Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

JUNE 2020
Pride Month
June 5 - UN World Environment Day
June 8 - World Oceans Day
June 14 - US Flag Day
June 17 - July 12 - Mercury Retrograde
June 20 - World Refugee Day
June 21 - Father's Day
June 21 - New Moon Solar Eclipse 0° Cancer
June 21 - Summer Solstice
June 21 - Sun in Cancer

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June 5, 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius

Get ready for the full strawberry moon on Friday

Wednesday June 3, 2020     9:00 AM EDT

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Revolution Evolution Day 8
Zero Point - Reverse Fibonacci Sequence
Coronal Mass Ejections
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Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

June 3, 1967

Anderson Cooper CNN News Anchor - Videos

June 3, 1974

Arianne Zucker - Videos - Filmography

Photo Ops mean a lot to all kinds of performers but
they are just for show, expressing no emotional truth.

Arianne Zucker

June 3, 1906 - April 12, 1975

Josephine Baker Singer, Civil Rights Activist - Videos

Josephine Baker Quotes

June 3, 1853 - July 28, 1942

Sir William Flinders Petrie - Videos - English Egyptologist

Do not limit yourself

to the obvious.

Understand that truth is most often found

in the subtleties.

Sir William Flinders Petrie

Tuesday June 2, 2020     7:00 PM EDT

Zooming in on the origins of fast radio bursts

Intense flash from Milky Way's black hole illuminated gas far outside of our galaxy

Magnetic fields force new perspective on Milky Way's black hole

Half the matter in the universe was missing. Scientists just found it hiding in the cosmos.


Extinction crisis poses existential threat to civilization

Climate change: older trees loss continue around the world


Ancient DNA could reveal full stories on the Dead Sea Scrolls


Why posting a black image with the 'Black Lives Matter' hashtag could be doing more harm than good

Facebook's Zuckerberg accused of setting dangerous precedent over Trump

Live: Tributes to George Floyd as US protests continue

The fury in US cities is rooted in a long history of racist policing, violence and inequality

Trump responds to protests with a strongman act

DC Bishop on Trump's photo-op: This was a charade

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

June 2, 1972

Wayne Brady - Videos - Filmography

The time for the black man to be equal is overdue.
We need new leaders and legislation to get there.

Wayne Brady Quotes

June 2, 1954

Dennis Haysbert - Videos - Filmography

I played US President David Palmer on 24 who
would have handled everything differently than today.

It's all in the Script.

Dennis Haysbert Quotes

June 2, 1977

Zachary Quinto - Videos - Filmography

If you think about it, society is damaged. Can it change?

Zachary Quinto Quotes

June 2, 1972

Wentworth Miller - Videos - Filmography

All the best stories are but one story in reality
the story of escape to freedom.

Wentworth Miller Quotes

June 2, 1978

Dominic Cooper - Videos - Filmography

Politicians stand on a soapbox and preach.
This is the year for action and change.

Dominic Cooper Quotes

June 2, 1978

Justin Long - Videos - Filmography

Political leaders need to listen to the needs of their constituents
or else there is nothing left but chaos and anarchy.

Justin Long Quotes

June 2, 1955

Dana Carvey - Videos - Filmography

I have this dream life where I get to be a celebrity but I get to
navigate the world fairly easily because I'm always in character.

Dana Carvey Quotes

June 2, 1979

Morena Baccarin - Videos - Filmography

Moving into space brings science fiction into a truer reality.

Morena Baccarin Quotes

June 2, 1982

Jewel Staite - Videos - Filmography

I've done a lot of sci-fi and discovered it connects you and I.

Jewel Staite Quotes

June 2, 1990

Brittany Curran - Videos - Filmography

I'm glad I didn't jump to stardom immediately,
because I get to enjoy the ride and the chase.

Brittany Curran Quotes

June 2, 1743 - August 26, 1795

Alessandro Cagliostro

Count Alessandro di Cagliostro was the alias for the charlatan Giuseppe Balsamo, an Italian adventurer, alchemist and Freemason. In London he was initiated into Freemasonry by the Comte de Saint-Germain adopting the symbol of Ouroboros as his secret sign. He traveled throughout Russia, Germany, and later France, claiming to be a healer of great power. His fame grew to the point that he was even recommended as a physician to Benjamin Franklin during a stay in Paris.

Alchemy is the art of manipulating life and

consciousness in matter to help it evolve,

or to solve problems of inner disharmonies.

There is an alchemy in sorrow.

It can be transmuted into wisdom, which if

it does not bring joy, can yet bring happiness.

Alchemy Quotes

Monday June 1, 2020     8:00 PM EDT

Trump declares himself the 'law and order' president as peaceful protesters are dispersed


Sun unleashes biggest flare since 2017. Is our star waking up?

New sunspots potentially herald increased solar activity

Study finds that patterns formed by spiral galaxies show that the universe may have a defined structure

A new theorem predicts that stationary black holes must have at least one light ring

The Milky Way has one very hot halo, astronomers find

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

June 1, 1937

Morgan Freeman - Videos - Filmography

The ramifications of today's uprisings are yet to be recognized
as they reverberate throughout the history of humanity.

June 1, 1940 - December 8, 2019

Rene Auberjonois Star Trek - Videos - Filmography

With SpaceX now carrying passengers back and forth into space will
indisputable proof be given that Earth is being monitored by aliens?

Rene Auberjonois Quotes

June 1, 1977

Sarah Wayne Callies - Videos - Filmography

The battle for freedom is part of our destiny and rages forward.

Sarah Wayne Callies Quotes

June 1, 1973

Heidi Klum - Video - Filmography

Heidi Klum details emergency exit from AGT getting sick

June 1, 1969

Teri Polo - Videos - Filmography

Do everything you can to stay emotionally
and physically in shape in these trying times.

Teri Polo Quotes