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The Master Plan

July 23, 2016    7:15 PM ET

Ellie's adventures through time and illusion.

The loops of time

Conspiracies ...

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X marks the spot at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

July 19, 2016    2:02 PM ET

The Galactic Center is very interesting - from a black hole to tones that emanate and now an "X". Read More ...

If the Holographic Universe emerges from the event horizon of a black hole - or a black hole itself - is this where creation began and spirals back at the end of the illusion of time? "X" - Connect the top and bottom lines and you have The Hourglass of Time. Hourglass or Our Class?

Weird quantum effects stretch across hundreds of miles

July 19, 2016    1:32 PM ET

Scientists have discovered strange quantum effects hold, even over hundreds of miles. In longest test of quantum mechanics, researchers find neutrinos, traveling over 450 miles at close to speed of light, have no single identity. In the world of quantum, infinitesimally small particles, weird and often logic-defying behaviors abound. Read More ...

'Irrelevant note' in Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook holds key to theory of friction

July 19, 2016    6:08 PM ET

The hand-drawn diagrams and notes are the first sign of Leonardo recording his groundbreaking theories, showing how he started thinking about the force of friction on two sliding surfaces.

The artist went on to record his studies and theories in his notebooks, and is now credited with developing the laws of friction despite not seeing the work recognized in his lifetime. Read More ...

6 New Articles about the Brain

July 21, 2016    5:00 PM ET

How the Brain Builds Memory Chains

Mapping the Brain

Here's What Free Will Looks Like

Human intelligence measured in the brain

Mental, physical exercises produce distinct brain benefits

How Well Can We Remember Someone's Life after They Die? Read more ...

Evolution of flight in birds

July 18, 2016    1:06 PM ET

The group's findings suggest that wings, even those with large or ornately colored feathers, could have initially served different purposes rather than flying such as signaling or sexual selection before the development of flight. Read More ...


July 21, 2016    6:50 PM ET

Archaeologists have discovered one of the largest Viking axes ever found, in the tomb of a 10th-century "power couple" in Denmark. Kirsten Nellemann Nielsen, an archaeologist at the Silkeborg Museum who is leading excavations at the site near the town of Haarup, said Danish axes like the one found in the tomb were the most feared weapons of the Viking Age. It's a bit extraordinary - it's much bigger and heavier than the other axes. It would have had a very long handle, and it took both hands to use it. Read More ...

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