A & E Comes to Ellie's World - Psychic Investigators

Monday I could feel the energies building as my cleaning lady cleaned and the building porter removed the last remnants of winter from the living room skylight, all of which made me feel as if planning a wedding in my home - or something that spoke of reunion.

Tuesday June 2, 2009

As I awoke this morning, excited about A & E coming here, I looked at Z who had taken the form of Thoth, the Ibis headed Egyptian God/Scribe who writes eternally and broadcasts universally. "Listen," he said. On the ledge just above my window sparrows had returned and were chirping away.

A herald of spring, the returning sparrow is a symbol of mother goddesses, rebirth and resurrection. The sparrow also symbolizes freedom for human souls by finding the truth.

3:00 A & E Production Crew arrives ...

Every now and again an event comes into your life that totally takes you by surprise, not in the negative way many brace for, but something so positive you wonder who could have set it up ... though in my case I know ... or think I know. Such was my day when the production crew from the A & E channel arrive here to tape for a show called Psychic Investigators on Biography.com.

There were 8 people all told (2 women and 6 men) arriving punctually and bringing with them more hi-tech equipment than I would have deemed worthy for this shoot. Some came from as far away as Toronto, while two men were local to Brooklyn. If I had hand picked this crew, all of them would have been my choice. After having FOX, CBS and NBC here in past years to film me, the sight of all these people and equipment was surprising, not to mention the men were all over 6 feet tall. I felt like I should be teaching a workshop.

Preproduction ...

Arriving first ... two professional photographers set up in the bedroom, making me giggle as it looked like they were planning to shoot porn. Throughout the day they took dozens of portrait shots of me ... culminating in the park under the bridge as the sun set. CUT!

Photos by Zachary Stertz

In the den where I do my work, the executive producer, a beautiful women, Tanya from Toronto, did paper work with me. Enter George ... Tanya and George discovered they had the same birthday (December 18) also shared with Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt and not far from the December 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar date. George did Tanya's chart (he's the best astrologer I know) .. as they went on to discuss that Sagittarius was the best sign. Ahem .... Don't expect this Aquarian to buy into that, as we know we rule and this is our time (giggle)! George says we're too detached. Exit Ellie ....

Over in the living room the rest of the crew created a sound stage, my perfectly cleaned windows and sliding doors, now covered with black cloths ... and everything else rearranged to create a spiritual ambiance.

Hair ... make-up ... and everything else in place, we were finally good to go. Roll camera ...

For two hours we discussed the Kimberly Antonakos case ... then as we shot the final question ... all became clear ... at least to me. FADE TO BLACK.

Kimberly, the girl who was kidnapped and brutally murdered during a botched kidnapping in 1995 had returned to my home with her father Tommy, who died a few years ago. Jordan, the cameraman saw the crystal chandelier above me shake as they entered and told us about it after we finished the shoot. Great special effects.

When Kimberly's father, Tommy Antonakos from Staten Island, and I first met, he came here with 2 policemen. It was shortly after Kimberly's murder. As I had been correct on many points, they were again seeking answers. One policeman was a believer, the other was not, but that was back in 1995 when we were less enlightened, especially men. There I was, seated at my table with 4 men - guns in shoulder holsters ... giving them more detailed information ... when suddenly the doorbell rang shaking me back to this reality.

No ... it was not spirit. It was the new landlord of my building who had come to introduce himself ... now looking into my apartment. Gulp! I asked Z for protection as the landlord glanced at the men with guns seated at my table looking very somber. Would the landlord ask me to move out based on first impressions!? A thousands questions filled my mind which would remain unanswered until I signed my lease a week later and the landlord discovered what I did for a living. Since then he has come to me for advice ... but that's another story (stories).

After Kimberly's killers were captured and prosecuted, Tommy had three sessions with me. A handsome man, I 'looked' ahead and knew he would age quickly. I wore many hats with Tommy - Counselor (he had lost his only child) - Medium (talking to Kim) - and Friend. We discussed many things, the three of us ... then I never saw him again until ...

Two years ago, a woman came to see me from Staten island, just over the Verrazano Bridge which often acts as a catalyst/portal for me and Spirit. She had gotten my name from a girlfriend. As we began the session, I saw a man coming towards us over the bridge and asked if she had recently lost someone. As tears fell from her eyes, she said she had just lost her boyfriend to cancer.

I looked up and exclaimed, "That's Tommy Antonakos!" a connection between him and I ensuing. Shocked, my client asked how I knew Tommy - and I explained our connection. She had entered his life two years prior and filled me in on a man who lived in grief and pain in the days after Kim's passing, then as caretaker to his mother who also passed not long after Kim. Everything my client told me were things I had predicted for Tommy when he was here. And now he had returned.

... And on the day of this TV taping I came to understand that Kimberly and Tommy had in some way been responsible for the events of the day ... arriving in my home to give thanks to me and to say good-bye.

After we finished filming, we all walked down to the park beneath the bridge. It had rained briefly leaving behind a misty fog which moved under the bridge as if spirit in motion. After taking more photos, the fog lifted on cue, and the sun came out - or should I say the setting sun. Again photos were taken ... and as they were ... Jordan called us over to look in his viewfinder. There were 2 spirits crossing over the bridge as we watched. Was it light refraction once again? No ... as they were in motion and were being taped and photographed.

For me it was as if Tommy and Kimberly had come to say good-bye one final time and I smiled inside and out.

It was time to move on for Spirit and those who came to honor and record the day.

"What's next?" I asked Tanya.

"We're not through for the day," she said. "We are going to Coney Island. Something ties this bridge to that area and we want to film there."

I looked at Z ... If they only knew...

We walked off into the sunset ... each of us having come away better for the events that transpired on this day.