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The Maiden Voyage of the 12 Fibonacci Goddesses
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Do you ever wonder why people are drawn to science fiction, or why sci fi films with specific themes, such as The Matrix, premiere when they do? It's all goes to time and timing as based on the evolution of the collective unconsciousness. The Masonic Program in the US takes the Myth (Story) in which we experience, to the Sun Sign Cancer - July 4, 1776 - Independence Day. Check out the interesting synchronicities. Last week, in the energies of the Full Moon 21 Cancer, I was guided to bring 'The Maiden Voyage of the 12 Fibonacci Goddesses' into the 21st century as part of closure. It was posted 10 days before the inauguration of the 44th US President, Barack Obama, age 47, (8/4) a Leo in the Tale of the Lion.

January 9, 2009 -- In the energies of the Full Moon 21 Cancer, the Sci Fi channel aired the final episode of Stargate Atlantis after 5 years of storytelling. The show was a spin-off of Stargate SG1 having lots of mythology and esoteric content to awaken the sleeping souls from here to the Pegasus Galaxy and beyond. Though a fictional device, there are those who speculate that a physical Stargate exists, and has been in use for years. That wouldn't surprise me with the sudden advancements in technology.

My favorite Stargate SG1 episode ... which I would later discover is the favorite of the viewers ... is Window of Opportunity in which Jack and Teal'c are caught in a time loop in the SGC, and must relive the same 10 hours over and over again. They are the only people who realize time was looping, which can get very boring and disconcerting, if you get my drift. Eventually they were able to stop the loop, but that was 3 months later for those who were not stuck within the confines of the loop itself.

Window of Opportunity reminds me of my destiny - as I and several friends and others I've met randomly - or not - along the way - are the only ones who remember that we stuck in a time loop in this reality created by the Nazi time travel experiments - and how that loop must be broken so this program can end. We remember because we were there when it was created. The loop will be broken this time and all will immediately fast forward to closure, allowing souls to move on. Whew! This is not sci fi - it is real.

In the meantime, deja vu increases - souls stir as zero point approaches - everything continues to collapse in the grid - lucid dreams and temporal anomalies increase - UFO sightings increase - the Large Hadron Collider was turned on in the right window of opportunity - and we brace for impact/collision when all timelines merge. You'll sense it coming. You'll know. You might even remember it. The busy work of life will slip away, lost in time as if dreams in awakening state. Let's hope history does not repeat itself... yet again ... in the loops of time.