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Dogu - Neglected and Forgotten Figurine
UFO Area 2007
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Why have god figure throught history often been depicted without eyes? What is Eye Symbology about? The Greys (eyes, lens of time) -- Zetas (zero point) -- and Reticulians (reptiles, snakes, coiling, spiraling DNA), are the most popular extraterrestrial life forms that allegedly appear in modern UFO conspiracy theories and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena.

Everybody has a theory about visitors from other worlds or realms, most of which cannot be substantiated, but keeps humanity wondering about a future they sense. Will these entities, who allegedly seeded us, return to help humanity evolve, or perhaps to destroy the program, or experiment of our reality? These entities all part of grid realities in which we consciously experience in third dimension, the physical realms, so anything goes and no one is necessarily right or wrong.

We create belief systems based on personal experience and conscious awareness. For example, a group is walking down the street. Two people will see the same UFO, but the others see nothing. It is all about perception and what program you came here to play out. Humans are encoded to believe in gods from above, higher frequencies of thought consciousness. Ancient Civilizations had creation myths about their gods, worshiping them as many believe in aliens today. They are all one and the same.

We are genetically encoded to believe that an alien race of creational gods or ascended masters, or whatever you believe in, will return one day to save the planet after which we all live happily ever after. Don't count on it! Our biogenetic program is a duality based on electromagnetic grids, making it bi-polar, and will remain as such until consciousness evolves 'out of the box'. Your own 'inner knowing' will tell you when that will occur, as time is does not exist.

There allegedly are aliens who take on human form. They are said to come from the Pleiades, Orion, Lyra, Vega, , Arcturus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, the home of the Praying Mantis Race or tall grays. The Praying Mantis allegedly have long, narrow faces with long, narrow large eyes slanted upward and outward in an almost V position. They have thin, long torso; long, thin arms which are usually crooked; a sharp bend at midjoint with the hand and fingers growing almost erratically onward from the wrist; and legs bent at an almost right angles, creating a crouched pose.

Many people feel that some of the reported alien types fall under the heading of cryptozoology or hybrids.

Some people claim to channel or receive messages from alien groups. If the messages are not specific, dates, times, events, they are meaningless. If they are universal messages about love, light and healing issues, 1990's stuff, they come from the person channeling. What you want from aliens is information that nobody else has that changes humanity. To date, everything offered is generic. If aliens want to speak up and help, they will come forward, forget the conspiracy and intrigue. It won't happen.

Three Major Alien Races