Ladybug Adventures

June 19, 2009

Friday started out as a typical George and Ellie Day ... computer stuff, my BTR show at noon, talking to friends, and a visit to Best Buy to see about a HD camcorder to make better quality videos for YouTube. What was strangely interesting was the man who waited on us. In my local store, the sales help is almost always young men in their 20's - students mostly who work part time, and if you return months later, have moved on to something better. That was then ... and this is now!

On this day, the man who waited on us, leaving Father's Day shoppers after his eyes met mine across a crowded room, was a slim, slightly hunched over gentleman who was at least my age (66). No doubt he was local to the area and a Dad himself. To me, seeing him there was a message that the days of retirement, after a lifetime of work, have changed since the global recession, sending people of all ages back into a workplace that has few jobs, especially for the elderly.

Dream Deferred: Americans May Never Retire   Live Science - June 15, 2009

But there he was, and maybe I was supposed to blog about Seniors who have to work, as he was extremely helpful, telling George and I to wait until a new style camcorder, with better quality and flash memory, comes out this year. He also told us to shop in the city, naming the two biggest camera stores, making me realize this man was not a salesperson in a former life, or this life in a former job.

"Thank you," we said as he left to help other shoppers, leaving a pang in my heart for his situation and those of other dads who will have a rough time this year.

George and I headed over to the computer department to explore. Ah .... there it was ... the computer I would buy if I wasn't a Mac girl -- the HP Touch Screen Series. This was truly a fun experience as we explored its options. When my Sprint cell phone plan is up, I'm off to buy a new iphone and change to AT&T as I love the touch screen system. The computer of my dreams types as I dictate and has a touch screen.

Back on 4th Avenue we bought dinner and took the elevator up to the top floor. As we walked down the hall to my apartment, we saw a portal open near the far end near my door, so we knew dessert would be special. Many people have seen that portal as a hazy mist that opens and closes. George and I felt the energies build as we approached.

After dinner ... the portal opened as if on cue ... the energies intensifying as we went through. There was no meditating, eyes closing, nothing hokey, just the next step. Results of our visit ... The program is good to go on all levels, the details residing within its grids left for souls to play out in any belief system of their own design in all realms ... as a process of information gathering. One could equate it to being on a mission, then when finished, detaching and waiting to go back to light.

In a flash George and I were back - sitting at my dining room table - our attention drawn to the sliding glass doors that face the bridge. There, walking slowly upward, as if looking at us through a window in time, was a ladybug, an energetic aspect of our experience.

As I've never seen a ladybug outside my apartment before, it caught me by surprise. George carefully walked over for a closer look, but it fly off. What stunning rose colored wings, I thought, realizing I should have taken a picture, another Kodak moment missed, yet its message clear.

This certainly has been a year for animal symbology - jellyfish, seahorse, dragonfly, and phoenix to name a few ... crop circle landscape art guiding messages to those who place patterns in the fields not far from Stonehenge.

In January a white dove crashed into my window leaving a Jesus imprint. Exactly 24 hours later the Miracle on the Hudson (geese) occurred ... followed by the three red rosettes that appeared here one week later. (Virgin Mary signature)

It's June in the energy of the summer solstice, the sun enters Cancer, a New Moon 1 Cancer ... and now we find a Ladybug ... her signature seemingly significant at this time, further impressing us.