Social Networking 2009

It's always about the grids and the experiences we have within.

A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities. Many people do not like social networking for any number of reasons that are understandable. It is not for everyone. Some do it for business, some to make friends, and others to find people and in so doing find themselves (an age old quest).

The Quickening: In the realm of duality, in which we consciously exist at this level, social networking has its positives and negatives. Most of all it can be beneficial in helping people find answers to heal and move forward far more quickly than ever before. We are rushing along to some greater destiny and the fast pace ... keeps us on our toes. Anything that unites human consciousness ... will become popular to that end.

So why blog about social networking again? It has to do with a female client who lived as an abused wife for many years. Through Facebook she met many people who shared her experience and had escaped a tortured life. My client feared her husband, and had no time or opportunity to seek help and nowhere to go. This poor woman found friends and support online enabling her to break old patterns, then leave a situation that had been familiar and easier to live with than moving on in the past.

In the past 10 years, since the world embraced the Internet, souls have experienced more healing than in all of history combined.

Do you see the pattern of evolutionary change and awareness and where it's all headed?

What happens when dedicated internet services die off? What's next? Telepathy? Yes.

The holidays are coming - and with that some will enjoy their time, while others will be 'down' for any number of reasons. Perhaps meeting a friend met on a social network will help ease difficult times. This is not about dating services, though some are finally attracting a more functional class of people. This is just about connection and being happy.

Social Networking July 2009