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Norway's Sky Spiral
December 9-12
   Norway: Obama Gets Nobel Peace Prize, Sky Spiral, Svalbard Seed Vault, HAARP
   Creation, Black Holes, Spiraling Consciousness Plays Out
   Happy Chanukah 2009
   Sacred Flames - Zoroaster
   Our Lady of Guadalupe - Bloodline Themes

Pink Sunrise Journey
   Verrazano Bridge, Hexagon at Saturn's North Pole, Cymatics, Geometry

Christmas Week
Holiday Messages: Moving to the Next Decade
December 21
   December 21, 2012 - Mayan Calendar Prophecy
   December 21, 1989 - Angel Hair, Alexander Visits Ellie, The Story of "Sarah and Alexander" Begins
   Sun in Capricorn
   Winter Solstice - Astronomical Observatories, Newgrange, Stonehenge
   North American Blizzard of 2009
   Sunset After the Blizzard - The Clock in the Orb, 2012
   December 21, 2008 Blog Talk Radio - Ellie and Dee - Winter Solstice - Meditation
   Janus and the Ouroboros
   Blizzard Quote + Cool Images
   Visualization in a Winter Wonderland
   Snow Sculptures
   Americans Are Info-Junkies
   Reality: A Mere Illusion Parts 1 & 2 -- You and I, Only Holograms - The Holographic Universe
   Researcher Explains Mystery of Golden Ratio - Sacred Geometry
December 22, 1882 - Lighting the First Christmas Tree, Thomas Edison
December 23, 1823 - T'was The Night Before Christmas
North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux December 24, 1968 - Apollo 8 - Christmas Eve Greetings From Lunar Orbit
December 24 - Christmas Eve - NORAD Tracks Santa
December 25 - Christmas Day
   The Story of Christmas
   Christmas Music Files, Lyrics, YouTube
   Magi, Star of Bethlehem, Myrrh, Frankincense
   Christmas Trees, Tinsel, Holly, Mistletoe
December 26 - Kwanzaa
December 26 - Boxing Day

Crop Circle in Brazil, Nazca Lines, Fields by Van Gogh, Noah in Oz
New York Marathon 2009, USS New York, NY Yankees Win the World Series
Sesame Street Turns 40
"The Red Book" by Carl Jung
A Different Kind of Initiation, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zen Garden, Ellie's Adventures
Reality Remix ... Reincarnation, Unity, Making a Global Difference

November 1-7: The Week in Review
   Crop Circle in Brazil, Nazca Lines, Fields by Van Gogh, Noah in Oz
   New York Marathon 2009, USS New York, NY Yankees Win the World Series
   Sesame Street Turns 40
   "V" Adventures - The TV Series Premieres - We are all "V"isitors (Alien) to this Realm
   Earth Changes: Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean
   "The Red Book" by Carl Jung
   A Different Kind of Initiation, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zen Garden, Ellie's Adventures
   Reality Remix ... Reincarnation, Unity, Making a Global Difference
   Some people believe the world has gone crazy ... Fear, Fort Hood Shooting
   Doomsday Prophecies, 10 Prophecies That Failed, 2102 Debunked

Splitting Up, Stress, Splitting of the Iron
"2012: Startling New Secrets", Survival Habitats, Veteran's Day, Code Talkers, Hopi Message 2009
Speed Shrinking ... Everything's Speeding Up
The Love Bug vs. the Flu Bug

Ellie's World November 15-21
   Happy Birthday Sagittarius
   "Fringe" The Observers
   "New Moon" - Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters
   Ellie's World Blog Talk Radio Interview With Alana Stewart (42 minutes)
   A Visit From Hindu Goddess Shakti
   Angelina Jolie's Serpent Jewelry
   John Wallis - Infinity and the Ouroboros
   December 31, 2009: Blue Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sirius, Isis, Water on the Moon, Conspiracies

"Fringe" The Observers

The Moon at the End of 2009
   December 31, 2009: Blue Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse,
   Sirius, Isis, The Moon and Sixpence, Water on the Moon, Conspiracies, Aliens Bases, Mining?

Watching the Moon - Remote Viewing Using GPS
Extinction and Evolution in the Cycles in Time

Thanksgiving 2009: Crashing the White House, Social Networking, Where is Home?

