Sometimes things are as plain as the Smile on your Face

Grandson Matthew (Leo) and the Silly Smile

Children with brightest smiles have successful marriages - April 15, 2009

You look at your childhood photos and wonder ... is there a link between weak smiles in childhood and divorce later in life? If it was only that easy. I always smiled from the heart in my childhood photos, but divorced my husband, Ralph, to fulfill my destiny. Marriage and codependency did not give me the freedom to make my own choices and mistakes. Also .. I could not remain with a man who did not 'get it' - was not conscious - though he was a great guy and wonderful father. We simply had fun and family - sharing for 20 years - then moved on. I still remember him telling me, after our divorce, that he always knew deep down inside that I had something special to do and would one day leave him to fulfill it. We raised strong children who are all happily married and have careers and families of their own.

Do the smiles we capture on the face of a child really reflect what is going on inside and a future timeline of relationship behavior? Do children with faked smiles project future emotional problems?

Actually a good look at one's palm print, astrology chart, or numerology chart, tells it all about divorce.

Obviously a child with a series of photos displaying strong smiles, having a great childhood and no chemical imbalance in the brain (a biochemical machine) will most likely be successful whatever they do. You can see it in everything they do, what they say, and how they think (watch them when their brain is processing).

One need only check the emotional codes of their parents, and both sets of grandparents, to know the answers. Also - we attract by design - by our emotional codes and what they came here to experience. Therefore - if you are designed to attract positive experiences, so shall it be. If your biogenetic make-up is designed for drama - spending most of your life searching for answers and healing - that which creates balance and clarity for you - then that is your destiny, no matter how much you smile. You will say things like, "Why does this always happen to me?" Whereas the positively programmed souls will see the dramas coming, unconsciously shift their grid experiences and know they can change their destiny back to the way it was designed. Lack of clarity and decisiveness is what causes drama.

They say some people smile on the outside, but cry on the inside - the clown - the trickster within - controlling. The smile must come from the soul. In this day and age, the soul rules to bring you into conscious awareness asap - smiles or no smiles. It's time to 'get it'.

Some children are shy and hate to have their picture taken. Other make silly faces. Some smile large because they are afraid of their parents who expect them to look happy. One must examine many photos of the child (if they exist) to know the psychological profile.

As to divorce ... or the break up of a long term relationship ... most people do that ... sometimes more than once. Therapy in these situations always speaks to childhood issues - the inner child or emotional body - wounded due to genetic predisposition or abuse.

If you understand the connection between psychology and the journey of the soul, you can determine the patterns - for that is all we are - a series of dots and dashes - algorithms - having an emotional experience in the physical and coming away with whatever we are programmed to experience and overcome.

There is nothing as joyous as child who laughs from the heart with a sweet innocence that goes deeply beneath the surface and touches those who experience with him/her. Make a child happy today.

In reference to the research study - a bunch of smiling photos does not predict a future divorce. Best to look at other factors to that end, especially the changes in society at a given time and the karmic reason that created the union (marriage) in the first place.