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August 21, 2017 - New Moon / Solar Eclipse 28° Leo

August 22, 2017 - Sun in Virgo

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Virgo.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury.

Sunday August 20, 2017    9:22 AM EDT

This week political and conspiracy buffs await the current turn of events in US history. Are Trump and associates, in or out of the White House, aiming to change the face of the political systems in the United States? Is it to help revolutionize things or as always about power and control ... and of course money. Always there are behind the scenes conspiracies and the players programmed to act them out. Most interesting last week was the removal of Steve Bannon who returned to Breitbart to complete what he believes is his mission. Having a mission is what we are programmed to seek - our purpose for being here - to make a difference etc. etc. etc. I expect Kellyanne Conway to leave next ... and there will be others in the Trump WH ... until there are none. Tick tock.

Today's Birthdays

John Noble is an award winning Australian actor
Theater director of more than 80 plays
Currently appearing in "Salvation"
He studies theoretical physics.

About American Politics:
"Could any sane person actually believe this?"

Other Birthdays, News, and Events Today

2017 Protest in Charlottesville, Virginia

Robert E. Lee Plaques Removed

Remembering Elvis 40 Years Later

August 16, 2017    8:00 PM EDT

Many people are headed to Tennessee now for the eclipse and to honor the memory of Elvis Presley at Graceland. It's hard to believe that Elvis died 40 years ago. Like many women in my age group, we had a mad crush on him and his iconic music. My husband Ralph and I saw Elvis in concert in Las Vegas - front row. Though I wasn't working as a psychic then - I connected with his soul after he passed.

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