Great Depression in the US ... 80 Years Later ... Ellie's Family
Meet Ardi - Australopithecus Afarensis There's no Missing Link - It's All Programmed Inserts
2012 Film Roland Emmerich "2012 Sarah and Alexander"
UFO Blogs October 2009 - SETI Turns 50 "2012 Sarah and Alexander"

The Broom That Stands On Its Own
Smallville, Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Codes of Light
Phantom of the Opera to be set In Coney Island
   Ellie in Coney Island, 1954 in Nevada, Carny Guy Archetype, Screened Images

Becoming a World Teacher
Reality Remix ... Reincarnation, Unity, Making a Global Dfference

What Clients are Saying Jobs, Prophecy, Letting Go, Global Healing, More
Golden Communities of Light
Guided to Make a Difference
   What People Want ... People Say a Lot of Things

Anubis and the Hand of Destiny
It all means something ... or nothing at all
   Anubis, Sphinx, Liberty Bell in Philadelphia
   Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
   Metal rings that create time through harmonics
   Fringe, The Bell, Olivia Meets William Bell, "Momentum Deferred"
   Guardians of the Gates, Olivia, Dogs

Healing Wheel of Time
   The Sweat Lodge Experience - Two People Died
   2012 What Some Maya Elders Are Saying - Another Perspective From Drunvalo Melchizedek
   Ancient Civilizations: Closing Gaps In Our Knowledge - Science and Pseudo-Science Merge

Three Exercise to Help You Remember
A Weekend to Remember
   Remembering The Dream ... Lesson 1
   Remembering "Apo" ... Lesson 2
   Steps to Remembering ... Lesson 3

Birthday Fun With My Daughters in Manhattan
   Change and Perception - Meeting Cousins in the City - The City is Shrinking - A Feeling of Disconnection

Social Networking 2009 - The Quickening

Halloween 2009
   Sunspots, The Scorpio Sting, Power and Freedom, Owls, Alien Disclosure

Checkmate, DNA, Ellie and Queen Nefertiti

September 2, 1859 - Coronal Mass Ejection
September 2, 2009 - The Internet Turns 40

Parallel Perspectives, The Multiverse is Merging
Science and Science Fiction Merge
   Butterfly Crop Circle
   In Search of the God Particle ... Large Hadron Collider
   Fringe, 9/11, Parallel Realities
   Google Trending Topics - "Unexplained Phenomena" - Crystalinks is #6
   Memos and Momentum - Crystalinks Search For Science Topics

Grandparents' Day Blog
   The Grandmothers Speak From Around The World, Grandmother Drum and White Eagle

Google Trends: Unexplained Phenomenon and Crop Circles
   Crystalinks, Reality is a Game, Figuring it All Out

Patrick Swayze Dies - Tribute
   Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Ellie in the Catskill Mountains

The Recession ... One Year Later

Suddenness ... Geology and Perception in an Electric Universe

The Lost Symbol and the Journey of the Bloodline
   Kings of Israel - King Solomon - Temple, Mind, Consciousness
   Knights Templar - Temple, Mind, Consciousness
   Dan Brown "The Lost Symbol" is Released - Hand of the Mysteries
   Capricorn, the Baphomet, and the Trickster
   Hiram - Various Articles
   Master Plan, Rosh Hashanah, Oktoberfest, Yom Kippur
   The Masonic Program, "Sarah and Alexander", Alexander, Guardians of the Seed
   Masonic Symbology, Thoth the Scribe Grow Old
   Gateway to Consciousness, Geometry and the Angel

H. G. Wells Birthday, Predictions, Google Trends

Autumnal Equinox 2009
   Balancing Your Chakras, Sun in Libra, Saturn Transits Libra

Crystalinks' Stats - 2 Million and Counting
   Adventures With Anna and Sherif, Going to Phildelphia

Yom Kippur 2009: Ancient Energies: Trees and Columns in Time
   Grandson Michael Discovers Crystalinks - Grandson Noah Turns 4
Out of Cambodia

Earth Changes September 2009 Earthquakes, Typhoons, Tsunamis

Ellie's Bountiful Adventures, Ellie the Tea Leaf Reader
   Crop Circle Season
   Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Organization
   The Virgo Window
   Missing People

Family Fun: Matthew and Noah, Joie and Physical Fitness, Tracy's Light, Cruise Ship under the Verrazano

Mack to Mac: Dr. John Mack and Our Mission Statements About Reality and Consciousness

Issues With Tissues August 2009
   Can Everyone Heal? Programming, Healing Modalities Outmoded, Ellie in College, Childhood Issues Resurface For Many

