Making Your Moves

March 22, 2005

It's almost Spring and with that comes a feeling of rebirth, renewal, change, often resulting in a change of residence.

There are people who move frequently, reflected in their lifestyles, while others remain in the same home all of their lives.

People generally move during junctures in their lives that represent change.

We have become a race of searchers and with that comes relocation and moves and the inability to work without getting burned out.

Free Spirits, as the expression goes, often feel a need to move around a lot, never remaining in the same place very long. Some of these people are lucky and can afford to 'drop out', having an inheritance or trust fund, a settlement from a lawsuit, or earned money accumulated through years they worked.

I have met people who travel from city to city or country to country, having no permanent address, staying with friends or people they meet along the way, for an unspecified period of time. Some people 'house sit' living in different parts of the world.

Then we have deeper problems of dysfunctionality, mental illness and depression, though not always recognized nor accepted by the person who aimlessly wanders through life looking for inner meaning, existing in survival mode.

On another note we have entire families who move around a lot for different reason, economic factors, military, other. These families move over and over again. Somewhere at the root of this are troubled adults who generally produced trouble children, all of whom need professional help.

With dysfunctional families we often have broken marriages with no sense of family roots nor a place called home.

Moving frequently is also a symptom of how broken our program is. Perhaps to move frequently is one way of saying you want to find your way out of the box and finally find your way home.

Make a list of all the times you moved.

How many times have you moved in this lifetime?

How did the moves make you feel?

Were the reasons positive or negative and what were the results?

How important is your home to you?

Do you plan to move again? Why?

Is your soul comfortable where you are currently living?

Does your home express who you are?

Is something missing? If yes, what is it and can you find it?