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Friday December 8, 2023

Teri Hatcher - Videos - Filmography

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December 7-15, 2023

Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating. We all know this is a very difficult time for the Hebrew people and others involved with the Middle East conflict, but hopefully some joy will come into your life in this holiday season - whatever you celebrate - wherever it takes you.

Christmas decorations in the lobby of my building 2023

Ellie and the Christmas Tree in the Park

Twinkling Lights and Shining Stars

As Hanukkah begins we remember producer, screenwriter, and TV Titan Norman Lear a shining star who passed away Wednesday December 6, 2023 at age 101. For decades he was a household name who made the small screen bigger - stretching TV boundaries to share new stories with humor.

Quote: "Laughter adds time to your life." He preferred not to say "Goodbye" instead using an expression I often use in my blogs: "To be continued ..."

Norman Lear leaves behind a rich and complicated legacy

View From My Terrace Thursday Morning

Brenda Lee makes history with Christmas classic 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' on the 65th Anniversary of the holiday classic with a new music video for 2023

Taylor Swift

Great Choice. Taylor Swift worked so hard. Wishing her continued success and happiness.

Taylor Swift named Time's Person of the Year

Behind the Scenes of TIME's 2023 Person of the Year Issue

Free Will Rewind 2023

Free Will is part of the illusion in the simulation of our reality. It goes along with the concept of hope and being able to heal and overcome obstacles - part of the algorithm of physical reality.

If Free Will existed, how different all of our lives would be. We could change the negative and experience the concepts of love and light - but that is not how reality is program for most people.

Third dimension is a linear time insert to experience emotions, which cannot happen if we have the ability to change things to our liking.

Also, remember that everything is connected and that if you were to change your destiny, it would ripple out to everyone else's. In truth, your life evolves based on your DNA codes for experience which brought you here today.

Does Science Really Show Free Will Doesn't Exist? Here's What You Need to Know   Science Alert - December 6, 2023

Free Will May Just Be the Brain's 'Background Noise,' Scientists Say   Live Science - June 20, 2014
Free Will may arise from a hidden signal buried in the "background noise" of chaotic electrical activity in the brain, and that this activity occurs almost a second before people consciously decide to do something.

Free will is an illusion, biologist says   PhysOrg - March 3, 2010
Conscious thought is simply a reflection of, rather than an influence on, unconscious neural activity, which directs behavior.


Monday evening I was thinking about not being in the holiday spirit as in the past - when I decided to go to Facebook and see what my friends posted. I also remembered an email I got Monday morning from a client of many years named David - telling me that he feels detached from this reality - a common thread in my readings and people I meet in general. The image below is the first one that popped up as I thought ... How close are we to closure?

Space in the News

Astronomy Index

Earth may have had all the elements needed for life - contrary to theories that they came from meteorites

Asteroid will pass in front of bright star Betelgeuse to produce a rare eclipse visible to millions

You Won't Need A Telescope To See Next Week's Rare Occultation Of Betelgeuse

'The Famous Halley's Comet Reaches Aphelion This Weekend

Peering deep into 'The Brick,' a dark, chaotic gas cloud at the heart of the Milky Way

The early galaxy AzTECC71 is so far away it keeps disappearing from telescope observations. A new study by the James Webb Space Telescope finally pins it down.

Intergalactic 'stream of stars' 10 times longer than the Milky Way is the 1st of its kind ever spotted

The Peregrine Lunar Lander is set to launch on Dec 24. Here's what it'll bring to the moon

One of the brightest stars in the sky will 'blink out' on Dec. 12. Here's how to watch.

Minor Planet Chiron Doesn't Have Rings After All - It's Something Weirder

Ancient stars made extraordinarily heavy elements, researchers find

For its final trick, Chandrayaan-3 brings its propulsion module to Earth orbit

After 10 Billion Years, A Star named SO-6 - From Outside The Milky Way Reached Its Heart

Black holes are missing in the early universe, and computers are after them

Iran says it sent a capsule capable of carrying animals into orbit as it prepares for human missions

Module that powered historic moon mission has returned to Earth's orbit

Astronauts on the International Space Station celebrate 25 years of their vehicle in orbit

Astronomers determine the age of three mysterious baby stars at the heart of the Milky Way

Dark galactic region nicknamed 'The Brick' explained with Webb findings

Hundreds of Dead Stars Discovered Pulsing Gamma Rays in Massive Sky Survey

Gigantic 'hole' in the sun wider than 60 Earths is spewing superfast solar wind right at us

How to see the bright Andromeda Galaxy shine overhead this week

Mercury may have a 'potentially habitable' region below its surface, salty glaciers suggest

Physics in the News


The pic above takes me to simulation theory. It represents the old 3D models -> which segues to current thought based on Black Hole Theory that suddenly seems antiquated to me as if something new is about to emerge in the world of science to validate the creation hypothesis. We are 'almost' there.

