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Last Updated Tuesday September 22, 2009
Unique Visitors Monday September 21, 2009    1,998,582

Most mornings I check the stats program, post the stats and pay little attention. But every once in a while I am stunned at what I see. Today was such as day as we have almost 2 million unique visitors !!!!

This staggering figure send me deeper into Google Analytics, as well as the stats program Trae set up. Where are people going on Crystalinks? My blog (Ellie's World) is a favorite, often #1.

New readers are coming from all over the Internet, including Twitter, Facebook, and endless search engines some of which I never heard.

Then there's science merging with science fiction and Google trend promoting H. G. Wells on Monday. That raised the stats - so I kept the file, discussing his predictions, and updated it, below.

There is an increasing need for souls to put the pieces of the puzzle together which also sends readers here. Also, many students start with physical sciences, and explore into the many other areas on Crystalinks.

Grandsons Michael and Dylan

Here is an interesting story - at least for me. My oldest grandson, Michael, age 11, is now in middle school, in New Jersey. Researching famous scientists, Michael came upon Crystalinks and was so excited to tell his teacher and classmates that it was his Grandma's website. Grandma is proud and Michael got an 'A'.

What takes Crystalinks one step beyond is ... it weaves the information with other related topics but not necessarily part of the class curriculum. These perks, combined with other things the universe is throwing at readers, are awakening everyone - and that is my job.

Two days later I feature a story about another Grandson.

Noah Turned 4 on September 23, 2009

The Baseball Cake

Hi Grandma! Thanks for the toys. We opened them last night.
Today I'm 4 years old. I'm having 3 birthday parties this year.

One is in school today. One is a baseball party with 12 friends on Thursday.
Best of all is a family party on Saturday at Hershey Park where I've been
invited to film a commercial because Mommy works at the Food Network.

I joined a soccer team this Fall.

Guess what? I scored a goal!

Yeah! How about a hug!

I also joined a baseball team.