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Tuesday May 28, 2024

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In the end there's a fine line between becoming too enamored of your own success and maintaining the confidence to do what you need to do.

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For What It's Worth - Back in Manhattan

What happens if Trump is convicted in hush-money trial?

May 28, 2024 - 8:13 pm (half sun)

May 29, 2024 - 8:12 pm (full sun)

When and where to watch in New York City

Manhattanhenge - sometimes referred to as the Manhattan Solstice - is an event during which the setting sun is aligned with the east-west streets of the main street grid of Manhattan in New York City. This occurs twice a year, on dates evenly spaced around the summer solstice. The first Manhattanhenge occurs at the end of May and the second mid-July.

Verrazano Bridge Shrouded in Fog

Waking up to the sounds of foghorns from ships sailing under the bridge has become the norm for May. Climate change is speaking to humanity ... No longer does one have the option to say they are not affected. Try to enjoy the beauty of nature and your surroundings while they still present.

Memorial Day 2024 Blog

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

Gigantic Iceberg in Antarctica Tears Loose in Major Calving Event

Kilauea Reveals A New 'Stomp Rocket' Type Of Volcanic Eruption

As many as 2,000 people feared buried under Papua New Guinea landslide as survivors dig with hands and spades

At least 19 killed in tornado-spawning storms sweeping central US

Despite a heatwave in Puebla, Mexico, locals were surprised after several feet of hail fell during an unexpected storm.

Ethereal algal vortex blooms at the heart of massive Baltic 'dead zone'

'A force more powerful than gravity within the Earth': How magnetism locked itself inside our planet

Health in the News

Health Index

Something In Pomegranates May Help The Brain Stave Off Alzheimer's

There Are Critical Differences in The Brains of Girls Diagnosed With Autism

No, All That Sugar Won't Make Your Kid Hyperactive. Even if They Have ADHD

How rain can make you happier and healthier

25 Year Study Reveals Disturbing Effect Heat Waves Are Having on Births

New Type of Reversible Male Contraception Proves a Success in Mouse Study

Male Birth Control Pill That’s Safe, Reversible, And Hormone-Free Could Be Inching Nearer

Alzheimer's Disease With No Symptoms? 12 Very Unusual Cases Are Showing How

Mysterious Viral DNA in Human Genome Linked With Psychiatric Disorders

This New Blood Test Could Help Solve The Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis

Space in the News


Mystery of 'slow' solar wind unveiled by Solar Orbiter mission

Auroras could paint Earth's skies again in early June. Here are the key nights to watch for

Could Martian atmospheric samples teach us more about the red planet than surface samples?

Volcanoes On Venus Might Still Be Erupting In Widely Spread Locations

We've Just Seen The First Galaxies in The Universe Being Born

'Death Star' Black Holes Can Rapidly Swivel Massive Beams Onto New Targets

Physics in the News


Physicists Demonstrate Room Temp Quantum Storage in 2D Material

10 Human Beings Who Appear to Defy the Laws of Physics

Technology in the News

Apple Bets That Its Giant User Base Will Help It Win in AI

Animals in the News

Animals - Birds

Crows can count out loud, startling study reveals. This is the first time an animal other than humans has been seen performing the feat of vocal numeracy

Fish are adapting to weightlessness on the Chinese space station

Human Evolution in the News

Creation out of Africa - Human Creation

The list should include proximity to the Great Pyramid though the details of the rise of the human experiment are more complex than any geographic location .

Our human ancestors arose in Africa due to many factors, including climate.

Archaeology in the News


Cultural and linguistic networks of central African hunter-gatherers have ancient origin, study finds

Paleontology in the News


Man Finds Three Mammoth Skeletons In His Wine Cellar

Neanderthals could talk - but how sophisticated was their language?

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