Alcoholism With A Metaphysical Twist
   Diane Schuler in life and death, Drinking Culture, Reading an Alcoholic

What's Lies Beneath the Giza Plateau?
   "Beneath the Pyramids", book by Andrew Collins, Journey of Henry Salt, Ancient Tunnels

Wake-up Dream ... Ellie and Pat
   Moving Through the Tunnel Backwards, Smart Cars, Time to Go, Fade to Black

Woodstock 40 Years later, Neil Diamond Returns

Off to College August 2009 - Octomom FOX Special

August 25, 2009
   Crystalinks Celebrates its 14th anniversary!
   Galileo's Telescope Celebrates Its 400th anniversary

Women Are Often Attracted to a Masculine Version of Themselves
Male Soul in a Female Body
Who am I? Why am I here? Finding Community Anchor, Partner

Senator Ted Kennedy Dies, Soul Groups, Metaphysical Journeys, Going Home

   Crop Circles - The Dragonfly, The Jellyfish and Related June
   4th of July 2009
   Patterns in the Fields: "Signs", Quetzalcoatl, Eagle and Condor, Nazca Lines, Hummingbird
   12 Around 1 Crop Circle, August 12
   Google Trends: Crop Circles, September 15

Defining Yourself in 2009
Hearing is Believing

  Megalithic Adventures - Getting Stoned With Ellie and Gloria (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Ellie and Gloria discuss megalith sites, ley lines, magnetic grids, patterns that united them

Dee's Photos: Adam the Albino Snake Comes to Visit: Totem Animals, Kundalini, Egypt
  Journey of the Kundalini - Dee and the Albino Snake (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Dee and Ellie discuss white animals in prophecy, Kundalini, Egypt, Serpent Medicine, and Dee shows photos of her experience with an albino snow king snake named Adam as it connects with her energies.

The Dresden Codex
   The Last Page: Fade to Black, Black Earth, Black on High

Sarah and Alexander is the title of my book ... Now Meet Sarah Alexander

EC Report July 15, 2009: New Zealand 7.8 Earthquake

Making Contact: Skype, Binary Code, X-Files, Crop Circles With Binary Codes,
Lubbock Texas Crystal, Telekinesis - The Fork Broke, Aliens, "Contact", Transcendental Numbers

Harmonic Messages and Digital Codes
   Warehouse 13, Limbic System, Chromatic DNA, Diatonic Scales, Cylinder Seals, 2012 Sarah and Alexander
   Making Contact: Skype, Binary Code, X-Files, Crop Circles With Binary Codes,
   Lubbock Texas Crystal, Telekinesis - The Fork Broke, Aliens, "Contact", Transcendental Numbers

Wednesday ... Mourning - Ground Zero Adventures in NYC

The Need To Heal ... Why Does Everyone 'Feel' That Way?
The Need to be Heard, Soapbox Messages, Social Networking

July 22, 2009: New Moon 29 Cancer Total Solar Eclipse
   Astronomy, Astrology, "I Heart You', Hold the Eclipse, Eclipse of Consciousness
I Heart You

July 24: Reverse Engineering? Operation Paperclip, UFO, Cape Canaveral

July 26: Happy Birthday Alchemists Carl Jung and Stanley Kubrick

Tips For Women ... Reality Check July 2009
The Back-Story ....

Extreme Weather Conditions Increasing, Bees, Trickster and Emotions, Email From Vancouver, BC

A & E Comes to Ellie's World - Psychic Investigators - June 2, 2009

M. C. Escher - "Relativity"
David Carradine Dies - Grasshopper Symbology
Crop Circles - The Dragonfly, The Jellyfish and Related
The 13 Hour Clock - "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" Images

Feathered Crop Circle, Zoroaster, Phoenix, Horus, Black Isis Remembering the End - Fade to Black - Golden Road Home - Milky Way Galaxy - Orion, Why is Betelgeuse shrinking?
   Feathered Crop Circle, Zoroaster, Phoenix, Horus, Black Isis
   Black Isis
   The Golden Road Home - Milky Way Galaxy
   Fade to Black - Remembering the End
   Orion, Why is Betelgeuse shrinking?

