Screen Memories, Stealth Encounters

Alien and Faery Abductions

In truth, all of reality consists of screened images viewed by one or more people and experienced as real. Reality is projected illusion created to experience emotions through the lens (eye) of time.

Screen Memories or Stealth Encounters are false memories recreated by one's mind to help understand something or overcome fear. What one remembers is not real. This is not be confused with Psychosis.

In alien abduction encounters Screen Memories refer to the images of aliens replaced by something familiar or perhaps friendly. Things remember generally include:

Many Sci Fi films and books deal with screened images and memories.

In the film Contact, Ellie Arroway, meets an alien presence who takes the form of her deceased father.

In Islamic theology, an order of stealth beings operating with great secrecy, the Al-Jinn, or Genie, is well known, existing in a hidden realm or mirror universe.

Their behavior is much like the denizens of Faeryland and even more like the behavior of the 'intruders' or 'visitors' in UFOlogy.

Faeryland Experiences

Abductions, altered and missing time, stolen babies, hybrid-like changelings, experience enchantment and engaging in sexual acts can be found in books which document Faeryland Experiences. Abductions often have parallels in anthropology, folklore and religion.

UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, documented in detail, the similarities between close encounters and centuries of accounts of elves, sprites, slyphs, gnomes, fairies, leprechauns, changelings and Faeryland in his classic 1970 book, Passport To Magonia.

ABC News ... Is the faery realm linked with autism ... Fairytales and folklore dating back hundreds of years contain evidence of autism "Fairies at the bottom of the garden 'stole' children, so fairy tales go, leaving behind 'changelings' who had symptoms of autism."

Autism is not new.

Faery abduction tales are not new.

ET encounters and UFO sightings in the woods

involving missing time ... are not new.