Hearing is Believing

July 2009

Reality is nothing more than sound, light, and color brought forth to experience virtually and vicariously through consciousness.

Check out 'the man above' ... he listens from the sea of creation ... the ear ... fibonacci sequence ...

Consciousness ... fibonacci ... Okay ... you know all that.

Information is always out there ... in the endless stream on consciousness. If your life is busy, its sounds envelop you as you pick and choose what is to be focused on at any given moment ... the rest lost in the maelstrom of chatter that swirls around us.

And then one day ... a word ... a phrase ... heard many times before ... ushers its way into your consciousness and wishes to be HEARD. And when you hear it ... you process it based on the harmonic frequency you are vibrating to at that nanosecond of your life. The word could be about anything in the universe, including the work 'universe' itself, now moving from an astronomical connotation to your very being.

When you hear the word in higher frequency ... your bells and whistles go off ... DONG! DONG! DONG!

Your body may react ... chakras opening ... tingles ... a quiver ... memories flooding your mind ... points of reference connecting ... because somewhere out there you have connected the dots in higher frequency and your soul is smiling and so very proud of you on this day. Remember, it has been waiting an eternity for you to remember ... and now it's time.

For lack of a better expression, these words are 'encoded triggers' in your DNA, time capsules if you will. We all have them. So what does it all mean?

You are getting closer to discovering the truth about reality and your place in it. You've heard what others have to say, as their triggers awaken them in time, falling on deaf ears to you in the past.

Oh ... there are not just one or two triggers. They keep on keepin' on until the end, each one allowing you to process everything around you in higher light.

There's more ... this awakening may be followed by an epiphany so profound you might want to record it in our own design.

If you meditate...you're looking for answers.

If you do visualizations...you're looking for answers.

If you're healing and working on yourself... you are DEFINITELY looking for answers, because you know they are there and coming in with the force of a giant tsunami (fibonacci) in the flow of evolution.

There is nothing you can do to help activate the triggers except to simply be you. Life will take care of itself. You will get it.