Ellie and Trae Uploaded

Thursday April 30, 2009, was a Sarah and Alexander day for me. Once upon a time in December 1989 I created the first draft of the book as told to me by 6-year old Alexander who came to me in spirit. He would return to me throughout the years as the story line evolved, until the end.

Crystalinks went online August 25, 1995. That Fall I spent time in the Catskill Mountains where friends and I concluded that Alexander had taken human form and I would meet him by the end of the year.

The Catskill Mountains are the location of Twin Crossings, Sarah's family compound in the story. It is also an area where UFO's and ET experiences frequently occur - as published in Ellen Crystall's book Silent Invasion.

The synchronicities are endless, but one of the best stories is about my meeting my friend Marcus, December 1995. He now goes by the name Trae.

I was fully into ET research from 1989-1999. Popular on the Internet at that time were newsgroups people joined who had common interests. When one person posted a comment or question, everyone in the group would receive it. In those days, Crystalinks was new, so I didn't have endless emails and enjoyed emailing with people of like mind. At the end of 1995 - I felt Alexander really close. Guided, I posted a question asking for anyone who was really an ET, not a channeler. I received only one reply which read:

Needless to say I was floored and went on to question why he signed his email with that name and what the Z connection was all about as he had never heard of me or Crystalinks. He explained that Alexzander is his name when not in this realm. Our connection was immediate. He is the only person who has ever come into my life fully awakened and knowing about reality as a hologram, saying that he was here to help me. Z had sent him. We would talk endlessly about what we had to do here. Through the years he would become Admin of Crystalinks (he works in IT). Synchronicities would bring us together when needed - as he lives in Seattle.

Present Day: Last Thursday I met with the Hollywood producer and all went very well. I worked with him on the weekend and felt something shift ... big time, that linked to the storyline.

Back in the day, Z had placed the amulet (from the story) in my palm and Trae's. In that moment my palm pulsed and heated up. Blood beneath the surface formed a circle on my palm just below the skin. Trae had the same reaction. It isn't stigmata, but means something.

Last Friday, after working with the producer, it happened again, for the first time in years. I was being activated. Clearly I could see the end of my time here and the portal I will soon pass through. Yet it connected to Trae who was not in New York, and has not been here since 2006. Puzzled, I discussed it with George telling him that I know Trae is coming here now. The grids were shifting.

Sunday evening I received email from Trae. In an unexpected turn of events, his work would bring him here to the city this week and he would tell me if he had time to visit.

Monday, Mike saw a blue pulsating light over me, unlike anything he had ever seen, when I told him about Trae coming here. That light is Z. It is also the Seed that Sarah plants by the stream with Grandma Rose in September 1989, (Labor Day, Virgo) that becomes the next Tree of Life at the end of the story in 2012.

Monday Z announced that Trae would be here on Thursday.

"Why Thursday?" I asked.

Z countered, "In your story 'Sarah and Alexander', that is the day the portal opens from Germany - April 30, 1945 when Hitler allegedly died ----> to 2012 when Hitler moved through time. In the book, Hitler used a piece of metal made from the same unknown element as the amulets, that link Sarah and Alexander, that I placed in your hand. You will be activated further on Thursday."

Tuesday night Trae said he had freed up Thursday to come here. He didn't know what Z had told me, as we had not spoken, only that he would be here.

As the story continues, this seems to align with events on 9/11 which I witnessed from my terrace - events from another plane ...

New Yorkers are a bit on edge these days with Swine Flu accelerating around the city and the jet flyover New York City on Monday.

My daughter Tracy, in Chandler AZ., said her local TV news reported the incident with a view of the Verrazano Bridge and my house. My grandchildren, Vanni and Joie watched intently, remembering their visit here last June. True I'm not exactly your run-of-the-mill grandma - but could grandma be a terrorist? Is she in danger? Inquiring minds want to know at any age. Fear not! Grandma is here at Ground Zero for a reason far more important than most people know. Thinking outside the box, is there a reason this incident occurred here, now? I have my own conclusions, but for most here in the city, it's just another drama in their lives ... We get used to it.

Trae and I had a day filled with synchronicities and lots of laughs about the evolution of the program. Not knowing my palms were activated, Trae spoke about the sensation of the amulet in both his palms on the night before. Our day was guided, messages received, and the realization that this is indeed show time with life in the physical easily able to manifest that which fulfills our destinies here. The Germany portal is closed. It's only a matter/mater of time and consciousness. Tick tock.