The Invincible Trickster

Tuesday August 1, 2023

Some people believe that a full moon brings things full cycle. August 1, 2023 featured a Full Super Moon 9° Aquarius as Donald Trump was indicted for efforts to overturn his 2020 election defeat. The United States of America v. Donald J. Trump

They say we are in the Age of Aquarius - the manifestation of events out of the blue - sudden and unexpectedly - signaling the end of the simulation of reality in the illusion of time.

The Trump Insert

After years of hearing from and about Donald Trump - who has spent a lifetime abusing the court system among others - one way or another this comes to an end in 2024. A key issue is whether this easily-proven case gets to trial before the election. Trump's proof of guilt in all cases is also self evident - but this is apparently the deal breaker as of this post.

By now you should have figured out that this version of the simulation has to continue until the algorithm successfully reverses to zero. We are currently at 0,1. Things are constantly set in place by the simulation to that end.

An example would be alien drones filmed in this timeline - spacecraft monitoring events so we don't blow ourselves up prematurely ... again. They combine the knowledge of government corruption with alien visitors and artificial intelligence.

The madcap adventures of Donald Trump are nothing more than a distraction and delay - the two words that have always defined him. The Magician Effect. The Invincible Trickster.

Who else has kept the world so enthralled during end times than Donald Trump. His sustained guilt is self-evident and yet he comes out ahead time after time - his entire life set up to create the virtual character you see today.

In our bipolar reality - half of the country is aligned with his dysfunctional side while the other half waits for him to be held accountable for a lifetime of criminal and abusive activities.

It doesn't matter what anybody says or does as we come to what looks like a rematch between Trump and Biden in 2024 - seniors in the senior moments of the simulation.

At the end of the day Trump can appeal to the Supreme Court - all of what would go on would takes years.

And so my friends - in physical reality Biden has to defeat Trump again which takes us to the end of reality however you define it.

Many wonder why this is going to be a replay of 2020. That's because all versions of reality are replays or loops in the spirals of time.

Thursday Trump was arraigned in D.C.

Forced to wait by the judge, Trump is out of his comfort zone

A post-indictment poll shows more Americans see new charges against Trump serious

Is Trump running for president mostly to avoid prison?

There's enough overwhelming evidence in the cases against toTrump that will put him away for the rest of his life if he doesn't get reelected. It's that simple. You may see him as a victim or recognize his issues and feel it's time he was held accountable.

Right now I see him feeling like a caged animal trying to fight his way out while plotting revenge against his enemies. He loves the drama of it but now he worries that those who stand against him will finally have their day in court and win. Others may have taken the fall for him in the past - but not this time. As if a game or diversion - we wait and see if he can be taken down before the November 2024 election. Patience ...