videos - Filmography

Charlize Theron and Caruso Host Special Drive-In Screening of Mad Max: Fury Road
August 5, 2020

'The Old Guard,' 'Palm Springs' and loneliness in the age of covid-19
Washington Post - July 22, 2020

August 7, 1974

Michael Shannon - Videos - Filmography

If I were God, I would just be up there scratching my head, thinking,
'What the hell am I supposed to do with this?'

Michael Shannon Quotes

August 7, 1971

Rachel York - Videos - Filmography

Having a soulmate is not always about romantic love.
You can find a soulmate in a friendship also.

Rachel York

August 7, 1955

Wayne Knight - Videos - Filmography

I think early in my life I may have been more explosive
internally than I am now. I love the new slimmer me.

Wayne Knight Quotes

August 7, 1925

Monkombu Swaminathan - Videos

Monkombu Swaminathan is an Indian agriculture scientist
known as the "Father of the Green Revolution in India".

Environmentally sustainability agriculture is here to stay or we may not be.

Monkombu Swaminathan

August 7, 1928

James Randi - Videos

Magician, scientific skeptic, challenger of
paranormal claims and pseudoscience

The New Age?
It's just the old age stuck in a microwave oven for fifteen seconds.

James Randi Quotes 1

James Randi Quotes 2

August 7, 1860 - August 30, 1917

Alan Leo

He was a prominent British author, theosophist
and astrologer named Leo who was born in Leo.

The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection,

in which are reflected the mythologems, i.e., the archetypes.

In this vision astrology and alchemy,

the two classical functionaries of the psychology

of the collective unconscious, join hands.

Carl Jung Quotes on Astrology

Thursday August 6, 2020     5:30 PM EDT

The universe is the same everywhere we look - even more than cosmologists predicted

Trump says 'NASA was Closed & Dead' before he took charge. That's not true.

Thermal chaos returns quantum system to its unknown past


New class of laser beam doesn't follow normal laws of refraction


2020 Atlantic hurricane season will be 'extremely active,' NOAA says in updated forecast

Italian resort evacuated over risk of falling Mont Blanc ice


Beirut explosion: Angry residents rage at leaders after blast

Chants of 'revolution' on streets of devastated Beirut as France's Macron is mobbed by angry crowds


NYC parents must choose how their kids will go back to school by tomorrow

Nearly 7 million US students will start the school year online


Samsung AirDresser: A $1,049 smart closet meant to save you trips to the dry cleaner

A pathway to longer-lasting lithium batteries


REM sleep tunes eating behaviour

DNA from an ancient, unidentified ancestor was passed down to humans living today

Dinosaur relative's genome linked to mammals


Scientists have unraveled the riddle of a real-life sea monster


Raphael's face reconstructed to solve tomb mystery


Cameron Diaz reveals why she quit acting in interview with Gwyneth Paltrow

Alyssa Milano thought she was dy

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

August 6, 2020

Reading With Ellie

Psychic Day is a day set aside to give people the opportunity to hone their
psychic abilities. Its origin dates back to nineteenth century England.

August 6, 1928 - February 22, 1987

Andy Warhol - Videos

Andy Warhol was an American artist who became a central figure in the movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as a painter; an avant-garde filmmaker, a record producer, an author and a public figure known for his presence in wildly diverse social circles that included bohemian street people, distinguished intellectuals, Hollywood celebrities and wealthy aristocrats.

In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.

Andy Warhol Quotes 1

Andy Warhol Quotes 2

On August 6, 1994 Medium John Edward and I channeled Andy Warhol at Serendipity,
one of Andy's favorite hangouts in the city. Speaking of fame - this gig got John and I
honorable mention in the NY Times as on we went to help others and become famous.

August 6, 1981

Leslie Odom, Jr. - Videos - Filmography

Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr is set to star in new miniseries Love in the Time of Corona,
which - as you may have guessed from its title - is about a bunch of people facing
relationship problems in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. - July 27, 2020

August 6, 1973

Vera Farmiga - Videos - Filmography

In the quiet moments of a pandemic, self-discoveries are made.

Vera Farmiga

August 6, 1976

Melissa George - Videos - Filmography

Your goals may be out of reach but not out of sight.

Melissa George Quotes

August 6, 1978

Marisa Miller Model - Videos

The 2020 Sports Season will be remembered for many
things including Covid-19 and addressing racism.

August 6, 1970

M. Night Shyamalan - Videos - Filmography

M. Night Shyamalan's thriller Nobody was scheduled
for August 14, 2020 now moved to February 26, 2021

August 6, 1911 - April 26, 1989

Lucille Ball - Videos - Filmography

"I Love Lucy" reruns are now featured on
the Hallmark Channel most afternoons.

August 6, 1809-1892

Lord Alfred Tennyson UK Poet Laureate- Videos

All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untraveled
world whose margin fades forever and forever when I move.

Lord Alfred Tennyson Quotes 1

Lord Alfred Tennyson Quotes 2

Wednesday August 5, 2020     7:30 PM EDT

Lava tubes on Mars and the Moon are so wide they can host planetary bases

In a First, Astronomers Find an Exoplanet by Using Radio Waves And a Wobbly Star

SpaceX completes test flight of Mars rocket prototype

Physicists Measured The Central Engine That Powers Solar Flares For The First Time

Antarctica is the best place on Earth to see stars

- ,p. Beirut explosion: Frantic search for survivors of deadly blast

Beirut explosion: What is ammonium nitrate and how dangerous is it?


Ancient mountains recorded in Antarctic sandstones reveal potential links to global events

The Congo River Basin: Home of the deepest river in the world


Ancient Llama, Discovered in Stone Box Under Lake Titicaca, Was Likely a Gift to Inca Gods


Coronavirus: New 90-minute tests for Covid-19 and flu 'hugely beneficial'

Does coronavirus linger in the body?

'Mono' virus turns on cancer-related genes. Here's how.

Malignant Bone Cancer Has Been Diagnosed in a Dinosaur For The First Time Ever

Obesity not defined by weight, says new Canada guideline


Instagram's TikTok copycat Reels is now available in the US

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

August 5, 1930 - August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong Commander Apollo 11 - Videos

Mystery creates wonder. Wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.

Neil Armstrong Quotes 1

Neil Armstrong Quotes 2

August 5, 1962

Patrick Ewing Basketball coach and former player - Videos

I had Covid-19 in May and feel lucky to be alive.
Follow the rules to keep everyone safe.

Patrick Ewing channels John Thompson in
Black Lives Matter statement: 'Racism is not new'

Yahoo Sports - July 28, 2020

August 5, 1986

Paula Creamer Professional Golfer, Earned over $12M - Videos

I want to be a role model or young players.

Paula Creamer Quotes

August 5, 1850 - July 6, 1893

Guy de Maupassant Writer of Short Stories - Videos

A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one.

Guy de Maupassant Quotes