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September 13, 2015 - New Moon 20° Virgo Partial Solar Eclipse
September 28, 2015 - Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse

Burning Man 2015

September 1, 2015     5:40 PM EDT

Burning Man is happening once again in Black Rock Desert.

There's some pretty cool stuff going on out there

7 Mental Illness Myths People Still Believe

September 2, 2015     1:23 PM EDT

Mental illness stigma can lead to a multitude of false beliefs -- and it's about time to set the record straight. Negative stereotypes create a lot of misconceptions, which further alienate people in a community that already feels isolated. The many fallacies that surround mental health disorders can make managing them all the more difficult -- after all, research suggests stigma acts as a barrier to treatment. Read More ...

The Neural Base of Multitasking

September 2, 2015     11:11 AM EDT

By studying networks of activity in the brain's frontal cortex, researchers have shown that the degree to which these networks reconfigure themselves while switching from task to task predicts people's cognitive flexibility. While the predictive strength of this reconfiguration suggests that it is only one of several processes involved in successful task switching, it plays a core role. Read More ...

September 2015 and Prophecy

September 1, 2015     5:39 PM EDT

There are several unusual events happening in September that will have people wondering if we are indeed in end times.

You have psychic abilities and intuition ...what do you see?

Pope's Visit, Jewish Holidays, Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde ....


August 29, 2015     8:30 AM EDT

People who suffer from neuroticism - a condition characterized by anxiety, fear and negative thoughts - are extremely tuned in to looking for threats. For that reason, you may expect them to perform well in jobs requiring vigilance: stunt pilots, aviators and bomb defusement. Yet, the evidence suggests they are actually more suited to creative jobs. Read More ...

10 Reasons To Be Glad You're A Highly Sensitive Person

August 28, 2015     9:00 AM EDT

The personality trait of being a highly sensitive person, which affects both men and women, can play a large role in daily interactions -- and that's actually really good news. If you're feeling a little low about your emotional nature, here are a few reasons to instead celebrate your sensitivity.

1. You're empathetic.
2. You generally aren't involved in conflict.
3. You're perceptive.

Read More ...


August 26, 2015     6:50 PM EDT

Most people who read Crystalinks have some degree of clairvoyance and can easily "see" images in their minds. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

With all of the weird things we are discovering about the mind and how people perceive reality, we come to a new disorder called Aphantasia a hypothesized neurological condition where a person does not possess a functioning mind's eye or third eye.

Staring, Illusion, Shape Shifting

August 25, 2015     10:28 AM EDT

There are several ways to visually experience other aspects of your soul in different space-times. One involves staring into a mirror in a dark room with a flashlight under your face. After a few seconds, or minutes, your facial features change and you see other aspects of your soul. Read More ...

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