Extraterrestrials and UFOs

November 2018 - Where did all the UFO's go?
Destination Mars - Destination Moon

The Holographic Universe

Decoding Alien Messages 2018
Pictographs, Geoglyphs, Ancient Cave Art, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Crop Circles

Abductions - Contact Experiences
   Alien Abduction
   Alien and Faery Abductions
   Cattle Mutilations
   Contact Experience
   Family History: DNA Links
   Physical Evidence
   Billy Meier UFO Contacts, Henoch Prophecy
   Removing Fetuses
   Screen Memories
   September 19 ... Three Famous Multiple Witnessed UFO Cases
   Sleep Paralysis

Extraterrestrials Groups

Famous Incidents
   Aurora Incident 1897
   Derinkuyu - Ancient Underground City
   Maury Island Incident June 21, 1947 - Kenneth Arnold
   Phoenix Lights 1997 - Twenty Years Later
   Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980
   Roswell UFO Incident July 1947
   Washington, DC Incidents July 1952

   Underground Bases, Mount Weather, NORAD, Conspiracies

   Ancient Alien Theory
   Ancient Flying Aircraft
   Annunaki - Sumerian Gods
   Art History - UFOs and Extraterrestrials
   Dropa Discs - China

      President Obama on UFO's: March 2015 and May 2012: Videos
   Aliens Among Us
   Ancient Aliens TV Series Episodes - History Channel
   Articles in the News ...
   Taken - Sci Fi Miniseries - December 2002
   UFO's "Seeing is Believing", Peter Jennings, February 2005

   Hollow Earth, Subterranean Civilizations, Agartha
   Sumerian Mythology

   Aliens and Duality
   ET Channelings
   Program Insert Theory (PIT)
   Starseeds, Starborn, Star People
   Walk-ins and Wanderers

   Drake Equation
   Fermi Paradox
   "Wow Signal"
   Zoo Hypothesis

   Dragonfly Drones
   Mystery Airships
   Plasmas - Ball Lightning
   USOs - Unidentified Submerged Objects

World War II - 1940s
   Aliens and Nazi Germany
   Battle of Los Angeles 1942
   Foo Fighters
   Ghost Rockets
   Project Haunebu - Allegedly Crashed UFO in Germany 1936, Reverse Engineering
   Maury Island Incident June 1947
   Nazi Bell - Time Travel and UFOs
   Roswell UFO Crash July 2, 1947
   Spear of Destiny, Holy Lance
   Thule Society
   Vril Society

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