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Tuesday October 16, 2018     6:30 PM EDT

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Memory Loss 2018
Stephen Hawking's final book reveals ...
Saudi Adventures and Hit Squads
Friedrich Nietzsche, the Monolith, and Reality

'Roswell, New Mexico' Series Has a Fresh Take on Themes in the Original Alien Drama   Daily Mail - October 16, 2018

Roswell, New Mexico (TV series)   Wikipedia


Was life on the early Earth purple?   PhysOrg - October 16, 2018

Mysterious fast radio burst signals that could be evidence of advanced alien civilizations are spotted closer to Earth than ever before   Daily Mail - October 16, 2018

Where to Land on the Red Planet? That's the Choice for Mars 2020 Rover Team. - October 16, 2018

The Higgs Boson May Have Saved Our Universe from Cosmic Collapse. For Now. - October 16, 2018

Missing gamma-ray blobs shed new light on dark matter, cosmic magnetism   PhysOrg - October 16, 2018

All in the family: Kin of gravitational wave source discovered   PhysOrg - October 16, 2018

Hunting for Mini-Moons: Exomoons Could Have Satellites of Their Own - October 16, 2018

Record Breaker: 4 Huge Alien Planets Spotted Around Baby Star - October 16, 2018

The Milky Way’s Central Supermassive Black Hole is a Mirage - It Doesn't Exist   Daily Galaxy - October 16, 2018

The Milky Way could be spreading life from star to star   PhysOrg - October 16, 2018

Airbus is developing a 9-tonne living quarters and research lab module for astronauts aboard Nasa's Gateway space station that will orbit the Moon by 2024   Daily Mail - October 16, 2018


Earthquakes Are Taking Place On Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano - Here's Why   Forbes - October 16, 2018

Floating pipe named Wilson will tackle the 'Great Pacific Garbage patch': 2,000 foot-long net will be used to clear giant pile of rubbish twice the size of Texas drifting in the Ocean   Daily Mail - October 16, 2018


With AI Art, Process Is More Important Than the Product   Smithsonian - October 16, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

October 16, 1977

John Mayer

  John Mayer Google Videos

John Mayer is an award winning American blues musician singer,
songwriter, recording artist, and music producer. Discography

Sometimes it feels like my life is just one long day.

John Mayer Quotes

October 16, 1975

Kellie Martin

  Kellie Martin Google Videos

Kellie Martin is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

I want to become a very good writer.

Kellie Martin Quotes

October 16, 1981

Caterina Scorsone

  Caterina Scorsone Google Videos

Caterina Scorsone is an award winning
Canadian television actress. Filmography

Humor is the key to healing.

Caterina Scorsone

October 16, 1946

Suzanne Somers

  Suzanne Somers Google Videos

Suzanne Somers is an American actress,
author and businesswoman. Filmography

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself and others to help them heal.

Suzanne Somers Quotes

October 16, 1958

Tim Robbins

  Tim Robbins Google Videos

Tim Robbins is an award winning American actor, screenwriter,
director, producer, activist and musician. Filmography

American people are not evil. Given information, they will
do the right thing. But they're not given the information.

Tim Robbins Quotes

October 16, 1925

Angela Lansbury

  Angela Lansbury Google Videos

Angela Lansbury is an award winning English actress
and singer in theatre, television and film, whose
career has spanned eight decades. Filmography

Here I am, I still go on, you know, like the tides.

Angela Lansbury Quotes

October 16, 1926 - June 25, 1984

Michel Foucault

  Michel Foucault Google Videos

Michel Foucault was a French philosopher and historian.
In the early 1950s, Foucault came under the influence of
German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who remained
a core influence on his work throughout his life.

As the archaeology of our thought easily shows, man is an
invention of recent date; and one perhaps nearing its end.

Michel Foucault Quotes 1

Michel Foucault Quotes 2

October 16, 1854 - November 30, 1900

Oscar Wilde

  Oscar Wilde Google Videos

Oscar Wilde was an Irish playwright, novelist,
poet, short story writer and Freemason.

