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When Antidepressants No Longer Work
Creativity And Sex
Humans And Animals, Souls Who Travel Together
Warning Dream For Women
God and Goddess, 36 Files
The Triple Goddess
Life, Death, Rebirth, Goddesses
Greek Goddesses, Rebirth and Prophecy
Syncretism Of The Gods
Passing Thoughts As 2005 Comes To An End

Were You Born Into The Wrong Family?
Anunnaki, Journey Of The DNA
The Scent Of Roses 2005
Gordian Knot
Mata, Mati, Eye, Easter Island
Genghis Khan, Genetics, Nostradamus
The Spirit Of The Unborn Baby
Kathleen's Inspirational Journey To Cusco
The Age Of Healing And Awakening, Images
Thanksgiving, Joseph And Golden Hawk Woman OCTOBER
Tempus Fugit, Time Flies
Carpe Diem, Seize The Day
Through The Eye Of The Needle
Ron, Sunspots and The Rise and Fall of Civilizations
Caretaking Someone With Altzheimer' Disease
Earthquake In Asia 10/08/05, Goddess Durga
Atlantis, Rising
Simchat Torah, Ellie and the Torah
Halloween 2005

Stepping Stones, Visualization
Older Women With Younger Men, Age is a State of Mind
Entangled: Ending an Extramarital Affair with Another Married Person
The Tiny White Spider In Ellie's Bedroom
Earthquake, Papua New Guinea
Escape From New Orleans August 2005
'K' Words: Katrina, Kali, Karma
Rainbow Over The Verrazano Bridge - Noah And The Arc

August Transitions
Client Comments On Reality, Humor
Feisty Old Grandmothers Who Live Forever
Is Time Compressing?
Cradle Of Life
The Bubble Effect
Once Upon A Time In UFO Land, Michael Luckman
Ellie And The NYPD Blue
Life Is An Exercise
Psychic Readings With Gay Young Men, Issues
Gay Male Astrologers
X Train Tracks
Missing Links
Shoot For The Stars
Strange Orbs, Concentric Circles
Zeroing In On The Galactic Center
Hurricane Katrina, Math and Aftermath

My Trip To Germany and France 12 Files

1957, Chevy Incident, Awakening, UFO's
It's In Z's Book...
July 2, 2005 Alien Themes and Films
Henoch Prophecies, Billy Meier Contacts
Parents Who Live Apart
Caretakers Return Home
Movement of Consciousness '05
Goddesses Who Weave Creation
Projected Illusion And The 4400
Olber's Paradox
The Mysteries Of Antarctica 2005

Coming Full Circle In The Eye
Summer Solstice Teleconference Class 2005
Crystal Workshop, Shamanism, Spirit Visitations
Nintendo, Thinking Outside The Box
Frazzled Inside The Box

Pat's Journey To Bali

Star Trek Finale, Computer End Program, The Program Ends on Cue (Q)
Ellie's Screenplay "Out of Africa"
Digging For Answers, King Tut, Mummy's Curse, Facial Reconstruction, Cause of Death
Palm Prints, Messages In Ink, DNA Fingerprints, Healing
When Time Stops, Big Ben Stopped For 90 Minutes
Workshop: Archetypes For Healing and Transformation

Carl Jung - Psychology, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Synchronicity, Collective Unconscious, Archetypes
Anxiety Disorder
Panic Attack, Panic Disorder
Self-mutiliation, Teens Who Cut Themselves
Universal Art Forms
The Games of Zathura
Pawn or Porn Shop?
Death Of Pope John Paul II, Prophecy
'Revelations' 6-Part Mini-Series, Many Metaphors 'M' and 'W'
Make-Up To Wake-Up 'M' and 'W' Reversed
The Gypsy Fortune Teller
Dandelions Are Free

The Sentinel, Egypt
Threads, Meeting Places, The Diner
Tones From The Center Of The Milky Way Galaxy
Setting Up A Code Of Communication Before Someone Dies
Winners and Awards
International Women's Day 2005
Focusing Your Energies
Making Your Moves, People Who Move Often, Your Final Home
Marble, The Cracks Between

Evolution of the Bloodline 2005
White Doves as Messengers
Living In Your Heart Felt Truths, Laura Bush
"The Gates' In Central Park
Dysfunctional in 2005
Temporal Signposts

UFO'S 'Seeing Is Believing' - Peter Jennings
Screen Memories, Stealth Encounters, Alien and Faery Abductions
Implicit Memory
Explicit Memory
Memory and Aging
Memory (Consciousness) Frozen in Time

Tsunami 2004, Summary, Spiritual, Animals
2005 Thoughts and Predictions
Ellie's Teleconference Classes 2005 Mediumship
Psychics Don't Remember
The Business of Labor
Lottery Win In Brooklyn - $40 Million
Blizzard of 2005, Spirit and the Rose
Johnny Carson Dies, Last Laugh
The Blue Frequency
Crystal Creations
Couch Potato Syndrome and Chakras
Film 'Indigo', Conversation With Pat

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