Back to School During Coronavirus With Joie & Tracy

Hi Grandma, parents and teachers out there.

I'm still modeling before it's back to school whatever that means. I want to have a real "Senior Year" with all the perks and plans for the future. I miss my friends, the plans we make, sign language class, dance class, and more. With 5,000 students, class schedules were supposed to have been posted today but have been delayed until next week.

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School is happening but how

Monday July 27, 2020

Schools across the country - and around the world - are experimenting with the safest way to teach their students based on the number of coronavirus cases. Some teachers have quit unable to deal with fear of covid while others cautiously return to work setting the stage for other school districts.

Over in Arizona classes began today. My daughter Tracy, Joie's Mom, who teaches gifted children, sent this email ...

My student teacher and I will be in my classroom while the 24 students (16 boys and 8 girls) will be online for one hour a day in small groups - and a 45-min whole group session for math and reading using Google Meet. Then the kids will go to either art, music, PE, library, or technology and work independently online for the rest of the day.

That's how we enter the 2020-2021 school year - far from ideal but in hopes that one day everyone will return to school as we know the value of a good education and proper socialization. It's lack of communication and emotional rage that set the stage for the world our children grow up in today. They are paying the price for the poor choices adults made and continue to make.

It wasn't so long ago students and teachers were afraid of violence in the classroom. Let's hope we never see a resurgence of that as we very slowly and diligently return to school. Emotionally the kids and I all miss each other. It's really quite sad but we adapt. Sometimes I feel as much an emotional support teacher as one dealing with academics. The hope is we will all find a way around this and finally through it.

Covid-19 and Education

Update Thursday August 6: MO< Over in AZ where I recently posted the opening of the elementary school where my daughter Tracy teaches - well I'm back to report things didn't work out - too chaotic for all. It's back to online teaching. Tracy wrote: No one knows when we're going back to the classroom but not any time soon. My son Vanni was supposed to return to college for his senior year but in-school classes were canceled. Vanni has a best friend whose dad died of Covid last week while his mom is in a coma. The mom was a perfectly healthy, 56 years old. The virus is still spreading really fast and people need to follow the rules if we are ever to get through this.