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Crystalinks turns 25 - August 25, 2020

September 18, 2020

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year 5781

Thursday September 17, 2020     7:00 PM EDT

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New Moon 25° Virgo
Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year 5781
Western Wildfires Create Haze - Pics from Brooklyn
Misguided Spirits
Anunnaki History and Z
Physicist Brian Greene Explains ...
All that glitters ... Universe, Solar Cycle 25
Ellie's Aura Photo
Chakras, the Bloodline in the Alchemy of Time
There is Gold in Human Blood
Phi - The Golden Ratio

New calculation refines comparison of matter with antimatter

Vikings may not have been blonde, or Scandinavian'

Vast DNA Analysis of Hundreds of Vikings Reveals They Weren't Who We Thought

Dust Determined The Early Rise of Human Civilizations More Than You'd Suspect

Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' Is in Serious Danger, New Research Confirms

Sea ice triggered the Little Ice Age, finds a new study

Study quantifies Saharan dust reaching Amazon

Droughts in the Amazon rainforest can be predicted up to 18 months in advance

Uncovering the clock that sets the speed of embryo development

Hospitals miss mental illness diagnosis in more than a quarter of patients

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September 17, 2020

New Moon 25° Virgo

September 17, 1975

Austin St. John - Videos - Filmography

I was born in Roswell, NM ... alien territory.
We exist in a crazy reality where people
expect aliens to show up soon.

September 17, 1930 - February 4, 2016

Edgar Mitchell - Videos

Edgar Mitchell was an American pilot, engineer, and
astronaut - the sixth person to walk on the Moon.

UFO Disclosure Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on CNN

Wednesday September 16, 2020     5:00 PM EDT

Venus, once billed as Earth's twin, is a hothouse (and a tantalizing target in the search for life)

How scientists around the world track the solar cycle


Hidden rivers of warm water threaten vast Antarctic glacier


Not Getting Enough Sleep Really Does Suck The Joy Out of Life, Research Confirms

Solar cycle 25 has begun


Fires continue to rage in US as smoke reaches Europe

Ancient footprints in Saudi Arabia show how humans left Africa

World's largest DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren't all Scandinavian

Extinct Cave Bear, Roughly 30,000 Years Old, Has Emerged From Siberian Permafrost

Oldest Animal Sperm to Date Was Just Discovered in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber

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September 16, 2020

Academy Of Country Music Awards - Wikipedia - Videos - News

September 16, 1971

Amy Poehler - Videos - Filmography

Golden Globe-winning Artist and Humanitarian Amy Poehler to Speak
at bbcon 2020 Virtual, the Tech Conference for a Better World

September 9, 2020

September 16, 1964

Molly Shannon - Videos - Filmography

Nick Jonas is responsible for my Instagram presence

September 16, 1992

Nick Jonas - Videos - Discography -- Filmography

As Nick Jonas celebrates his birthday, here's a throwback to
all the times he's grooved to Bollywood
September 15, 2020

September 16, 1952

Mickey Rourke - Videos - Filmography

Mickey Rourke wraps Greek location shoot on 'Man Of God' (exclusive)
September 15, 2020

September 16, 1981

Alexis Bledel - Videos - Filmography

Think each decision through carefully because you
already have the answer and know the right thing to do.

September 16, 1968

Marc Anthony - Videos - Discography - Filmography

What a year this has been for the entertainment industry.

September 16, 1956

David Copperfield - Videos - Filmography

David Copperfield, Piff join Las Vegas acts on ‘AGT’
September 14, 2020

September 16, 1925 - May 14, 2015

B.B. King - Videos - Discography

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

September 16, 1949

Ed Begley, Jr. - Videos - Filmography

The Elders said, "The day would come
when we must save the planet."

That day is now. Less is more.
Live simply so that others can simply live.

Tuesday September 15, 2020     6:30 PM EDT

Countries around the world want a Space Force - but why?

Solar cycle 25 is here. NASA, NOAA scientists explain what that means

The True Origins of Gold in Our Universe May Have Just Changed, Again


Climate change: Warmth shatters section of Greenland ice shelf

Ice shelves propping up two major Antarctic glaciers are breaking up and it could have major consequences for sea level rise

The fires burning on the West Coast is producing smoke that was seen in Virginia and New York skies on Monday.

Wildlife experts in New Mexico say birds in the region are dropping dead in alarming numbers, potentially in the hundreds of thousands

Arctic transitioning to a new climate state


Higher education was already ripe for disruption - then, COVID-19 happened


New research connects the hormones we're born with to lifetime risk for immunological diseases

A new approach to understanding the biology of wound healing

Study shows widespread epigenetic defects in the human genome

Solipsism is the belief that you are the only human being who has ever existed; all others are the inventions of your imagination.

One Brain Circuit Links Stress, Sleep And The Immune System, Mouse Study Reveals


Iron Age wine press yields clues to Phoenician building techniques

On the trail of the Knights Templar and Holy Grail in western Poland

Petrified Trees From the Legendary Atlantis of Wales Uncovered by Storm Francis

Did our early ancestors boil their food in hot springs?

