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Wednesday September 22, 2021     3:00 PM ET

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The Updated Take on Simulation Theory is Closer to the Truth
Remembering Willie Garson
Gabby Petito
Autumnal Equinox - Sun in Libra
People say a lot of things ...
Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory
Close the US Southern Border

Astronomers Have Discovered a Giant, Empty Cavity Lurking in Space

Mars was doomed to desiccation

NASA Announces a Dark, Eerie Moon Landing Site For Its Next Rover Mission


A new hypothesis says the universe self-simulates itself in a strange loop


Melbourne 5.9 earthquake: Tremor rattles southeast Australia

Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Near Coast of Nicaragua EMSC

Magnitude 6.4 quake sways buildings in coastal Chile


Having 'Good' Gut Bacteria Could Really Help if You're Trying to Lose Weight

We know that for autism, the causes and changes to the brain are happening long before birth. But in a groundbreaking new study, an intervention in infants showing early signs of autism has been able to reduce clinical diagnosis by two-thirds


Ceramic jars full of emeralds found in temple tied to El Dorado, a mythical city of gold

Treasure hunter finds gold hoard buried by Iron Age chieftain

Hidden Traces of a Massive Ancient City Are Still in Mexico's Landscape Today


Willie Garson, 'Sex and the City' actor, dead at 57


Texas governor approves miles-long steel barrier of police vehicles to deter the more than 8,000 migrants in Del Rio

Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive


FBI asks for the public's help in finding Gabby Petito's fiance as new tip emerges about his previous movements


Taliban ask to speak at UN General Assembly in New York


Trump sues niece and New York Times over tax story

New bombshells show Trump's coup threat was real and hasn't passed

Today's Events and Birthdays

September 22, 2021

Autumnal Equinox

Sun in Libra

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Libra.

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus.

September 22, 1984

Laura Vandervoort - Filmography - Videos

Hollywood is something imagined ... acting is something crafted.

September 22, 1975

Mireille Enos - Filmography - Videos

I personally love a cliffhanger.
I think it just extends the pleasure of viewing.

September 22, 1964

Bonnie Hunt - Filmography - Video

Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

September 22, 1961

Scott Baio - Filmography - Videos

I am not a spiritual guy, but all of a sudden
I felt the need to really feel things.

September 22, 1958

Andrea Bocelli Italian opera tenor - Discography - Video

All that counts in life is intention.
You can be great only if it is your destiny.

September 22, 1987

Tom Felton - Videos - Filmography

The universal design is a mixture of magic
and alchemy forever seeking balance.

September 22, 1948

Jim Byrnes - Discography - Filmography - Videos

The blues tells a story. Every line of the blues has a meaning.

Sept. 22, 1791 - August 25, 1867

Michael Faraday - Video

Faraday Cage

Michael Faraday was an English chemist, physicist and
natural philosopher, who contributed significantly to
the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it
be consistent with the laws of nature.

Tuesday September 21, 2021     6:30 PM ET

Asteroid three times the size of the Statue of Liberty will zoom past Earth on fall equinox

Soaring high: Pentagon's Space Force gets new uniform

Scientists finally have an explanation for the most energetic explosions in the universe

Giant Space Rock Blast Wiped Out Ancient City With 1,000 Times Hiroshima's Ferocity

Mysterious, Never-Before-Seen Signals Picked Up By New Gravitational Wave Detector

Understanding photon collisions could aid search for physics beyond the Standard Model


Ancient Mayans built pyramid partly from ash after catastrophic volcanic eruption

Sequoia National Park's Giant Forest unscathed by wildfire

Nobody hurt but much damage in La Palma volcanic eruption

Scientists still don't know how far melting in Antarctica will go, or the sea level rise it will unleash

What are Urban Heat Islands? - - In the News

Rechargeable 'Glow in The Dark' Plants Are The Green Light We've Been Waiting For


Daycares in Finland Built Their Own 'Forests', And It Changed Kids' Immune Systems

A Landmark Autism Intervention Study Has Shown Dramatically Reduced Diagnosis Rates

Study shows benefit of employees managing themselves


Mysterious Skeletons of an Unknown People Rewrite The History of Japanese Ancestry


Autopsy confirms remains found in Wyoming are Gabby Petito's, FBI says

The House passes a bill to provide care for U.S. officials suffering from Havana Syndrome.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims victory in Canada election but falls short in bid to form majority government

Joe Biden's challenge at his first UN General Assembly: Convince allies he's not another Trump

76th General Assembly gets underway at UN Headquarters in New York

More than 1 million people watched the U.N. General Assembly online when K-pop band BTS took to the podium

Princess Beatrice, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, gives birth to her first child

Today's Events and Birthdays

September 21, 2021

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival - Google News

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival
celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people.

