The Children Know ... So Do The Parents

"Taken" & "Knowing" - Death and Resurrection - It's about the Next Evolution

I have discussed the film Knowing with many people since it premiered March 20, 2009. Their reactions varied. As most of these people are into metaphysics, and on an intellectual level 'know' we are evolving into higher consciousness, I was surprised by their emotional reactions to the end of the film, the sadness it elicited in them while blowing off the greater message: Rebirth does not occur without total destruction - the fate of reality is such.

If you don't get 'it' at the soul level - that all is projected illusion on a screen, you may never get it. You may talk the talk, but are not programmed to understand the totality of reality. I know we all have the right to empathize with a film, and what the characters are going through, but that's in the 'moment' and should give way to the greater messages, if there are any.

Some people were triggered by the streaming coded messages in the film - while others went to their emotional bodies and became greatly saddened at the end when John (Nicolas Cage) watched his son Caleb, 9, go off on the crystal UFO with the creators. As John falls to the ground, rain pouring down on him, he understands determinism -- it is all meant to happen -- and all will be destroyed by a CME - Coronal mass ejection. On the other hand, it is his son, Caleb, through sign language, who signs, "You and me ... together forever." It's all just experience to be recycled once again in a new script.

This was reminiscent of the final scenes of Taken when Allie, 9, knows she must leave her parents - disappearing in a stream of light as she goes off in a UFO with the aliens who created her. Lisa and Charlie Keys, her parents, fall to the earth/ground in grief. Through her tears, Lisa notices something on the ground. It is the necklace with a star she had given Allie - a sign to her that Allie will return one day. The message is not about returning here, but being Taken there as our roles here will soon end.

In both films, we see breathtaking ships as the children leave apparently unafraid and knowing their destinies await. It is the creators who return to move consciousness to the next level in both films. We exist in the hourglass (our class) of time where the children hold the keys to the next reality. Children ... your inner child ... your emotional body or innocence ... letting go and moving on. When you are ready ... you will know.