New 'eternal sleeper' dinosaurs unearthed in China


In first, Scientific American magazine endorses Biden


UFO or Goodyear Blimp?

A Mysterious Vanishing in the Wild West

Latest Paranormal Evidence From A Haunted Scottish Graveyard

Chilling Footage Of Two Ghostly Apparitions Running Through Gettysburg

Strange Tales of Giants in Arizona

Today's Events and Birthdays

September 15, 1984

Prince Harry of Wales - Videos - News

Even though their Netflix deal is massive, it apparently wasn't Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle's first choice for their post-royal career paths

The couple wanted to launch a global SussexRoyal brand,
but the move was blocked by the Queen.

September 15, 1986

Heidi Montag - Videos - Filmography

This is the year we taught our children about safety.

September 15, 1971

Josh Charles - Videos - Filmography

I got to understand the life of an astronaut when I work on the TV series "Away".
Here I am teaching my daughter about life in space as her TV Mom went to Mars.

September 15, 1946

Tommy Lee Jones - Videos - Filmography

Saban Films Acquires Tommy Lee Jones & Aaron Eckhart Conspiracy Thriller ‘Wander
September 14, 2020

September 15, 1979

Dave Annable - Videos - Filmography

Sometimes life in California is like a scary horror movie these days.

September 15, 1988

Chelsea Kane - Videos - Filmography

If you do it, you'll regret it. If you don't do it, you'll regret it.
Either way, you're going to regret it, so you might as well just do it!

September 15, 1977

Tom Hardy - Videos - Filmography

A single idea from the human mind can build cities.

An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.

Would you recognize reality from dream time?

Inception Quotes

September 15, 1929

Murray Gell-Mann Nobel Winning Physicist - Videos

If we look at the way the universe behaves,

quantum mechanics gives us fundamental, unavoidable indeterminacy,

so that alternative histories of the universe can be assigned probability.

Murray Gell-Mann Quotes

Monday September 14, 2020     7:00 PM EDT

A chemical long thought to be a signature of life is floating around in the clouds of Venus

Strange chemical in clouds of Venus defies explanation. Could it be a sign of life?

How to see Uranus without a telescope this week

Study casts doubt on Nebra 'sky disk' thought to be oldest representation of the heavens


Pilot who witnessed infamous declassified UFO says object committed act of war during encounter

Are the aliens we never see obeying Star Trek's prime directive of non-interference

How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence


Fate of Schrodinger's cat probably isn't in the hands of gravity, experiment finds


Nearly 100 earthquakes swarm Yellowstone in 24 hours. Here’s what experts are saying

Northern Hemisphere summer was hottest on record, scientists say

Ancient volcanoes once boosted ocean carbon, but humans are now far outpacing them

Protector of Brazil's Indigenous Groups Fatally Shot With Arrow by Isolated Tribe

How bushfires and rain turned our waterways into 'cake mix,' and what we can do about it

The consequences of spraying fire retardants on wildfires


What happens to our consciousness after we die?

Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Know What You Really Want


How tech billionaires' visions of human nature shape our world

Why gender reveals have spiraled out of control

Over a quarter of people say their lives are very different now compared to before COVID-19

Four Types of People Unfazed by the Coronavirus Pandemic

You can train your brain to reduce motion sickness

There's actually a word for the climate change-induced despair you've been feeling - "solastalgia"

Households in 4 major cities report 'serious financial problems'


Have Harry and Meghan moved into a Californian nightmare? More people flee the Golden State than move to it due to wildfires, liberal politics and high taxes

Jane Fonda on almost spending her 82nd birthday behind bars and saving the world from climate change

Billionaire investor Steve Cohen finalizes deal to buy New York Mets

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be radically pared down due to coronavirus

Today's Events and Birthdays

September 14, 1971

Kimberly Williams-Paisley - Videos - Filmography

I love to be doing something positive with what celebrity I have.
I like to be able to make it about something bigger than me;
if I can help in some way, I'm happy to do that.

Brad Paisley, Kimberly Williams-Paisley open free grocery store:
'We needed to feed people more than ever'
- May 2020

September 14, 1970

Ben Garant - Videos - Filmography

We're doing our best to raise money for those
who have lost their homes due to wildfires.

September 14, 1981

Katie Lee Food Critic, Chef - Videos

If you suffer from election anxiety, relax, have a
glass of wine and hope for the best on election day.

September 14, 1973

Andrew Lincoln - Videos - Filmography

Desperation makes people do crazy things.

September 14, 1947

Sam Neill - Videos - Filmography

Merlin created magic. It's all in knowing how ...

Hold your hand out ... Can you feel it?

Sam Neill Quotes

September 14, 1960

Callum Keith Rennie - Videos - Filmography

There has to be a struggle in order for life to be sweet.
One's work moves on a subconscious level in their lives.

September 14, 1914 - May 19, 1995

Robert S. Dietz - Videos

Marine geophysicist, oceanographer, Theory of Seafloor Spreading

Plate Tectonics

The theory of seafloor spreading and plate tectonics is relatively new but will

soon be understood by the masses as the natural order of events creating change.

Continental Drift