Remembering the End

June 2009

New York City has definitely had its share of rain this spring. I love lightning storms and on some level feel connected to them. If I'm lucky, I hear the ethereal tones of a music box physically playing in my home as the lightning cascades across the sky, the panoramic view from my apartment enhancing the experience much like watching a film in IMAX. Through the years, anyone who has heard the music play here - was unable to determine its point of origin.

Tuesday morning something happened. I started my daily blog, as I always do, around 6:30. The sky was overcast, the sounds of foghorns heard as ships moved under the Verrazano Bridge just outside my home, on their journey in and out of New York Harbor.

Suddenly, around 8:00 ... the sky slowly ... very slowly ... faded to black as if a scene in a film. ... And when day turned to night ... a memory flashed in my mind ... this is how the program ends.

In that instant, my entire body, mind, and soul reacted instinctively as I ran to the living room window facing the bridge ... not sure why I knew I had to be there, but that was where I had to go.

Was the program closing?

Not yet, my soul echoed back.

As I stood there anxiously waiting in the darkness, in my mind's eye, everything feel away simultaneously, including the bridge, the sky, the trees and other things in the park, but most of all, Ellie Crystal was also gone. All that remained was my soul as it moved into the void.

There was no feeling of fear ... actually, as I think about it, there was no emotional attachment at all ... just a sense of having experienced here and moving (back) to something else.

These words echoed in my soul as I moved away, "That was an interesting experience."

A few minutes later day returned. I had remembered the end. Everything turns black and fades out of existence ... my soul moving into the darkness of creation at the end of this program. That which created the illusion of all that was in my physical reality, would no longer exist.

A quick glance at Z told me it was he who had orchestrated this event to see if I remembered ... and I did. (smiles)

As the days passed, I asked neighbors, or people I meet in the area, if they experienced day turning to night. They all did, though no one had a meaningful explanation.

Simulation Theory - Reality as a Film Strip or Projected Illusion