Easter Week 2009 - Destruction and Resurrection

This year we celebrated Passover and Easter in the same week, along with a full moon in Libra. One message is totally clear this year. This was a time of destruction, mixed with a Knowing (a March 2009 film about destruction and rebirth) that something new will emerge from the flames of destruction. Reality always follows a pattern of destruction and rebirth. Society, especially the global economies, are restructuring. As we look to the Middle East on these holidays we find gods linked to resurrection.

Osiris, was a mythological god who was magically resurrected, as many believe was the destiny of Jesus. Would you pray to Osiris for help and guidance? Maybe if you were experiencing in the ancient Egyptian program, but in this reality, souls are programmed to connect with Jesus, or just plain God, as their saviour. Do you need a God? Do you need a saviour? Do you need to pray? Do you enjoy the energies of prayer as a means of cleansing and getting closer to a higher frequency source of creation the way people feel when they meditate and do energy work? Where is your consciousness now on a 1-10?

We speak of myths and magic ... UFO's and aliens ... and you believe in all of it ... maybe. Imagine, if a you will, something recording the events of the physical Earth experience throughout 'time' - perhaps something like the alien gray artifact featured in "Taken" that bleeps out of physical reality and into light at the end.

On the matter of UFO's and Creation .... over at the History Channel, there's a program called UFO Hunters - where 3 investigators seek to prove the existence of UFO's and aliens. It's a 2009 update on old stories, yet for some this is new information. This week the show was about USO's - Unidentified Submerged Objects.

If you watched that episode, the second guest was Maximillien de Lafayette - someone I met in 2007, and talk to from time to time. Max has mentioned me in several of his books and is a colorful character to say the least. Max sees us out of here in 2020, give or take, and locks his theories into the return of the Eloheim. He has many theories, on just about everything.

As with author Daniel Pinchbeck - another colorful character who visited here last Sunday - he has his theories and I have mine as we journey through this reality to a destiny we all know is close at hand. Daniel believes in a higher frequency Earth where polyamory exists, he has 3 women and is in charge of whatever. I doubt that I'm on his list of choices. Hey .. whatever floats your USO ...

At the end of the day ... it's all For Entertainment Purposes Only and ...

It's All a Myth

Resurrection: A History of Myths Live Science - April 10, 2009

Hermes the Magician

Myth, Math, Metaphor and Magic


Red (emotions) Sea (See, Collective Unconsciousness)
(Splitting Consciousness)

Easter Sunday

Destruction and Resurrection

Cycles of existence move from destruction to resurrection. The Earth is unstable and coming unglued - a parallel to human consciousness as the program closes to begin anew.

Italy April 2009: 6.3 L'Aquila earthquake and Volcanism in Italy
Greece: Santorini
New Fault Found in Europe; May "Close Up" Adriatic Sea National Geographic - January 26, 2008

Society and all social systems are changing - some by choice, others by force. Many believe small self-sustainable communities are the way to go, but they won't survive, yet are an experience for those programmed to that end. Everything is uniting now - not breaking down into small components. At the end of the program, as your soul resurrects from the physical grid, your consciousness will create projected imagery that allows you to detach. You may see Jesus, Mary, ET's, someone deceased - beckoning you to come to them. You will not understand the illusions of light, until you become part of it and the massive super-consciousness that creates it all.


The Earth is made of many of layers.

Sometimes, these layers shake and quake so we will awake.

Consciousness and realities have many layers.

In the mirrors of the mind and the windows of time

souls move into physical consciousness through geometric design

to experience the layers of reality.

Mt. Redoubt

Sulphuric Dioxide Loop - Spaceweather.com - April 8, 2009

Since Mt. Redoubt began a series of ongoing eruptions on March 22, 2009, it has created a sulfur dioxide gas loop approximately 600 miles - a long plume of stratospheric SO2 which split, half drifting across the northern reaches of Canada - the other half swirling off the Pacific coast of North America. About Volcanoes

Mt. Redoubt - Plasma Volcanoes
Thunderbolts - April 8, 2009