Ellie's Media Adventures - April 18-24, 2009

New York to Boston and Back

Saturday April 18: I realized I didn't have a 16 inch suitcase for my trip to Boston on Tuesday. With no time to shop, it was time to psych out the location of the suitcase in question. I am generally a Samsonite girl, as I love the Spinner collection with 4 wheels that can be pushed, pulled, or rolled to your side - not to mention rarely tumbles over. I also love a bargain, as do most people.

As my day was very busy ... where would I have to go to find the suitcase asap? I wondered.

"Century 21" said Z with conviction. That made sense as it is a local department store.

I saw the suitcase in my head - or maybe I manifested it - black with 4 wheels and costing only $37.00+ tax. There must be a major sale, I reasoned as off I went in the late afternoon.

Searching through the extensive luggage department - the largest pieces were on the top shelves high above the average person's reach, then the shelves graduated down by size, with the smallest 16 inch suitcases on the floor.

I looked through everything but couldn't find it, yet I knew it was there - my consciousness trying to zero in on it. Alas I asked the store manager to help me, but we found nothing that matched my description in any brand. As if guided, he went to the warehouse and came back with 2 black suitcases but they were wrong.

Not one to give up ... I called Z and asked where it was.

"You should know by now that we always hide things for you, behind objects that other shoppers won't discover," he said.

The "A ha!" moment kicked in. My mind shifted to past experiences where I found exactly what I was looking for, as if put (hidden) away for me.

As I walked with the manager to the far end of the luggage department, I looked up at the big suitcases and noticed something black sticking out just behind a large red suitcase. A stock boy with a tall rolling ladder was summoned. As he started to move the large suitcases away ... there it was ... my suitcase exactly as described above at the same price.

After paying, I proudly walked back to the parking garage. The security guard, who checks receipts as you exit the store, told me that if I spent $50 - I could park for free vs. $3.00. I couldn't resist the challenge.

After placing the suitcase in my car, I returned to the store. Guided ... I went to the children's department to buy my cousin Beth's 15-month-old son a gift, as we would be meeting in Boston on Tuesday.

Ten minutes later I left the story with a large Elmo Tapping Tunes book that plays music as the baby pushes the buttons. It was on sale for $10.00. The suitcase was $40.00 with the tax ... and that is how you shift your grid and make it all work.

On to Boston ... while waiting at JFK airport, on a rain soaked afternoon, just 30 minutes before my flight was to leave for Boston, an announcement was made: "The flight was cancelled due to weather conditions."

If there is one ability I know I possess is working with weather - not to mention 'time'.

As the announcement was made, I 'looked' at the Watchers. I smiled knowingly ... and as fast as you could say, "Flight cancelled" - about 2 minutes later - a second announcement was heard: "The flight has been reinstated".

The weather in Boston had suddenly and unexpectedly shifted. The 3 people working behind the check-in counter at American Airlines, looked at each other perplexed. We left a few minutes late, but I got my favorite seat by the window in the Exit Row - with lots of room and loved the 35 minute flight. It feels so natural to fly over everything and observe from above.

Arriving at Logan Airport, I took a cab to Cambridge where I stayed at the Marriott Hotel Courtyard Boston Cambridge - Room 1111 - synchronicity at work. (In case you didn't know ... 11:11 is a code that triggers programmed memories. This goes along with 10:10, 12:12, 2012, 555 - and countless others digital codes as we are all programmed for awakening now.)

Driving through the city - the energies of Fringe suddenly inched their way into my consciousness. The show is set in Boston/Cambridge - at Harvard University where my cousin Beth works as a professor - though the TV series is actually filmed here in the city.

Wednesday evening, after arriving home in Brooklyn, I relaxed before going to bed, excited about seeing the Tuesday night episode of Fringe I had missed. It was another great show - the action mostly taking place in Manhattan. Once again, the story line triggered something in me - though not the part about parallel universes and nasty aliens.

This time it was about biogenetic experiments and ... the children ... speaking of which Beth, and her adorable 15 month old son arrived to pick me up for dinner - on cue, Tuesday, after I checked into the hotel.

Wednesday 6:00 AM : The sun shone brightly to welcome the day - Earth Day. My hotel room had a magnificent view of the Charles River - just across the street. The river flows into the Atlantic Ocean ... which flows past my home in Brooklyn ... allowing me to feel the energies of both cities ... conduits to the collective unconsciousness.

Arriving at the studio in Watertown, for the 9:30 AM shoot, everything was good to go. The topic was prophecy which the producer, Jeff, and I, took it in many directions - bringing Nostradamus into the equation whenever possible. Two hours later we had to stop as the next person was waiting to shoot his segment. Lost in space and time - we had gone 25 minutes over... Alas that is what happens when I do interviews - questions lead to further questions and on and on.

Friday April 24, 2009: In recent weeks my work brings me to completions and closures in more ways than one. Presently I met with a Hollywood producer and all went very well. There is a connection between us and to the project as we move forward.

The journey is coming to an end and with that you must evaluate your life. As of late, clients have overwhelmingly felt an urgency to bring their personal messages to the world in any manner of artistic expression - most commonly a book that reflects their journey. This book is a catharsis and written summary of their time and experiences here. The need to tell it to humanity is a healing and awakening tool.

Many of these people believe they are descended from the bloodline story - Mary, Jesus, the 12 disciples, and others - or are on a quest to find things linked to the bloodline - such as hidden documents, tablets, the Ark, Holy Grail, etc. The feeling that they are getting closer to the truth aligns with the feeling that time is running out. To feel a connection to anyone famous in history - especially those linked to prophecy or the bloodline - aliens or other beings of light allegedly incarnated in this reality - has to do with matching your grids to theirs. Anyone can do it. You can align within anyone in any timeline, go anywhere in the consciousness grids, with a bit of practice. The brain is an electrochemical machine that can take on many experiences simultaneously and lead you to believe whatever your emotional code needs to heal or feel.

Always remember, you are light. You are here as part of a biogenetic experiment in linear time and emotion. You cannot alter the grids permanently. You can only adjust 'your' DNA codes. If you are finished here - that will easily happen as you await the closure of the program. If you try to heal others who are not ready, they will revert to old patterns until they are ready to awaken. Not everyone is programmed to awaken. You are not responsible for anyone but yourself.

At the end of the day ... always keep your life simple. Trust that your soul will 'get it'; we are projections in a holographic experience (universe/university). Tick Tock!

Go out and enjoy the 'day'.