March 20, 2009

On the Edge of Time is Knowing

On the edge of time there is a "Knowing" that speaks to each of us about the greater purpose of this reality, where it is all going, and your place in it.

On the edge of time, all scenarios will play out from the truth about ET's, the bloodline and religion, or anything else you care to name, that are one and the same.

Can numbers tell the future? MSNBC - March 19, 2009

Friday I went to see the film "Knowing" and was activated by the experience, as if the film was meant to be released now on the journey into awareness.

Saturday morning: "Knowing" created dreams of closure and confirmation for me - memory after memory unfolding in a kaleidoscope of imagery and messages that went on for 10 hours. At the end of the sequence/lucid dreams - it was all over and I woke up "knowing" - we are all crystal creations and time is almost up.

Bubbles are beads, rainbow prisms in a hologram of endless imagery, flowing through the collective unconsciousness. Beads and Bubbles are DNA - codes in time that create experience. Every once in a while, you burst a bubble releasing memories locked in time.

Knowing is about numeric codes locked in a time capsule passed down in 1959 from Lucinda, a psychic girl ---> 50 years later to Caleb, a boy who wears a hearing aid - and how synchronicities tie it all together. The article from Wikipedia tells the story line, right down to UFO's of creation being crystal ships - to ethereal beings who look like the 36 in their natural state of light - to the end of the film as the two children run toward a large white tree reminiscent of the Tree of the Knowledge and Life ... and Adam and Eve in higher frequency. The girl and boy are much like Sarah and Alexander who leave at the base of the new white tree in my story of the same name. The symbol of the white rabbit at the end is a metaphor for resurrection and the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland - referencing "time is running out". Good job and amazing special effects throughout.

Sometime in 2012, the sun cycle reaches Solar Max. In the film, "Knowing", the program is destroyed due to a CMA - coronal mass ejection. The sun is Leo the creator in the Lion's Tale/Tail. It creates then destroys only to create again. Many gods and goddesses portray the role of the that role , which also includes the Phoenix - female icon of destruction and rebirth.

Also addressed were the concepts of Determinism vs. Randomism in the philosophical, metaphysical and religious sense. This comes down to science vs. religion and prophecy. It speaks to duality. A program is a program in the holograms (bubbles) of time.

Review of Knowing

by Harold Eglyn

Once again many top close encounter researchers - not being one of "us" - may be missing out on a significant contact movie in their midsts - "Knowing" - while several experiencers, upon seeing the film, may know that it is a movie that is all about the close encounter experience in a science fiction format.

Dressed in an action-packed thriller motif for general public audiences, we have characteristics of contact throughout this opus, as if its writers either know the contact literature or have been influenced themselves in some manner, even though their screenplay evolved from a novel by Ryne Pearson.

These include precognition and clarivoyence, with the girl Lucinda (Lara Robinson) in a school class in 1959 feverishly inscribing a long series of seemingly nonsensicle numbers automatically on a piece of paper to be placed in a school time capsule for opening in 2009.

Not until 50 years later, in the hands of MIT astrophysicist John Koestler (Nichoas Cage), do the numbers, through his chance glance at a sequence in them relating to 9/11, gain meaning through meaningful numerical patterns that predict terrible happenings, matching their dates from 1959 into 2009.

The disaster and world-ending scenarios which many experiencers have dreamt, sensed or been shown or warned about come to life in "Knowing" and climaxing in one of the most horrifying end-of-the-world catastrophies (an extreme solar storm) ever placed on film.

Experiencers - those who have telepathic and dream communicaton with mysterious visitors, here known as "the whispers" and shown as blonde "Nordics" - let the children know where to go when the world comes crashing down as a doomed humankind faces extinction.

In the movie and in some experiencer accounts a specific destination and group gathering spot from which they can escape the catastrophe is implied and actually shown - kind of an "alien rapture" without the religious touch. Frequently mentioned are riverbanks, isolated spots in the woods (as in "Knowing"), or a childhood site where early close encounters occured or "secret schools" with other chosen children were held.

In the movie there are biblical references, such as the drawings of Eziekel and the flying wheel, the Bible's account of one of the earliest reported UFO sightings and contact, perhaps, and subject of a 1974 book "The Spaceships of Eziekel" by a NASA rocket scientist.

The visitors are shown in human form - simliar to the reported "blonde-haired Nordiics" - and drive around in older sedans - much as reported by the 1950s contactees who met them in cars. Or those reported by prominent UFO abductees Betty Andreasson Luca and Travis Walton. They are the whispering watchers and they enter bedrooms at night, and show children disaster scenes. The grays, reptilians, preying mantis and hairy guy types are not shown in "Knowing."

Their true form is revealed in the climax as they shed their human persona and enter a dreamlike abstract apparition of a huge spaceship. They give their chosen "star children" a choice of leaving wiith them or staying. The scene is like something from Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" sci-fi novel, and the "Star Children" concept gets play on the big screen through "Knowing."

In my estimation, British UFO contact researcher Jenny Randles' best book is "Star Children - The True Story of Alien Offspring Among Us" (Sterling Publishing Company, NY-1995) which resonates with many of the descriptions of the children in "Knowing," starting with Lucinda in 1959, and in 2009 with her granddaughter Abby (also played by Lara Robinson) and Cage's son Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury).

The movie was directed and co-written by Alex Proyas, who directed "Dark City" in 1998 about the underlying true nature of reality that escapes most of uncomprehening humanity and "I Robot" in 2004.

