Living in Your Heartfelt Truths

February 2005

First Lady, Laura Bush came to New York and became park of Fashion Week. Models wearing read, from different walks of life strutted down the runways on large tents in Bryant Park. the theme was 'Women and Heart Disease', President Bush proclaiming this Heart Disease Awareness Month. A client named Doug Yuen, the sales director of an international display company, attended the second Heart Truth Show in Bryant Park in conjunction with the beginning of Spring Fashion Week. Doug was impressed with Mrs. BushÕs' friendly down-to-earth style and said that her presence solidified the awareness of heart disease, especially for women.

Fashion Week takes me back to my modeling days and strutting down a runway in Manhattan! It's an amazing high! As you walk, there is this sense of empowerment, magic, magnetic attraction, that elevates your total being ... when you know all eyes are on you and you are in total control of the moment! It's about raising your frequency, adjusting your grid, going into your true essence and brilliant light, and merging it with the 'here and now.' It's more about power and light than ego! I know many woman out there who understand what I am writing about as they can also go there. It's beyond your physical appearance, and more into the attitude and light you project. It's always there for me, when I need it! This is also true for men who project more than physical beauty, but inner light and that something special that one cannot describe. The energies are powerful, yet positive and compelling.

There's nothing like taking care of your physical heart but it is just as important to recognize and express your heartfelt truths. They will become your passion. But one cannot always state their truths for different reasons. Sometimes you run the risk of risk of hurting others and causing them to ultimate reject you. They may not be able to understand your truths particularly in regard to our changing reality and other matters that create passion in your soul as the story of humanity unfolds. Some people are afraid of change and the unknown. Be discerning, but live in you heart, your heartfelt truths, at all times, even if you have to let go of friends and family. Reality has become about awareness, facing issues, healing and releasing to move on.

Once in the heart, you will find it difficult to return to old patterns and paradigms. The heart is the center of everything, the place of creation and reconciliation, where opposites attract and you find your greater truths. It is the eye in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the place from which creation projects.

The heart is the pulse of everything

as we measure things in linear time.

Reality is a heartbeat away

Rippling through parallel grids of reality

In the Land of OZ,

The Tin Man [alchemy] must unite both sides [poles] of the heart

Coming Full Circle, In the Alchemy of Time 10:10

The heart is the Bloodline of the Rose

Sarah's Bloodline...

Above and Below...

The heart is the way to create balance, center, still point, zero point.

Move through the heart and score a touchdown!