Return Thru Antarctica

If you know anything about me, you know I'm connected to Antarctica. It was the place my mind automatically went when I did my first Remote View in 1989.

I've always remembered my lifetime as a physicist in Nazi Germany, and all that went on with time travel experiments, aliens, UFOs, and things Ellie Crystal is not programmed to understand.

I've met many people along the way who have the same memories, in the same labs, doing the same experiments with the same names of co-workers, so I know there is validity to all of this.

One thing has always been clear ... things would come full circle at the end of an experiment called The Hologram Project.

Of course, this all seems far fetched, but not really after you've been taken on a UFO and shown the future as we perceive it in linear time.

No one has the skills to understand the simulation. This much I do know ... I will return through the black hole linked to World War II and the Antarctica Portal Device.

The answers are coming and the government doesn't have them.

Operation Highjump - Admiral Byrd

The 'Battle of Antarctica' was part of Operation Highjump. In 1946 Admiral Richard Byrd and a US Task Forces went to Antarctica to destroy the remaining Nazi bases. There they allegedly did battle with an armament of UFOs - months before the Roswell UFO Incident July 1947.

Present day ... On 3/3/2023 - Ancient Aliens presented an episode called Return to Antarctica that had originally aired May 31, 2019. Among the topics discussed was the disappearance of objects over Antarctica.

Tagline: Has Antarctica served as a home base for extraterrestrial visitors to Earth for thousands of years? As human exploration of the frozen continent increases, are we about to come face to face with both the ruins of an ancient advanced civilization buried under the ice - and perhaps even aliens that still inhabit the frozen continent to this day?

When I watched the episode it brought to mind my current blogs which all seem to link to a theme about 'disappearance'. Is the message ... "We are next?"

The aliens are gone - remnants of their existence under Antarctica still remain.

Drones monitor the planet so we don't destroy it before the end of the experiment. It's no longer about aliens or the abandoned city and UFOs under Antarctica, but about the shimmering black hole beneath which has grown bigger over the past year ... as if waiting. Holographic Universe and the Black Hole.

Chile Connections to Antarctica's Underground Bases

March 10, 2023

Ancient Aliens replayed an episode I must have missed the first time - Destination Chile that originally aired February 8, 2020.

We know aliens were part of the historical landscape of our planet from the beginning as well as being part of the human experiment but I made a more interesting discovery today.

The southern tip of Chile is not far from Antarctica and the underground alien bases I post about.

You may also remember that after Allied forces defeated Germany in World War II thousands of Nazi officers, high-ranking party members and collaborators including many notorious war criminals - escaped across the Atlantic finding refuge in South America, particularly in Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Hitler was allegedly aware of underground bases below Antarctica, having sent an expedition there. Perhaps, as told me, he escaped to Argentina -> to Antarctica, eventually leaving on a UFO. That story is hearsay, but those who have told it to me believe that's what happened to him. Link to Aldebaran

The Narrative

Time Travel, Nazi Experiments, Thule, Antarctica, Black Hole

Connecting the dots ...

WWII Time Travel Experiments. Extraterrestrials. Argentina. Antarctica.
Aldebaran. Sirius. Orion. Betelgeuse. Pleiades. Black Hole. Simulation Theory.

TV Series - Stargate SG1

Antarctica was The Lost City tied in with Atlantean Mythology and a Portal to another Galaxy.