Ellie's World Archives 2023


Oscars 95 - Everything Everywhere All at Once - Time and Timing
My Daughter Nikki Wins a Tech Awards on International Women's Day 2023

Star People Revisited
Chile Connections to Antarctica's Underground Bases
Antarctica - The Hologram Project - Project Highjump - Aliens
The Place Where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet

Vanished - What Happens When People and Objects Go Missing?
Alaskan Anomalies
The Bermuda Triangle and Related Areas of Disappearance
MH370 The Plane that Disappeared

View from my Window - Special Effects - Ships - Beam Me Up
Sphinx - Z - The Lion's Tail/Tale - Fade to Black
The Galactic Keyhole - Keyhole Symbolism
Full Crow Moon - Tesla the White Pigeon Returns

Ellie's Blue Photo - Spirit of Joan DeMaio - The Door and the Keyhole
The Spirit of Joan DeMaio - Full Moon Sunset Pics

The Verdict - Alex Murdaugh
Dr. Seuss - The Final Chapter

Impact - Meteors - How did Life on Earth Begin?
The Unexpected - Closure Comes Out of the Blue

Duke the Great White Pyrenees and the February 2023 Winter Storm
St. Germain - Real or fiction? Human or Immortal?

Ellie Turning 80 With Family, Friends, and Aliens

Acts of War - Biden Visits Ukraine - Russia-Ukraine Conflict One Year Later
Violence Comes to Bay Ridge Brooklyn and the Campus of MSU
Morning People and Neanderthal Genes
     Moonrise Over the Verrazano Bridge- Amazing Sunset - Spring in February

Bay Ridge Sunset Pics February 13, 2023 - Enveloping the Universe
Unidentified Flying Objects
     Drones and Balloons Shot Down - Alaska, Yukon, Lake Huron, Michigan Triangle

UFOs Monitoring Natural Disasters & Preventing Nuclear Ones
Remembering Melinda Dillon - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

February 6, 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes and Aftershocks
     Mythology: Epic of Gilgamesh ~ Flood Stories ~ Anunnaki Gods ~ Zoroaster
     The Future of Everything
     Strange Bird Behavior Before the Earthquakes in Turkey
     Lenticular Cloud over Turkey - UFO Connections
     Donut Effect, Osiris, Black Hole, Sacred Geometry
     Paradigms are Patterns - 90 Degrees of Separation
     Solar Polar Vortex Emerges - Solar Max - 2025

Weather Whiplash
     Ellie's Adventures in the Park
     Fractals and Fibonacci Sequence
     Snowscapes and Lamp Lights
     Record Setting Low Temperature - Ice Storms
     Ice Covered Weeping Willow Trees
     Purple Full Moon
     Leo Full Moon ~ The Little and the Lion in Time
     Wormholes, Time Travel Harmonics, Grammys

Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs Beat Eagles in Final Seconds - Rihanna Performs
ChatGPT - Editing Necessary

The Lost City - Cradle of Life
Everything Everywhere All At Once
2023 It's All Connected
The Last of Us - Adventures of Ellie and Joel
Doomsday Clock 2023 - A Storm is Coming
     Waiting at the Station. Vanishing Point. It's About Time.
     Ellie's Dream of 2025, Dean's Astrology & Astronomy
     Doomsday Clock 2025, Climate Change, Flood Stories
     Astronomy, Moon's Wobble, Pyramid and Hourglass

Final Connections
     Aquarius, Sun and Moon
     UFO Updates and Distractions 2023
     Emotions and Memory - Repository of Information - Stargate SG1
     Dreams and Memories are often Gray areas - We are Time Travelers
     Explorations to the Unknown - Making Contact
     It's All Connected

Pink Fluorescence Under the Dome - Cactus - Ancient Egypt
Red Hook and the Migrant Crisis Merge in Brooklyn
Why We Choose The Homes We Do
Weird Houses Around the World
The Sea Calls, Inception, Climate, California Flooding, Ellen DeGeneres

Who Misplaced or Stole the Classified Documents? UFOs and Presidents
The Epic Battle to Make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House

Buffalo, New York 2022-2023 (Storms, Earthquake, Damar Hamlin Medical Emergency)
Grandson Matthew Attends Tulane Win at Cotton Bowl - Bills' Damar Hamlin Injured

Remembering Lisa Marie Presley
Remembering Cindy Williams
"Spare" - Prince Harry's Memoirs
Award Season 2023 - Changes In Perspective

This is the Year of Big Ideas - Sunset Reflections - Janus God of Beginnings and Endings
Happy New Year from Ellie and Z - The God Equation
2022 In Review Many Themes