The World in Shutdown

When Time Stops

Friday March 13, 2020

Some of us deal with the nature of time in the sense of understanding how to manipulate it, knowing when it stops, starts, and loops - and that one day it will totally disappear as the illusion ends and reality Fades to Black.

Coronavirus appears to be bringing most things to a halt reshaping the way we live our lives. The news is filled with things you should and shouldn't do as a result of this global pandemic. Everything that gets shut down, canceled, or delayed ripples down to everything else. I'm not sure why some people in the US think it will be gone in a month when it hasn't even peaked. This will take time. Always look for the method to the madness in duality.

Travel: For the past year I have chosen not to travel on any form of public transportation which includes airlines - driving myself to my destination. I realize that other people don't have that option as they are younger, seek greater adventures, commute for work, etc. I've often blogged that travel is a great healer. We are in fact souls who have traveled here to experience abuse and healing - waiting for our final destiny to make things real again.

Economy: The stock market is setting record highs and lows each day at one point losing 2,000 points. Consumer spending is down - one element affecting the stock market. Years ago when it started its upward spiral everyone I know in finance told me the market would crash again (as per the algorithm of our experience here). No one should be shocked at current trends. In 2010 psychic Sylvia Browne told me the market would recover and set record highs. That made sense but I told her in the sine wave of reality it will fall once again.

Politics: Our federal government's response to coronavirus is not rational, not well-designed, is not likely to accomplish it stated aims which often seem to make no sense either. Since 2016 Trump has been the diversion keeping us grounded in reality - but his handling of current situations could create his downfall. People who support him will continue to do so as long as he is improving their lives and reinforcing their beliefs. Once that is no longer the case they will look somewhere else. Trump's body language has a "tell" - nose sniffling when he's nervous, lying, and uncertain. The future of his presidency hinges on .. a strong market and his ability to address large crowds and convince them that he is a stable genius. Not happening for now. Apparently Trump lives in the "state of denial." On the Democratic side we have two more old white guys which is not exactly what many people want as they seek new solutions where perhaps there are none.

Personal Space - Social Distancing: We have been told to keep a large distance from others and avoid crowds. For those who need physical outlets such as gyms, yoga classes and the like, life will become more stressful. Not being able to get out and socialize will also become a problem especially on the weekend when people like to meet, hook up, or just hang out at bars.

Emotionally - in the insanity of reality - many people need a mental and physical break - to unwind, catch up with things neglected, and reassess what they want to do when the gears of time resume. It is also an opportunity for more people to look at the nature of time as an illusion that stops, restarts, and re-sequences adjusting to the algorithm we call reality/destiny/synchronicity.