How To Test If We're Living In A Computer Simulation - a branch of science called information physics

Bold New Theory Seeks To Unify Einstein's Relativity And Quantum Mechanics

Physicists 'entangle' individual molecules for the first time, hastening possibilities for quantum computing

New dark matter theory explains two puzzles in astrophysics

After a five-year pause, on the evening of 26 September, lead ions collided at the Large Hadron Collider

Physicist explains X-rays that shouldn't exist in 'cold' plasma

The World's Biggest Nuclear Fusion Reactor Just Came Online

Cracked Piece of Metal Heals Itself in Experiment That Stuns Scientists

Is Earth inside a giant void or bubble? It could solve one of cosmology's biggest puzzles

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

California's greenhouse gas emissions are rising, and we're not even counting them all

Scientists Warn The Atmosphere Hasn't Been Like This in 14 Million Years

Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda is warmer and more acidic than ever, 40 years of observation show

What Are Cave Pearls And Which Caves Can You Find Them In?

Earth on Brink of Five Catastrophic Climate Tipping Points, Report Warns

Satellite Images Shows Japan's Newest Volcanic Island Is Growing

Dredging up New York City's glacial memory

Climate tipping points are nearer than you think. Our new report warns of catastrophic risk

Water crisis in South Africa: Damning report finds 46% contamination, 67% of works near to breaking down

The impacts of extreme heat on health and well-being in the United Kingdom

Jet stream will get faster as climate change continues, study finds

Video: Watch As River Currents Form Giant Rotating Ice Disc in Inner Mongolia

A shipboard monitoring system is giving researchers much-needed measurements of Antarctic wind, waves and ice

Major Antarctic glacier passed a tipping point in the last 80 years, research reveals

Solar storm from 1977 reveals how unprepared we are for the next 'big one'

How The Building Blocks Of Life Survived Early Earth's Extreme Radiation

Health in the News

Health Index

Evidence in Humans Shows Stress Really Can Turn Hair Gray. But It Could Be Reversed.

The dirty truth about taking your shoes off at the door

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Says

Unexpected Protein Linked to Early-Onset Dementia in Huge Discovery

Can a Supplement Really Help Control Those Pesky Eye Floaters?

'Useless' Organ That Doctors Often Remove Could Actually Fight Cancer

Evidence in Humans Shows Stress Really Can Turn Hair Gray. But It Could Be Reversed.

Most Extensive Real-World Study on HIV Prevention Drug PrEP: The Results Are in

Cannabis And Psychosis Are Linked, And This Could Be Why

Dyslexia Differs Across Languages, Especially When It Comes To English

'Halo' Device Coming in 2025 Is Designed to Induce Lucid Dreams

Tinnitus Could Be Our Brain's Way of Coping With Nerve Damage

People with PTSD feel like they're reliving past experiences in the present. This may be tied to how the brain processes memories of those experiences.

Pioneering Brain Implant Restores Patients' Cognitive Function Years After Traumatic Brain Injury

Archaeology in the News


Mysterious Ancient Cemetery in Finland Is Devoid of Human Remains

Temple linked to Hercules and Alexander the Great discovered in ancient megacity in Iraq

Finland - Possible Arctic graveyard may be northernmost Stone Age cemetery - but there are no human remains to prove it

7 extraordinary African kingdoms from ancient times to centuries ago

Paleontology in the News


Closer look at the Menga dolmen shows it was one of the greatest engineering feats of the Neolithic

Colossal Prehistoric Tomb Was Greatest Engineering Feat Of The Stone Age

132-Million-Year-Old Mystery Fossil's True Identity Is Finally Revealed

Stone Age Cave Dwelling Found Exactly As It Was Left 17,000 Years Ago

Fossil Plant Turns Out To Be Over 100-Million-Year-Old Baby Turtle

Elephants Twice The Weight Of Mammoths Were Hunted By Neanderthals 125,000 Years Ago

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