The start of each new work week brings most people back to the work place and places them in a different head space. The mind tends to compartmentalize people, places, and events in your life.

Now, place your focus on your behavior at work and how your conscious awareness has shifted into a different mode, like changing the gears on a car, to career, job, concerns about finances, etc. You leave one 'box' and shift to another.

For some this is about business affairs. For others it is about all kinds of business affairs.

Everybody knows the rules of the 'work place game', do not 'play' where you work. But sometimes things just happen.

You are at work, away from the karma of the home situation. You meet someone who you feel comfortable with, perhaps attracted to. You try not to address those feelings yet thoughts of seeing that person stirs your soul.

You remember that most office affaires end up in disaster causing havoc in which one or more players lose their jobs. Sometimes they end in sexual harassment suits. Disruptions for those at home, the real karma in your life, is inevitable.

Yet you are drawn to this person for one or more reasons.

You begin with a harmless flirtation. You become close to that person because they are interested in your life and on the same wavelength. Your career needs compliment each other, the prospects of more money often part of the deal. You create and build together, on old projects and new business interests.

You look forward to sharing with that person about your life, your feelings, emotions, and needs. That person seems to understand and pays attention to you, often help you with money. Our souls often mirror the same needs and lessons.

You become best friends as the sharing is strong and frequent.

You lose weight, dress and look better, feel better about yourself, as that person becomes a vehicle in which you can heal and improve yourself.

Things evolve emotionally and spiritually.

Sharing and fun develops into mutual attraction as you see the person often. Sexuality is a natural outgrowth of this union.

You move into forbidden territory, cross the line and become lovers. If the understand of your time together, the karma of your relationship and that which you encounter when you are apart, can be balanced in the equation, then it could work for a while.

You hope no one in the office will suspect anything. Please do not underestimate your co-workers. Most often know or suspect. There is always gossip.

The odds of you living happily ever after are slim as most relationships grow apart, souls just settle. If you can maintain the affair with no long-range expectations, it could work.

Problems arise when souls expect the fantasy to last forever. Reality, karma, will come into play sooner or later. the dream, affaire will one day no longer meets your emotional and spiritual needs, the physical high taking a back seat to the rest.

Be careful with your heart and your dreams.