But we have to go back 20 years to his first movie made in Australia in 1989 - "Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds" about a young brother and sister wandering the outback in a post-apocalyptic world whose lives change when they encounter a stranger. I have not seen this film but it is worth a look to see if there are later connections with "Knowing" as it seems.

In NYC "Knowing" was panned by movie critics. A.O. Scott of The New York Times in "Extinction Looms! Stop the Aliens!" - Joe Newmaier of the NY Daily News in "Prophetic? No, Just Pathetic" - and Kyle Smith of the NY Post in "Apocalypses Now & Then" all compelety missing the material structure based either on "Knowing's" writers excellent research and/or experiential mysteries -- or so it seems. The critics, who skipped the journalistc maxim of research, were clueless.

A notable exception is the famous critic Roger Ebert of "The Chicago Tribune" who gave a truly fine and right-on review. He wrote, "'Knowing' is among the best science fiction films I've seen: frightening, suspenseful, intelligent... and awesome," - and he explains why (see link).

It seems as if Proyas, born in 1961, and his co-writers drew, by intent or by osmosis. upon elements prominent in movies like "The Mothman Prophecies" based on John Keel's book, with its predicted disasters foretold by the mysterious presence of Mothman and his humanlike persona through the engimatc and evasive electro-voiced Indrid Cold.

We see elements of that with "Donnie Darko" plus the nature of time as conveyed in the "Time Travel" book by high school teacher Roberta Sparrow, reflected in "Knowing" by the 1959 time capsule and through teacher Miss Taylor. As a retired teacher meeting with Koestler (Cage), the clinking of the ice in the water pitcher sound like the clinking of Roberta Sparrow's wind chimes in "Donnie Darko." And both "Darko" and "Knowing" have rabbits.

Among other movies that come to mind in watching "Knowing" are "When Worlds Collide" (the 1951 George Pal production of Phillip Wyle's book of Earth colliding with a small star and humanity escaping on rocketships to a new world); "The Last Mimsy" (the rabbit as a communicator and a devastated future humanity in need of rescue); "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (an explosive sun causes the Earth to catch fire and end); "A.I.-Artificial Intelligence" (a doomed humanity goes extinct from climate catastrophe); "The Day After Tomorrow" (based on Whitley Strieber's-Art Bell's "The Coming Global Superstorm" book about a sudden new Ice Age that wipes ot half of humanity); and "Warning From Space" a 1959 Japanese sci-fi movie about the intervention of aliens to save the Earth from overheating and catching on fire by an intruding star.

There's also the "Contact" movie starring Jodie Foster based on Carl Sagan's book, as referenced by an openng scene in "Knowing" of a father looking through his backyard telescope and a child wondering about life on other worlds.

As for the world-ending super-solar storm, that is unlikely. However, some scientists are anticipating a powerful plasmatic solar storm striking in 2012-13 during the Solar Max period (the Sun is unusally quiet now with hardly any sunspots, part of its 11 year cycle).

Some predict a super solar storm on the order of the great 1859 event which only affected telegraph services and sent auroras as far south as Rome, as related in a recent NASA study and in Astronomy Magazine's new "Infinite Cosmos" DVD "Secrets of the Sun."

If one erupts and happens to aim itself at Earth, it could cause catastrophic electronic disruptions all over Earth and in satellites and space probes. Other scientists are forecasting an unusually quiet solar max in 2012-13.

The larger dangers are big asteroids striking the planet or run-away sudden climatic changes. Scientists are concerned about rapidly melting permafrost in Arctic landmasses releasing dangerously huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere, as reported in the cover feature story recently in "New Scientist" and "Science Illustrated" magazines.

"Knowing" also used MIT - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - as a setting. It is the site of the May 1992 "UFO Alien Abduction Conference," the subject then of a "Wall Street Journal" front page feature article and later in a book by journalist C.D. Bryan, "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind."

As close encounter experiencers and UFO alien abductees, we KNOW the CLUES so perfectly placed and craftedly expressed throughout "Knowing." There is recognition and resonance with us.

"Knowing" as a close encounter/contact experience movie and as a science fiction film apart from that is a masterpiece deserving attention, study and response.

As close encounter artist David Huggins of Hoboken said in a NYU Film School student's documentary in 2004 - "Welcome Home: The Story of S.P.A.C.E." - "Our UFO encounters are not a matter of belief. They are a matter of KNOWING."

My friend Rick discussed Autism on his Internet Radio Show Road to Ready.

Children experience the magic that blends/bends the cycles of reality.

Sun in Aries

Happy Birthday to the Aries Readers!

Vernal Equinox
Equal (12) hours of day and night

Nowruz - Persian New Year


Aries brings Bloodline stories linked to Easter and Passover.

The Last Supper was the last meal Jesus shared with his 12 Apostles and disciples before his death.

The Bloodline is about 36 Souls creating a biogenetic journey through time and
consciousness to experience and learn. It is all a Star Trek that has a series finale.

Battlestar Galactica - Series Finale Ended With a New Creation

From the timeline of Jesus to Present Day ... they all just stories - myths and markers in time.
The Cylons were at war with the 12 colonies of humanity.

It always goes to 12 around 1 in this level of consciousness.

Consciousness allows experience. It is all and everything.

12 Around 1

Where Does Consciousness Come From?
Science Daily - March 18, 2009