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New Moon Solar Eclipse 8° Pisces

February 24, 2017    6:26 PM EST

South America and southern Africa set for stunning ring of fire solar eclipse on Sunday

The sun will go around the back of the moon leaving a golden ring of light

Two solar eclipses are happening in 2017 - the next one is 21 August

The best place to watch it is South America and western and southern Africa

You can still see a partial solar eclipse if you are outside this zone

Art ...Then and Now

February 24, 2017    7:00 PM EST

A newly discovered trove of 16 engraved and otherwise modified limestone blocks, created 38,000 years ago, confirms the ancient origins of the pointillist techniques later adopted by 19th and 20th century artists such as Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Camille Pissarro, and Roy Lichtenstein. Pointillism, a painting technique in which small dots are used to create the illusion of a larger image, was developed in the 1880s. However, archaeologists have now found evidence of this technique thousands of years earlier - dating back more than 35,000 years. Read More ...

Have you ever felt you don't belong here?

Star's seven Earth-sized worlds set record

February 22, 2017    4:00 PM EST

Astronomers have detected a record seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star. The researchers say that all seven could potentially support liquid water on the surface, depending on the other properties of those planets. But only three are within the conventional "habitable" zone where life is considered a possibility. The compact system of exoplanets orbits Trappist-1, a low-mass, cool star located 40 light-years away from Earth. Read More ...


February 22, 2017    3:00 PM EST

We use others' eyes - whether they're widened or narrowed - to infer emotional states, and the inferences we make align with the optical function of those expressions. The research reveals, for example, that people consistently associate narrowed eyes - which can enhance visual discrimination - with discrimination-related emotions including disgust and suspicion. Findings show that how we see directly relates to how others see us, through our facial expressions. This is a clear demonstration of emotional embodiment, from sender to receiver. Read More ...


February 22, 2017    9:27 AM EST

Yesterday I met a new tenant in my building who moved to a studio apartment a few doors down. Let's call her Lisa - 30, caucasian, smart, pretty, slim, sweet, a social worker, and going through a divorce.

She invited me to see her apartment which has basic furniture. I suggested that in time adding some plants, pictures etc. it will start to feel more like a home.

Then Lisa told me she was a minimalist with no intention of buying things for the apartment. What did this really mean to Ellie the psychic/therapist? Read More ...

Mind Wandering

February 25, 2017    9:22 AM EST

The brain is an intricate computer. It is affected by many factors - physical and emotional - internal and external. Sometimes the mind wanders off ... or daydreams ... created by any number of triggers or as a pattern in a person's life. I see boredom as one of the key factors in mind wandering as the mind likes stimulation from the minute someone is born. As with all things in the duality of our reality mind wandering can be both positive and negative. It all depends on the circumstances in which it occurs and repercussions that might follow.

Why Mind Wandering Can Be So Miserable, According to Happiness Experts

Short-term Memory Loss

February 21, 2017    10:20 AM EST

Researchers identify human brain processes critical to short-term memory. This study is the first clear demonstration of precisely how human brain cells work to create and recall short-term memories. Confirmation of this process and the specific brain regions involved is a critical step in developing meaningful treatments for memory disorders that affect millions of Americans.Researchers found persistently active neurons in the medial frontal lobe as well as the medial temporal lobe. The neurons remained active even after the patient stopped looking at an image or object. Until now, the medial temporal lobe was thought to be involved only in the formation of new long-term memories. Now, however, the new findings show that both areas of the brain are critical for maintaining short-term memory and rely upon the ongoing activity of the neurons for memorization. Read More ...

The world's insomniacs revealed

February 24, 2017    6:18 PM EST

Interactive tool maps the countries that have trouble sleeping

If you often find yourself tossing and turning in bed with not even counting sheep helping you to sleep, there's good news - you're not alone. A new interactive tool has been released, which shows how many people around the world are also unable to sleep at any given time. Based on people tweeting about their insomnia, the map is designed to help people who struggle to fall asleep to feel less alone in their plight. Read More ...

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