Ladybug Adventures With George
Father's Day 2009 Mosuo Culture, Noah, Seahorse

Crystalinks Home Page Wheel 2009

Paranormal Adventures
   John the Black Hole Machine
   Coming Through During the Philadelphia Experiment

Volcano Speak ... Satellite Photo - Early Stage of an Eruption

1969 ... 40 Years Later
   Stonewall Riots, Neil Armstrong Walks on the Moon, Woodstock
   Blog Talk Radio: Ellie Talks About Fun With Her Gay Friends -- Gay and Parenting

Suicide - Getting Help

Dreaming of J.C. Jimmy Carter or Jesus Christ?

Michael Jackson Blogs
Michael Jackson's Death and Memorial, Blue & Gold, Fade to Black, Paris, Patterns, Number 7
  Michael Jackson Dies
   Michael Jackson ... A Metaphysical Perspective June 26, 2009 (30 Minutes)
   Michael Jackson ... A Soul Note (15 Minutes) (Meditation)

4th of July 2009
   Fireworks, Michael Jackson, Noah, Crop Circle, Humming Bird Symbology and Mythology

Sci Fi Adventures: Fringe, Star Trek 2009, Law of Attraction - Creating Abundance
Tea Party Movement 2009
Occam's Razor - Succinct
Believing You Are Jesus - Christ Consciousness

May 11-15
   Angels and Demons Premieres - Illumaniti
   Carrie, A Nickel Manifests Under The Crystal
   Mirrors of Reality - 2 Exercises
   "Fringe" - Parallel Realities, World Trade Center, Seahorse
   Cloud Iridescence, Avebury, Cloud Scrying, UFO's, Seahorse
   Surrealism, Hello Dali, The Persistence of Memory
   Mirror Reflections, More Art, Law of Attraction

American Idol Season Finale - Kris vs. Adam - It's All About Duality
Gemini 2009 - Mercury - Hermes - 2012
Seahorse, Pegasus, Creation

Dreamtime, Bear Medicine, Illusion
   To heal others is to heal oneself.
   To save others is to save oneself.
   To dream about reality is to awaken oneself.

Go Fish - Relationship Issues
Stiff and Stuff - Male Sexual Issues - Relationships

May 20-24 - Memorial Day Blogs 2009
   Statue of Liberty has twin sets of steps entwine into a double helix - Fleet Week
   Samantha Stone - The Statue of Liberty and Related Adventures
   Dreamtime, Bear Medicine, Illusion
   Dream: iphone Brings Images - The needle, the Thread, the Spool, the Eye and Vesica Pisces
   Go Fish - Relationship Issues by Mickey Barber
   The Seahorse and Pegasus
   Pine Cones and The Pineal Gland - The Templars in Encoded Time
   New Moon 3 Gemini Astrology
Blue Whale Discovered Singing In New York Coastal Waters
Manhattanhenge - Manhattan Solstice
Tsunami - Economic & Earth Shattering

Paleontology, Caves, Maya Ruins, Stone Circles, Cycles, Columns, Consciousness, Elevator Psychology
Atlantis Revisited/Rising ... Creation Myth with Music
Caves, Consciousness, Maya Ruins, Stone Circles, Elevator Psychology
Elevator Psychology - Two Cavemen are Standing in an Elevator ...
Number Fun and Codes 2009
Social Networking 2009 - Twitter
Bountiful Messages on Paper Towels 2009

Worms in the News on April Fool's Day
Checks and Balances: Paying the Check in a Restaurant
The Children Know ... So Do The Parents
   "Taken" & "Knowing" - Death and Resurrection - It's about the Next Evolution
Easter Week 2009 - Destruction and Rebirth
   Gods of Resurrection: Osiris and Jesus
   UFO's in History
   Authors Maximillien de Lafayette and Daniel Pinchbeck Visit
   Thoth as Moses: Myth, Math, Metaphors and Magic
   6.3 Earthquake in Italy - Plate Tectonics
   Layers: Consciousness and Realities
   Volcanoes: Mt. Redoubt Updates
Sometimes things are as plain as the Smile on your Face
Noah and Matthew - Rainbow Adventures
Emotions and Perception - Seeing the World Through Other People's Eyes
Ellie's Media Adventures - New York to Boston and Back - History Channel - Meeting the Producer April 30, 2009 - Ellie and Trae Reloaded - Jet Over Ground Zero
Great Black Hole Video from CNN

Daylight Saving Time Begins - Men and Their Clocks
Job Fair, Career Fair, Career Expo
Leveling the Playing Field - Economy 2009

"Watchmen", Watchers, Watch, Kepler, Hopi Prophecy Star Knowledge 2009, Age of Leo
Hopi Prophecy and Star Knowledge 2009, Age of Leo, Leo Ring

