Coronavirus and Vivid Dreams

87% of Americans are having vivid dreams during the pandemic

July 4, 2020

We entered the 2020 simulation matrix tired of 'the old' and seeking to speed up answers about 'what's next'. We understood the breakdown of the paradigms we are dealing with from climate change and natural disasters - to a president who is himself a disaster - to social and health issues - highlighted with the feeling major events are about to happen that shake reality to the core and bring insights into who we are and why we are here. The wait is over. 2020 to see clearly.

This is not about religion or metaphysics or aliens or any of those things we give credit to for enlightening us. It's about the algorithm of the simulation of our reality introducing ways of allowing us to understand its nature. If ever you believed in gods or aliens you would have believed they would have physically come down and offered explanations. If they haven't by now they're not coming. Perhaps they don't have the answers. Perhaps they exist in a parallel simulation or timeline also programmed to seek truth. This is us and it's showtime.

Let's segue to January 6, 2020 when the New York Times first reported a 'mysterious, pneumonia-like illness' that had sickened a few dozen people in Wuhan, China. People who had returned to the west coast from that region of China also reported the same symptoms. On the East Coast reports were coming in from Italy which quickly allowed us to believe we could be facing a pandemic.

When you talk to people who study history and science they will tell you that sooner or later we would face a pandemic of epic proportions (History repeats ... Simulation platforms recycle ...).

Programmed to believe our federal government will always protected us - many came to understand they were wrong. Our recently impeached president had only one thought in mind - to blow-off the situation and get reelected - quite the blow job on his part. Trump lost control in more ways than one yet to this day comes across as all-knowing and infallible.

Close to home for Trump ... Kimberly Guilfoyle - Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend and top Trump campaign official - tests positive for coronavirus. Will this road lead to Trump getting the virus? No need to fantasize and speculate. None of that matters in a simulation that's accelerating exponentially to closure. That's your focus.

From March forward we had 'X' the unknown to contend with in the equation - with 'Y' and 'Z' close behind. (Y is this happening? Z the empty hourglass of time.)

COVID-19 is teaching us many lessons all the while pulling us out of the simulation. It is definitely culling and tagging the global population and if it wishes to continue will mutate until the end. All those genetic markers ... what is the simulation searching for?

We know many of the physical dynamics COVID-19 is creating but then there's the connection to the larger cosmic matrix that creates the illusion we call reality.

COVID-19 forces quarantine. People sleep and meditate more thus allowing them to enter the portals - or ancient repository of knowledge - for closure.

What I blog are but words on a page ... now understood as a multi-dimensional integration of alchemical symbols once understood then lost lost in the alchemy of time and illusion.

COVID-19 dreams are a segue from your emotional 3D mind and programming - your fears and anxieties - to something else depending on how you interpret what you see.