To live is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people exist, that is all.

Oscar Wilde Quotes 1

Oscar Wilde Quotes 2

Monday October 15, 2018     5:00 PM EDT

There is no God and there are forms of intelligent life out there: Stephen Hawking's final book reveals his answers to the big questions   Daily Mail - October 15, 2018

Rise of the super-rich master race: Stephen Hawking's last essay predicted a new race of 'superhumans' that could destroy the rest of humanity after wealthy people start manipulating their children's DNA   Medical Express - October 15, 2018


Inside China's first Mars simulation base: Incredible footage reveals new £46m site that combines red planet research with a space exploration camp for tourists   Daily Mail - October 15, 2018


T-Rex didn't have feathers! 'World's most accurate reconstruction' of the ferocious dinosaur shows it was chubby, had smooth skin and walked with its belly close to the ground   Daily Mail - October 15, 2018

Sponges on ancient ocean floors 100 million years before Cambrian period   Science Daily - October 15, 2018

Ancient Tomb of 'Grand Lady' Discovered in China   Live Science - October 15, 2018

Child 'Vampire' Was Buried 1,550 Years Ago in Italy   Live Science - October 15, 2018

Viking Ship and Cemetery Found Buried in Norway   Live Science - October 15, 2018

900-Year-Old 'Grand Lady' Skeleton Emerges from Watery Coffin   Live Science - October 15, 2018


Mount Etna's Slide into the Sea Could Trigger a Catastrophic Collapse   Live Science - October 15, 2018


The New Fastest Camera in the World Sees Lasers Move at 10 Trillion Frames Per Second   Live Science - October 15, 2018


Scientists chase mystery of how dogs process words   Science Daily - October 15, 2018

Did mosasaurs hunt like killer whales?   Science Daily - October 15, 2018


Many cases of dementia may arise from non-inherited DNA 'spelling mistakes'   Medical Express - October 15, 2018

Study points to possible new therapy for hearing loss   Science Daily - October 15, 2018

Your Memory Could Store Up to 10,000 Faces, or More   Live Science - October 15, 2018


Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant with her first child expected in the spring of 2019   CNN - October 15, 2018

Saudi Arabia Begins Internal Probe Into Khashoggi Disappearance   - October 15, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

October 15-19, 2018

Durga Puja is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the worship of Hindu goddess Durga, a form of Devi, the supremely radiant goddess, depicted as having ten arms, riding a lion or a tiger, carrying weapons (including a lotus flower), maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras, or symbolic hand gestures. The festival marks the battle of Durga with the shape-shifting, deceptive and powerful buffalo demon Mahishasura, and her emerging victorious. Thus, the festival epitomizes the victory of good over evil, but it also is in part a harvest festival that marks the goddess as the motherly power behind all of life and creation.

October 15, 1959

Emeril Lagasse

  Emeril Lagasse Google Videos

Emeril Lagasse is an award winning American celebrity chef,
restaurateur, television personality and cookbook author.

Food is really where you want to place your focus.
That's usually the center of attention, so it's really important to serve great food.

If you don't follow your dream, who will?

Emeril Lagasse Quotes 1

Emeril Lagasse Quotes 2

October 15, 1844 - August 25, 1900

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

  Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Google Videos

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher, cultural critic,
poet, philologist, and Latin and Greek scholar whose work has exerted a
profound influence on Western philosophy and modern intellectual history

From the beginning of time, the quest for defining existence has been a universal struggle for humanity.
Art, science, philosophy, and religion are some of the search engines used for this pursuit.
Each time a scientific discovery is made, or a piece of art is created,
we find yet another piece of the never-ending existential puzzle.

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes 1

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes 2

One must have a chaos inside oneself
to give birth to a dancing star.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes 1

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes 2

October 15, 70 BCE - September 21, 19 BCE


  Virgil Google Videos

Virgil was a classical Roman poet.
Eclogues - Georgics - Aeneid

Fate will find a way.

Virgil Quotes 1

Virgil Quotes 2