Issues with Tissues August 2009

It must be terrible to be programmed to go through life not in control of your thoughts and emotions.

As Crystalinks approaches its 14th anniversary on August 25, I have blogged my brains out about issues - as people love to commiserate with others about their troubles - 'misery loves company' - 'maybe I'll learn something by the way you handle your life', etc.

I'm the lady who points out one's issues (I like doing that), guides one to get professional help (usually it helps), knows who will and who won't heal (psychic reading), and also understands that no one heals until they are ready, no matter how much abuse and how many mini break-downs they have experienced - and how much help has been given in one form or another.

So it's 2009 and you have worked on yourself and should be proud. You were ready and made changes, that must continue as many slip back into old patterns.

If you read my blogs, you know that all is programmed which explains so much about reality plays out in the human drama. If you can understand that and the nature of reality as it evolves back to light, you will understand your patterns and those of others.

Did you ever stop to think that not all souls are programmed to heal? Did you ever think that the self-help programs help people cope, not fully heal, and are often more about understanding who they are and how they got to be that way (genetics, programmed DNA)?

When I studied psychology in college, (1960-1963) (I graduated in 3 years), the first thing they taught us was -- people can't heal unless they recognize their problems and are ready to get help. So here we are almost 50 years, and endless systems later, and the same holds true. When the person is ready, they will attract a healer, find the right information, or just do it themselves.

Healing Modalities: As you know, they are basically all the same and very much for the healer. The theory ... "I am going to put my hands on you and heal you" is outmoded or everyone would be healed and then what would be the point of this program. Healing is shifting to counseling and reality check as frequency accelerates and one comes to realize it's all about consciousness.

... In the 2009 grid ... people are reliving issues from childhood. Everything is resurfacing. Just when you thought you had a handle on things, something from your past comes along to challenge ... especially those with a chemical imbalance. Why? Because you attracted it ... maybe to see how cool you are at handling your life now.