September 21, 2021

UN International Day of Peace - Wikipedia

2021 Theme: Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world

September 21, 1950

Bill Murray - Video - Filmography

The more relaxed you are the better you are.

September 21, 1969

Billy Porter - Video - Filmography

September 21, 1962

Rob Morrow - Video - Filmography

I'd like to think that the notion of inspiration
will transcend cultural things that are going on.

September 21, 1983

Maggie Grace - Video - Filmography

I believe love at first sight is possible.

September 21, 1981

Nicole Richie - Videos - Filmography

Once you find an author or a genre you like, you never stop reading.

September 21, 1967

Faith Hill Country Singer - Videos - Discography - Married to Tim McGraw

I think beauty comes from within. If you're happy and look at
life in the best way you can, even when there are problems,
it can make you beautiful on the outside.

September 21, 1961

Nancy Travis - Videos - Filmography

I want to do a show about a woman who's juggling a career with a relationship.

September 21, 1990

Christian Serratos - Videos - Filmography

There's nothing like the element of surprise.

September 21, 1980

Autumn Reeser - Videos - Filmography

Footprints in the sands of time are not made by sitting down,


but by the journey taken within the hourglass.

September 21, 1965

Cheryl Hines - Videos - . Filmography

Most people have an angle.

September 21, 1989

Jason Derulo - Video - Discography -- Filmography

Never drink and drive.

September 21, 1947

Stephen King Author, Suspense, Horror, Fantasy - Video

Life is like a wheel. Sooner or later, it always come around to where you started.

September 21, 1945

Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer - Video - Filmography

Special effects bring new dimensions to the
streaming consciousness of film and reality.

September 21, 1866 - August 13, 1946

H. G. Wells - Science fiction writer - Video - Prophecies

The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man

The past is but the beginning of a beginning,

and all that is, or has been, is but the twilight of the dawn.

H. G. Wells Quotes 1

H. G. Wells Quotes 2

Monday September 20, 2021     6:30 PM ET

There Could Be an Extremely Simple Reason Why Mars Isn't as Suitable For Life

Why do the planets in the solar system orbit on the same plane?

How many satellites are orbiting Earth?


Covid-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds is safe and shows 'robust' antibody response, Pfizer says

COVID-19 Vaccines Seem to Affect Periods, And That's Finally Being Investigated

Large-Scale Study Shows The Moon Exerts a Powerful Influence on How We Sleep

The Placebo Effect Is an Amazing Illusion, But That Doesn't Mean It's Medicine

Why don't we breathe equally out of both nostrils?

There's a Serious Problem With How Heart Symptoms Are Treated in Women, Study Reveals

Discovery of obesity-causing genes could lead to drugs to prevent weight gain


The Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, one of Spain's Canary Islands, erupted Sunday, after several earthquakes were felt over the weekend.

La Palma volcano spews lava hundreds of feet in the air, but don't expect a 'mega-tsunami'

Iceland's volcanic eruption the longest in half a century

The Deep Seas Near New Zealand Have Yielded 6 New Species of Bizarre Sponges

Mass Extinction Events Can Turn Freshwater Into Toxic Soup, And It's Already Happening

Is wildfire soot leaving a mark on the world's oceans?


The mysterious optical device Jan van Eyck may have used to paint his masterpieces

New Study Explains Why Human Languages Share a Lot of The Same Grammar

Today's Events and Birthdays

September 20-27, 2021

Sukkot, Feast of Booths and Tabernacles

September 20, 2021

Full Moon 28° Pisces ~ Full Corn or Harvest Moon

Large-Scale Study Shows The Moon Exerts a Powerful Influence on How We Sleep

September 20, 1986

Aldis Hodge - Videos - Filmography

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from illusion.

September 20, 1975

Moon Bloodgood - Videos - Filmography

You have a lot of serious decisions to make this year.
Think about them and then look at the bigger picture before deciding.

September 20, 1956

Gary Cole - Videos - Filmography

There is no handbook about how to plan the future

September 20, 1934

Sophia Loren - Videos - Filmography

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the
creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love.
When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age.

September 20, 1878 - November 25, 1968

Upton Sinclair Author, 100 Books, Pulitzer Prize - Videos

It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.