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April 28, 2017

Donald Trump's first 100 days as President is ending as it began, in a tempestuous flurry of activity, executive power flexing and controversy. And just like the President's first few days in the White House, it's not immediately clear what exactly it all adds up to. On the one hand, the White House is insisting, like the boss in the Oval Office, that the First 100 days milestone is ridiculous, but on the other hand they are by all indications racing to make the most of every hour until Saturday. Inside Donald Trump's tumultuous first 100 days CNN

Also on Day 100 - White House Correspondents' Association Dinner Trump is not attending

Other News, Events and Today's Birthdays

Focus This Week

April 28, 2017    10:00 AM EDT

Political Focus this week takes us to averting a US government shutdown and the presidential election in France now being called the next French Revolution. Everywhere you look people want their old-style establishment governments overthrown even at the risk of something that could turn out worse. The reason is obvious - the old ways no longer work and in most cases never did - perhaps just upscaled version of what came before. Could the answer be as simple as governments in general do not work? Read More ...

New Moon Supermoon 6° Taurus

April 26, 2017    9:00 AM EDT

In the energies of the Supermoon things are heating up on the political front on day .... (Ellie counting back from Saturday) ... ah yes ... day 97 ... but who's counting. Day 100 will come and go and we will enjoy weekend plans especially those of us in the northeast where April showers will give way to sun with temps in the 80's. I once wanted to be a TV weather girl. We all fantasize careers that never happen ... like Trump who dreamed of becoming President. Oh ... wait ... his dream came true and the people of the world protested opening doors to friendships, dreams and the other side.

National Richter Scale Day

April 26, 2017    9:03 AM EDT

Note how the Richter Scale above, and Donald Trump's signature below, share a common thread.

National Richter Scale Day


April 25, 2017    4:11 PM EDT

The day commemorates the 50 year anniversary of James Watson and Francis Crick's discovery (and published article) of the Double Helix, as well as the completion of the Genome Project which took 13 years to complete. The Human Genome Project was completed in April 2003 and this day is to honor that, as well as the discovery of the Double Helix. Read More ...

The story of humanity, and your journey, is written in DNA - the codes of reality brought forth to experience in the algorithms of consciousness.

DNA of extinct humans found in caves

April 28, 2017    10:40 AM EDT

The DNA of extinct humans can be retrieved from sediments in caves - even in the absence of skeletal remains. Researchers found the genetic material in sediment samples collected from seven archaeological sites. The remains of ancient humans are often scarce, so the new findings could help scientists learn the identity of inhabitants at sites where only artifacts have been found. Researchers were able to identify the DNA of various animals belonging to 12 mammalian families, including extinct species such as the woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, cave bear and cave hyena.

Extinction -- Genetics

How cool would it be if they discovered alien DNA ...

First molecular genetic evidence of PTSD heritability discovered

April 25, 2017    2:40 PM EDT

In my experience as a therapist, people who suffer from PTSD were genetically predisposed to mental illness before the traumatic event happened.

The report extends previous findings that showed that there is some shared genetic overlap between PTSD and other mental disorders such as schizophrenia. It also finds that genetic risk for PTSD is strongest among women. many people exposed to even extreme traumatic events do not develop PTSD. Why is that? We believe that genetic variation is an important factor contributing to this risk or resilience ... Read More ...

Genetic map reveals how dog breeds evolved globally

April 25, 2017    1:33 PM EDT

With nearly 400 breeds spanning almost every corner of the planet, dogs have long followed man on his travels. In a bid to piece together the complex evolution of dogs, researchers have looked at the genetic sequences of 161 modern breeds. The resulting map unearths new evidence that dogs travelled with humans across the Bering land bridge 15,000 years ago, and will likely help researchers identify disease-causing genes in both dogs and humans. Read More ...

Scientists identify how the brain predicts speech

April 25, 2017    3:10 PM EDT

Researchers have discovered a mechanisms in the brain's auditory cortex involved in processing speech and predicting upcoming words, which is essentially unchanged throughout evolution. Their research reveals how individual neurons coordinate with neural populations to anticipate events, a process that is impaired in many neurological and psychiatric disorders such as dyslexia, schizophrenia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Read More ...

Team discovers lull in Mars' giant impact history

April 25, 2017    4:00 PM EDT

The new results reveal that Mars' impact history closely parallels the bombardment histories we've inferred for the Moon, the asteroid belt, and the planet Mercury. We refer to the period for the later impacts as the 'Late Heavy Bombardment.' The new results add credence to this somewhat controversial theory. However, the lull itself is an important period in the evolution of Mars and other planets. We like to refer to this lull as the 'doldrums.' The early impact bombardment of Mars has been linked to the bombardment history of the inner solar system as a whole. Read More ...

The March for Science was about many issues on Earth Day as those who are trying to heal, help, and save the planet demonstrated around the world. As you know humans are programmed to make a difference. Some are able to do this as individuals but for the most part group efforts work best - the lesson being "there is strength in unity". Peaceful protests are definitely part of the human dynamic in today's world and therefore will continue on. Everyone knows the importance of science as it advances humanity in both positive and negative ways. Earth Day 2017 March for Science, Lyrids, Giant Icebergs, John Muir, Taurus Themes

Exploding Head Syndrome

April 24, 2017    3:00 PM EDT

The sound of an object crashing to the ground or the sight of a bright flash of light: These are some of the things that people with a condition called exploding head syndrome can sense, even though the events did not really occur, a new study finds. Little is known about this startling syndrome, but it does appear to be more common than previously thought. Despite the condition's name, no actual explosions take place when a person has exploding head syndrome. Rather, the phenomenon is considered to be a "sensory" sleep disorder, according to the study. Read More ...

Happiness is ...

April 27, 2017    8:46 AM EDT

At 14 it's saying goodbye to your braces and showing off your smile. Joie is ready for High School as my six grandchildren grow up. (Joie is the only girl)

Does it make me feel old? Not at all. I think aging is about your mental, emotional and physical health wherever this experience takes you. Looking good Joie!

Joie's Website

Knights Templar

April 24, 2017    3:22 PM EDT

Stunning 800-year-old carvings have been found inside a Knights Templar cave under a crossroads in a small English town. The carvings appear to show pictures of four patron saints as well as scenes with John the Baptist and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The ancient cave was once used by the same religious order that fought in the Crusades and were made famous by the popular Dan Brown book The Da Vinci Code. Read More ...

Remodeling and Buying a Home

April 25, 2017    8:53 AM EDT

Spring is the time people move or remodel their homes, lives, and often beliefs. When planning construction be sure the contractor has great references. Pay as the work progresses. It will always cost you more ... and take longer than projected. People are still getting ripped off.

I work with John the maintenance man in my building. Last week he installed a new gold waterfall faucet in one of my bathrooms. I loved it so much I decided to get another one for the master bathroom. Found it on Amazon

Spring housing: Strongest seller's market ever - NBC

Shungite pyramids for EMF protection and home decor