Destiny: My parents understood many things

Monday March 9, 2020

My parents understood many things - my mother about culture and our relationship to "something beyond" and my father about physical reality and how to raise his only child. They both understood love in its fullest essence.

My mother was guided to bring me to the Nevada desert for my UFO encounter when I was 11. After we returned life would never be the same - how could it be.

From that point on my father dedicated the next nine years to raising me until I was 20, graduated college, and got married. He taught me about life and the games people play. I'm not sure if he knew about my relationship with Z as we never spoke about it yet he seem to know that there was something special, something that he could not explain, that protected me.

My father taught me that politics and finance are games people play, to believe nothing.

Our human experiment was created to study emotions. Humans in any and all situations will tap into their emotional reactions before their logical minds. It is the way we are programmed to react.

In present day everything is collapsing based on the algorithm of our design and how it relates to our programming in physical reality.

Yesterday felt like spring with temps in the 70's. In the evening I sat outside with my neighbor Joanne who was part of the 9/11 experience. Joanne runs on emotion and I'm just the opposite. As she works on Wall Street she sees and feels the emotions and fear of those who see a propped up stock market tumbling. She reminded me that a few years back we had sat on that very same bench and I told her that I see some sort of pandemic happening that would change the face of reality in an election year. I had forgotten about that and now here we are emotionally connected to two things over which we have no control - the coronavirus and politics. In truth we have no control over any of it as we are a programmed simulation.

Coronavirus is in place to create fear and change the destinies of millions of people around the world - for better or worse in duality. I agree with friends and family who do not think this is an end time pandemic It's more about the future of people living - rather than dying. It exposes - and forces people to face the truth about many things by peeling away the layers.

I pay attention to events that claim our attention and often our lives - and as one reader of this blog in Australia once put it - it's like sitting in a movie theater watching events in a film all the while knowing they're not real. It was a good analogy as we are projected illusion in a simulation having a vicarious experience to study emotions.

So here we are dealing with personal and global events while trying to stay grounded, reduce fear, but are skeptical about an outcome that betters the journey of humanity as we understand it.

On the matter of COVID-19 (coronavirus) - I am observing the rules of staying out of crowds and other preventative measures. But that's just me at 77 not having to physically deal with the world at large - grateful that I can sit here looking out at reality - my placement here giving me the inspiration to create Crystalinks and live life from another perspective while connected with millions of people around the world each day.

Politically - I haven't paid attention to politics since Super Tuesday and hope to remain in this 'lane of thought' - knowing all the while that it's not as simple as Biden versus Trump. Much will happen in the months ahead defining a final outcome and my place in it.