The Strange Case of the Three Appearing Red Rosettes

Thursday around 3:30 PM, while reading a male client, we got on the subject of the bloodline. Generally while reading clients I look at the various portals through which spirits come to visit. There are 3 main points of entry in my dining room - so generally I am aware of the comings and goings of spirits. These portals have electronically been measured as having high electromagnetic energy.

As I sat with my client, my attention was riveted to the top of the breakfront to my left, as I noticed something red near a non-flowering plant. I paused and looked up, my client turning to see what I was looking at. I climbed up on my chair and retrieved 3 red satin rosettes that had been placed along the edge of the breakfront, obviously to get my attention. They were apparently new. I don't have rosettes in my sewing basket and never use them.

There have been many 'personal signs' for me these days - from Dilmun's return in December 2008 to say he is here to protect me - to the events on January 14, 2009 - the white dove and the Jesus imagery - and now 3 red rosettes of unknown origin - in the metaphoric fabric of time.

I showed the rosettes to my client who found it all fascinating especially as a large flock of birds flew off the roof at that moment and passed in front of us. Birds have really been messengers in recent weeks.

My client was not here to talk to anyone who had crossed over. The rosettes were not there before he sat down or I would have noticed them. There was no one in my home who could have physically placed the flowers on the breakfront ... and frankly why would they. No matter where they came from - they were a message ... for me.

Later I asked Z where the rosettes came from. He showed me a diamond encrusted alicorn pointing upward (horns, cones, consciousness, sacred geometry metaphors).

In the evening I replaced the roses on the breakfront to take a picture, then removed them to take the close-up. I called George who was at home in his Manhattan apartment. George said that he had never heard of spirits who leave roses made of fabric vs. real flowers and petals. As we discussed the 'rose story' ... amazingly his apartment filled with the scent of roses. Before we hung up, I said to George, "You're never going to believe where I unconsciously put the rosettes for safe keeping ... on the mantel in front of my antique mantel clock in the bedroom." (Shades of Sarah and Alexander at the end of the story.)

Discussing this with my friend Mike, he saw the Apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn Chapel. It all goes to the journey and closing chapter of the bloodline.

My research took me to Rosette ----> Rosetta Stone ----> Phaistos Disc (Egypt, Greece, Stargates, and Rebirth Symbology)

To me ... Dilmun represents the return of the bloodline characters - Jesus is the male and the rosettes the female goddess (Mary) energies.

One week later ...

These sounds manifested in front of the breakfront just beneath the rosettes, with no apparent source of origin. There was no sound in the walls nor on the roof, or anywhere else to have created them. They lasted for about 5 minutes. My next door neighbor, on the other side of the wall, heard nothing.

Such is the journey of the Rose Bloodline, linked to the frequency of Jesus, Mary, and their descendants. Maybe the tones signal something within you.

This remains an enigma in a growing list as the program closes.

One year later .... January 2010

After 4 years, both plants have suddenly grown long red flowers.

Deciphering the Signs

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January 14, 2009

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