Psychic Reading with Ellie Crystal

Thank you for inquiring about a psychic reading. If you have been guided to this page, something in your soul is telling you that information will be given that you need to hear. Follow your guidance to discover the best way to learn about relationships, metaphysics, your soul's purpose, how to earn money in today's recession, and how to focus on your issues to create healing and balance. If sending me an email with a question about having a reading, please do not send background information about your life. Your personal issues will ONLY be discussed at your time of the reading. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.

About Your Session

Sessions are given in person, by phone, or Skype.

Sessions are by appointment only.
Seven days a week
10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Eastern Time

Sessions are one hour with a fee of $180 USD, prepaid for phone readings.
I pay for phone calls in the US and Canada only.
Phone sessions are NOT recorded.

If you are coming in person, payment is made in cash on the day of your reading, and your session is recorded.
If you would like to come in person, email me with your name and PHONE NUMBER.
Please type in the subject area of your email "Reading with Ellie". Thank you.

Setting Up Your Phone Session

Payment Methods for Phone Sessions

PayPal or Credit Cards

Check or Money Order Payable to
Ellie Crystal
10031 4th Avenue Apt. 6A
Brooklyn New York 11209

I will contact you to set up an appointment as soon as I receive your mail.

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