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November 7 - New York City Marathon
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Wednesday October 27, 2021     5:00 PM ET

Ellie's World Blog
Men in Black
Halloween Themes 2021

Scientists measure the atmosphere of a planet 340 light-years away

Blackhole with warped accretion disc discovered

Astronomers may have discovered a planet outside of our galaxy

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has stopped working for the second time this year and is put in 'safe mode' after having 'synchronization issues with internal spacecraft communications'


'New hidden world' discovered in Earth's inner core

La Palma island braces for more quakes as volcano roars on

Earth tipped on its side (and back again) in 'cosmic yo-yo' 84 million years ago

WWII 'ghost ships' rise from Pacific after volcanic eruption


Bronze Age Tarim mummies aren't who scientists thought they were

Oldest Mummy Ever Found Will Rewrite Egyptian History

Ancient Egyptians Used Embalming Techniques 1,000 Years Earlier Than Initially Thought

Photos: The beginnings of Maya civilization

Red paint on 1,000-year-old gold mask from Peru contains human blood proteins

More than ceremonial, ancient Chaco Canyon was home, new study says

Why do First Nations people continue to be history's outsiders?

Scientists confirm man IS Sitting Bull's living descendant after analyzing DNA from legendary Native American chief's hair: New technique paves way for testing of long-dead historical figures

Sumatra's Lost Kingdom of Gold May Have Been Found

Today's Events and Birthdays

October 27, 1984

Emilie Ullerup Danish Actress - Videos - Filmography

Fastelavn is a Danish festival, sometimes referred to as
the Danish Halloween pictured here at Tivoli Gardens.

October 27, 1953

Robert Picardo - Videos - Filmography

October 27, 1953

Peter Firth - - Videos - Filmography

When you feel like your back is against the wall, think of something positive.

October 27, 1939

John Cleese - Videos - Filmography

He who laughs most, learns best.

October 27, 1986

Inbar Lavi - Videos - Filmography

Dream big and love bigger.

Tuesday October 26, 2021     5:30 PM ET

Elon Musk's SpaceX now valued at $100 billion: report

China's Space Mining Industry Is Prepping For Launch - But What About The US?


'Atmospheric river' drenches drought-stricken California

New Jersey and New York issue states of emergency ahead of nor'easter

Deepest earthquake ever detected struck 467 miles beneath Japan six years ago in a layer of the planet thought to be almost impossible for tremors to occur

Wildfires burned Antarctica 75 million years ago, charcoal remnants reveal


How Concerned Should You Be About AY.4.2. Delta Subvariant? An Expert Explains

Pandemic's effect on scientists may be long lasting, study finds


Hundreds of Ancient Maya Sites Hidden Under Mexico Reveal a Mysterious Blueprint

500-Year-Old Illuminated Prayer Roll Reveals Insights Into The 'Cult of The Cross'


The big takeaways from the Facebook Papers

Today's Events and Birthdays

October 26, 2021

Pumpkin Day - About Pumpkins

October 26, 1973

Seth MacFarlane - Videos - Filmography

Bill Maher and I share lots of political human but
the challenges to our Democracy today are real.

October 26, 1967

Keith Urban - Videos - Discography

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

October 26, 1956

Rita Wilson - Videos - Filmography

You've got to want to be married to the person you're married to.

October 26, 1961

Dylan McDermott - Videos - Filmography

My theory about actors is we're all walking milk cartons.
Expirations dates everywhere.

October 26, 1947

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Videos

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

October 26, 1947

Jaclyn Smith - Videos - Filmography

You will always look young if you take care of yourself.

October 26, 1911 - January 27, 1972

Mahalia Jackson - Gospel Singer - Videos

Blues are the songs of despair, but
gospel music are the songs of hope.

October 26, 1883 - November 8, 1970

Napoleon Hill Author Self Help Books- Videos

Cherish your visions and your dreams

as they are the children of your soul,

the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

Monday October 25, 2021     6:30 PM ET

Ellie's World Blog
Weather Hazards Across the US
Tom Brady at 44

Astronomers may have discovered the first planet outside of our galaxy


A West Coast storm breaks records as another storm threatens 70 million Americans in the eastern US

Climate scientists fear tipping points (maybe you should too)


People Who Believe Covid Conspiracies More Likely to Test Positive, Study Confirms

Scientists make breakthrough in understanding how penicillin works


Over 100 Eggs With Embryos Reveal Earliest Known Dinosaur Herds

Nobody knows who she was, just that she was different: a teenage girl from over 50,000 years ago of such strange uniqueness she looked to be a 'hybrid' ancestor to modern humans that scientists had never seen before

'Lost extinction,' uncovered for the first time, claimed more than 60% of Africa's primates

How did ancient people store food before refrigeration?

BBC Video: Inside the Indonesian cave where oldest animal art was found

2.5 billion-year-old traces of life locked inside primeval ruby


Archaeologists in Iraq revealed their discovery of a large-scale wine factory from the rule of the Assyrian kings 2,700 years ago, along with stunning monumental rock-carved royal reliefs

Study finds nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites in southern Mexico


Pivotal Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin appears to be on board with White House proposals for new taxes on billionaires and certain corporations to help pay for President Biden's scaled-back social services and climate change package


Tom Brady becomes first NFL quarterback to throw for 600 TD passes as Buccaneers notch best start in franchise history

After Defeating The Bears Tom Brady Gives A Hat To A Boy Who Beat Brain Cancer - With Video

Today's Events and Birthdays

October 25, 2021

World Pasta Day - Wikipedia - News

October 25, 1984

Katy Perry - Videos - Filmography - Discography

Children can be so hilarious.

October 25, 1981

Josh Henderson - Videos - Filmography

I may be a foodie but I also like junk food.

October 25, 1980

Mehcad Brooks - Videos - Filmography

How do we teach Americans to give up their racist beliefs?

October 25, 1985

Ciara - Videos - Discography

If you don't embrace who you are and accept who you are,
you you'll never be able to live a happy life.