Ancient Energies: Trees and Columns in Time

Finding the Right Channel in Time

In 2009, TV went digital and my cable company, Timer Warner, upgraded the cable boxes to bring amazing clarity to the screen and higher speed to the Internet. This sent me on a search for new HD channel listings for my favorite shows, which has turned into a good thing as I made new program discoveries. This morning I found SciHD. It has the coolest programming. For example, Monday night from 8:00-9:00 they feature a program called "Time" - Debating whether time is experienced from within the body or from the outside.

The illusion of time has always been of interest to me - the myth, math and metaphor of it all - to my collection of time pieces, to time travel, and beyond. It is the concept of linear time, that keeps consciousness grounded in the physical. It also blocks our view of the multiverse among other interesting adventures our souls are having elsewhere. As the wheels of time grimed down to a halt on all levels, you will experience all kinds of interesting temporal anomalies, that may be scary or just plain fun. The fabric of time is evolving out of existence.

Reality is, after all, an illusion created by reflections of light

Brought forth as Experience in Time.

Tick tock ! Checkmate !

September 28, 2009

Yom Kippur

My friend Anna is a member of the Kabbalah Centre in Manhattan. Last weekend the centre celebrated Rosh Hashanah and today Yom Kippur, the most powerful day of the year. Thousands of people have come to the city to celebrate at the Kabbalah Centre, more so than in the past, and with a different energetic connection. Some people told her of having to wait months to get a visa, arriving here from remote areas of the planet, drawn by the transformative energies of the moment. Some stayed in the city just for Rosh Hashanah while others remained to enjoy their time here and complete their initiation on Yom Kippur.

This gathering represents a union of souls from diverse backgrounds and countries. It's ironic that they are here at the same time leaders from around the world met at the UN last week. The feeling is not one of religious observations, but of unity. These are the energies of the Masonic Program coming together to evolve.

As each of us finds our way along the golden brick road into awareness, we will seek out souls of like mind and frequency to share the journey at any given time. There is a power in all things - alone and heightened in groups of like frequency.

Anna and I shared several upstate NY adventures to the Catskill Mountains.

Finding the 36 Flowers

During the Rosh Hashanah - Yom Kippur holiday window in 2007, Anna visited the Temple Mount with members of the Kabbalah Centre from around the world. She reports the energies in NYC are comparable almost as if they have been moved here on some level. This truly opens a doorway to consciousness no matter where you are. You do not have to be Jewish - your consciousness need only to be aligned with the Star of David frequency - aligning Above with Below.

East Meets West in Time

Last Friday I went to Philadelphia for business and pleasure. Once business was out of the way, my friend, Sherif and I reconnected. Moving with the energetic flow (he's very psychic), we visited the home of George Washington (the Masonic Program established in America), the Liberty Bell (harmonics), took a horse and carriage ride around the city, then returned here to combine that energy with the oblique outside in the park and the flow of the collective unconsciousness above and below as we stood by the water under the bridge.

Out of Cambodia

Saturday I read a strikingly beautiful woman, age 30, 5' 2'', 100 pounds, long dark hair, who was born in the jungles of Cambodia during the war. She and her family came to the US with one bag of clothing in 1984, settling in Boston and working hard to build a life here, still honoring ancient traditions. She is the second of 5 children, her youngest brother born in the US. Currently she resides in the NYC and feels connected to its energies.

From the moment I opened the door, we were captured in each other's energies, one of those epiphanies moments, when time stops. The energies of my home welcomed her as if we stepped into another space and time.

She told me of a recent dream in which she saw me, after which she knew one day we would meet. Last week, her friend mentioned having had a reading with me, so she went to Crystalinks, and knew she had to be here at this time in these energies.

As a child in Cambodia, her Grandmother often took her to the ancient temples, such as the ones in the film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. There her grandmother told her that she had a special destiny as they prayed with the priests.

Fast Forward ...

Though leading the life of an American woman, working as a CPA, she has of late been pulled back to her roots. She has traveled the world for business and pleasure, but only now feels the shift for something once set down by her ancestors, her Grandmother's words echoing in her mind and dreams.

Our reading was very powerful. As she looked in my eyes, she spoke to me of my journey in time, as if viewing it through a window. She told me my eyes have a healing quality she has felt with no other and spoke to me about who I am and why I am here.

And when she left, I knew she would one day return.