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Wednesday August 4, 2021     1:30 PM ET

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Scandals: Governor Andrew Cuomo
Simone Biles Takes the Bronze
Psychic Readings and Earth Changes
Edgar Cayce and Earth Changes

Curiosity rover finds cute little rock 'lizard' on Mars


Electrons May Very Well Be Conscious


Rewriting the history of mathematics: Oldest example of applied geometry is discovered on a 3,700-year-old clay tablet using maths attributed to Pythagoras 1,000 years later


Strong earthquake swarm at underwater volcano near Mayotte

Mt. Etna enters August with a violent paroxysmal eruptive episode

Over 1,000 earthquakes rattle Yellowstone in July in ‘doozy’ of month, geologists say

Lava lamp tectonics: How giant blobs of subducted sediment float up through deep Earth


Chinese cities enter lockdown as delta variant spreads

Today's Events and Birthdays

August 4, 1961

Barack Obama 44th President of the US

Obama to host Covid-compliant 60th birthday party
amid rising virus concerns, source says

August 4, 1981

Meghan Markle - Videos - Filmography

I'm taking control of my narrative.

Being a mom is the most unbelievable experience one can have.

August 4, 1981

Abigail Spencer - Videos - Filmography

I've known Meghan for years. We share the same date of birth
and worked together on Suits. There's a special connection.
I'm glad she's back in California

August 4, 1965

Crystal Chappell - Videos - Filmography

We all make mistakes and have regrets.
Life is about not looking back, but moving forward.

August 4, 1968

Daniel Dae Kim - Videos - Filmography

Life isn't smooth ... it's textured.

August 4, 1955

Billy Bob Thornton - Videos - Filmography

When people wear shoes that don't fit them,
it says something about their soul.

August 4, 1863 - November 1, 1943

Alexander George McAdie

Alexander George McAdie was an American meteorologist who pioneered in employing kites in the exploration of high altitude air conditions. In 1885 at Blue Hill, Boston, he modernized the experiments of Benjamin Franklin by attaching a voltmeter to a kite and measuring the voltage difference between the ground and several hundred feet up. He also made studies of the atmospheric effects of smoke, the connection between the aurora and electricity in the atmosphere, and the dangers. McAdie was a founder of the Seismological Society of America. Mt. McAdie (13,799 ft.) in the Sierra Nevada was named for him.

Electricity is really just organized lightning.

August 4, 1884 - March 18, 1941

Henri Cornet Won the 1904 Tour de France .

The bicycle will one day attract many famous people.

The Tour de France will continue well into the next century.

August 4, 1901 - July 6, 1971

Louis Armstrong Satchmo, Jazz Trumpter - Videos

Love, baby, love. That's the secret, yeah.

If lots more of us loved each other,

we'd solve lots more problems. And then this world would be better.


Tuesday August 3, 2021     7:00 PM ET

Space station mishap with Russian module more serious than NASA first reported

Seeing things on Mars: A history of Martian illusions

The Moon's 'Roughness' Could Be Hiding Water in Shadows, NASA Says


Volcanic tremor and deformation at Kilauea

'Massive melting event' strikes Greenland after record heat wave

Slowdown of Earth's spin caused an oxygen surge

Image: Smoke billows from fires in Turkey

Thick smoke over Athens as suburbs battle wildfires

'A Chronic Lack of Fire': The Paradox Fueling Megafires in The US


Trains in the brain: Scientists uncover switching system used in information processing and memory

Experiment Reveals Why Getting More Sleep Isn't Always Beneficial

NYC will require COVID-19 vaccination proof for indoor dining, gyms

Chipmunks near South Lake Tahoe test positive for plague


The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru was occupied from around 1420-1530 AD, several decades earlier than previously thought

Sacred stone tied to the legend of Romulus and Remus unearthed in Rome

Graveyard of rhinos, horses and hippos found in ancient, dried-up watering hole

Archaeological 'treasures,' including 2,400-year-old fruit, discovered at ancient Egyptian city


Simone Biles is headed out on her 'GOAT' tour this fall


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, state attorney general report says

35 words that almost certainly will end Andrew Cuomo's political career

Today's Events and Birthdays

August 3, 1977

Tom Brady - Videos

It's important to stay fit and focused to succeed in sports.

August 3, 1940

Martin Sheen - Videos - Filmography

Martin Sheen Says Son Charlie Sheen's Recovery and Life Is a Miracle:
He's 'Extraordinary'

August 3, 1973

Michael Ealy - Videos - Filmography

I think it's important in any relationship to be a good listener.

August 3, 1963

Isaiah Washington - Videos - Filmography

Racial issues will fall away if you show the humanity of people.

August 3, 1979

Evangeline Lilly - Videos - Filmography

Sometimes people say things they don't mean
and are left to retract them.

August 3, 1941

Martha Stewart - Videos

At any age you're always learning and growing

August 3, 1926

Tony Bennett - Videos - Discography

To work is to feel alive.

August 3, 1904 - April 25, 1988

Clifford D. Simak Famous Sci-fi Writer - Videos - Bibliography

Without consciousness and intelligence,
the universe would lack meaning.

August 3, 1811 - April 8, 1861

Elisha Graves Otis

Otis invented a safety device in 1852 that made elevators much
safer by preventing them from falling if the hoisting cable parted.

The elevator is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. The further up it goes,

the more undesirable the circumstances it leaves behind.

Monday August 2, 2021     7:00 PM ET

Astronomers catch fizzled-out gamma-ray burst from supernova

What does the edge of the solar system look like? It's weirder than you may have imagined.

Astronomers catch fizzled-out gamma-ray burst from supernova

Why is this weird, metallic star hurtling out of the Milky Way?


Nearly 14,000 Scientists Warn That Earth's 'Vital Signs' Are Rapidly Worsening

91 wildfires are now burning across the US, with Oregon’s Bootleg Fire growing to over 400,000 acres

Earth's Rotation Is Slowing Down, And It Could Be Why We Have Oxygen For Life


Elite athletes more likely to experience mental health disorders

How people prefer to receive life-changing news, be it good or bad

Crawling important step in development of risk perception


Roman shipwreck dating back 2,200 years and packed with wine jars is found off the coast of Sicily

Neanderthals Had Blood Types Just Like We Do, Surprise Discovery Reveals


Actor Saginaw Grant, known for his roles in “Breaking Bad” and “The Lone Ranger,” has died at 85

Team USA gymnast Simone Biles will take part in Tuesday's balance beam final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, USA Gymnastics has confirmed.

Today's Events and Birthdays

August 2, 2021

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice Cream Sandwiches in Different Countries

August 2, 1964

Mary-Louise Parker - Videos - Filmography

Climate has changed the lives of millions of people.

August 2, 1980

Nadia Bjorlin Actress, Opera Singer - Videos - Filmography

You try not to become so emotionally
attached to your character, but often you do.

August 2, 1945

Joanna Cassidy - Videos - Filmography

Every job you do, you gain more experience.
You never stop learning.

August 2, 1976

Sam Worthington - Videos - Filmography - Avatar (franchise)

Planet Earth is transforming and in so doing we are witnessing
destruction everywhere. What lies ahead is something far more
beautiful than one can envision until our journey takes us there.

August 2, 1970

Kevin Smith - Videos - Filmography

Screenwriter, actor, producer, director, author, comedian

Everybody's got one killer story.
It doesn't take talent to tell that story, it just takes experience.