March 8-14 - Mayanism
   Pi Day 3/14
   Mass Evacuation at the End of Time
   The Void, Violence, Shrinking Souls, Shrunken Heads, Maya Traditions
   Mayanism, Xibalba, Zapotec
   Panels Found Depicting the Popol Vuh - Maya Creation Myth
   Maya and Xibalba (Road of the Souls Through Orion)
   Zapotec Treasures Discovered

Abraham Lincoln's Prophecy - The Economy and Republic Collapse
   Ancient Dentistry

St. Patrick's Day 2009
   Beware of ATM Machines That Don't Dispense Money

March 20, 2009
   On the Edge of Time is Knowing - "Knowing" (Film) - Synchronicities - Determinism vs. Randomism
   Bubbles - Beads - DNA Codes
   Autism - Conscious Awareness on the Road Home
   Sun in Aries - Vernal Equinox - Nowruz - Zoroaster - Holidays - 12
   Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Ariel - Angel and Clients
/Crystalinks/Archives/Archives 2009/12around1crop809.html    The Lion's Tale: Blogs from Under the Sun - CME's

The Black Stones: "Knowing", Mecca, Asteroid Falls to Earth Found in Sudan Work in Progress ... Horses ... Alaska ...Then and Now

Economic Recession, Moving into Awareness, Psychic Work

Wise Man Say ... about Consciousness

The Lost City of Z ... El Dorado ... The Amazon ... Percy Fawcett, Brad Pitt

Superbowl XLIII
Targeting Mercury Retrograde
You Are Your Blood Type
Quantum Teleportation and Visualization

Cell Phone Humor From Inside The Box
   Casket, Coffin, Sarcophagus, Ossuary

3.0 Earthquakes Shakes Northern New Jersey NJ
   Epicenter: Victory Gardens planted during World War II
   Mission Statement, Stargates, Obelisk

Collage - A Multidimensional Journey
February 9, 2009 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Guided Meditation

   Darwin 200 Years Later
   "Fringe Ability" Video - Ellie & George in Coney Island, Finding Signs

   Too Many Children, Nadya and Angelina, Patterns
   Worn Out Souls, Soles and Roles We Play, Economy

Valentine's Day Celestial Motion 2009
Valentine's Day 2009 Style - Love and Relationships

Ellie's Birthday Adventures
   Mars - Stargate Odysseys and Ellie Adventures
   Ellie and Mark - Photos

Earth's Poles 2009
   Similar Marine Life Found at Both Poles - How Did That Happen?
   Antarctica - Penguins, Total Ice Shelf Collapse, Interesting Videos

US President's Day - Masonic Program George Washington ... Ta da...

Rainbow Palmistry
Loneliness 2009 - It's Not Your Fault
Portals, Pyramids, Photo Scrying - Adventures with Mark Continue

Happy New Year 2009 from New York City, Crystal Ball, the Star Tetrahedron - 2009 and Beyond

Transcendence 2009
The Break Up Letter

Timelines, Friends and Grids, Ralph, UFO's and Dolphins in New Jersey
12 Fibonacci Goddesses, Presidents, Programs, Stargates Close

January 12-15
Read the Files Below as One File
   Monday: HAL 9000 - Shutting Down the Computer
   Tuesday: Stop The Dream
   Wednesday: Deciphering the Signs
      White Pigeon Hits the Window, Jesus, Sacred Heart, Ouroboros, Bloodline Goes to France
   Thursday: Miracle on the Hudson River, Plane Crash
   Thursday: Is Our World a Giant Hologram?

SG Stands For ...

Barak Obama: Inauguration Day and Beyond
Obelisks in Time - Dee in Egypt
You Are Your DNA - DNA and Other Stories Encoded in Time
   Bloodline, Grail, Ark, Metaphors, Egypt, Sobek, Rebirth, 111 Reptile Has 11 Babies

Economic Blogs - January 2009
   Chinese New Year January 26, 2009 - Year of the Ox, Cash Cow, Bull Market
   Unemployment Sets Records
   Nationalization, Martial Law, Foreclosures
   Ponzi and Other Illegal Schemes

Lucid Dreams
   Dennis and Number 42
   George and the Nazi Party Dream - Physics and Physicists

The Strange Case of the Three Appearing Red Rosettes
Heart Shaped Swans, Valentines and Red Rosettes

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