Destiny Echoes With Rick Tobin

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Description of Podcast: Ellie Crystal, of Crystalinks, Explores Our Holographic Reality with host Rick Tobin. Ellie is the founder of Crystalinks, known as one of the oldest and most comprehensive locations on the Internet for metaphysical and paranormal information, combined with scientific investigation, facts and breakthroughs. Her lifetime of exploration into the unknown includes world travel and discovery; including her long-time relationship with the spirit, she calls 'Z', short for Zoroaster. In this interview, Ellie discusses her involvement in the paranormal world; including her profound belief in the holographic program of humanity, which she sees playing out in the near future, as the algorithm of existence disintegrates in an abrupt closure. Her daily blog reaches out to millions who seek her insight and perspective, including her worldwide daily clients who ask for guidance from this gifted writer, adventurer and psychic.


March 16, 2020

Two weeks ago I did a podcast with my friend Rick in San Antonio who I've known for over 20 years. Lots has happened since then as 'destiny echoes' through the grids of reality. You may recall we did a show years ago about remote viewing - one of our favorite things to do together as we live in different states.

We weren't dealing with Coronavirus in the mainstream population at the time we did this podcast otherwise Rick and I would have dedicated the discussion to preventative measures and all things related. Rick is retired after a lifetime career in emergency management so he knows a lot about dealing with this type of situation.

Rick wrote ... I've seen so much fear and terror in the eyes of people in the stores the last few days...haven't seen anything like that since 9/11. It's sad. People have been poorly handled by medical, media and political leaders on this one. If they used the plans we developed for NYC for SARS years ago when I visited you ... this could have been done so much better. It's like all the work was done for nothing, while the flu truly ravages on.

I hope this note finds you healthy and your readers trying to stay unafraid in this quagmire of Coronavirus madness. As many are self-quarantined, hopefully they will enjoy a diversion by listening to the podcast we recorded. (Note: My shows are kept to about a 30 minute minimum, so they are packed solid.)

From Ellie ... Know this ... Every day the list of places your community shuts down for an unspecified amount of time is going to grow. All of this and other issues that you face on a daily basis are going to test your patience. Use the relaxation and breathing techniques you picked up along the way to stay balanced and calm fear.

A high school friend from Florida sent me an email about meditation into the grids to change things. I'm shocked that she still hasn't realized that we don't live in La La Land we live in physical reality - created by emotionally detached physics and math - that there is no free will - and we have no control over anything. There is no meditating for change. There's no changing the grids with good intent. This is indeed reality check time.

So here we go. Relax ... plug into your tech ... earbuds, headphones ... and enjoy 30 minutes with Rick and Ellie. We did not do a meditation for balance but probably should have. If you wind up falling asleep during the broadcast we apologize for not holding your attention and for any acoustical issues Rick had - as he had just set up the recording studio in his new home. OK so we are the guinea pigs in a world filled with unanswered questions and hopes that "this" will all go away soon.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay tuned.