Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was just the beginning of what would develop into flood stories across the United States and other parts of the world due to climate change, natural disasters, and the shutdown of the hologram we consider our reality. People got used to severe weather conditions that plummeted the planet over and over again.

September 7, 2005

Hurricane Katrina came at a time when geomagnetic activity, solar flares and storms, returned to solar maximum. The aftermath would have people wondering about 'end times' and searching prophecies for answers as once it did after the events of 9/11, almost exactly 4 years ago, and the death of Pope John Paul II early this year.

In early August, I had written that the trickster aspect of the program was going to play another hand. Virgo is the time of the year the universe, and consciousness, shifts its gears. This was also the timeline of 9/11.

Both events are part of the end time inserts of the program. They allow human consciousness to search for answers beyond the physical, looking at prophecy and higher guidance, to see what comes next in the chain [DNA] of events.

Both events are tragic and touch the heart of the world, effecting it on many levels. The object ... compassion. it is almost impossible to believe that people were trapped in the Superdome without food, water, and medical assistance for so many days. The federal government's lack of immediate response boggles the mind. But where were they on 9/11 before the second plane struck? Bush was in elementary school. It's as if he is programmed for a day's events and anything that deviates from that, is not reacted to consciously.

Both events will take years of recovery, if ever. Then again ... reality has become about awareness and 'recovery' on so many levels, each step of the way faced with endless issues.

During this window, I traveled to Germany and France as my soul guided. While there, the people and media paid more attention to Hurricane Katrina, before it hit land, than President Bush did. As I watched CNN each morning and evening, I wondered why the evacuation of the cities, in the path of the hurricane, was not in progress. In September, Bush would admit wrong doing on the part of the federal government, once again allowing the nation to recognize how vulnerable the American people are to natural disasters and terrorists attacks. This is also true of any nation in the world, though we often think of ourselves as invulnerable.

Did I ever consider this to be a 'black issue'? Not in the sense that most people are talking about, but in part they are probably right about racial discrimination. Outside the box this had much to do with Voodoo and cleansing.

You already know I have never been a fan of George Bush nor his father, whose improprieties are endless.

Here we are in the 21st century, allegedly the most power and scientifically advanced country in the world, being led by a man who is either on drugs, as inside sources have told me, is a dry drunk, or has mental problems, as the worst tragedies to hit the American Continent have occurred. There is almost an irony to it all, a method to the madness.

Bush's reactions to the events of Katrina have no justification and never will. It is just part of the game, and maybe has something to do with taking the focus of the world away from other things, like the events in Iraq and Israel, which were reported in the news in Europe.

On August 30, as my friend Pat and I cruised down the Neckar River, I clearly heard, "The Nazi Program has ended."

Later in my hotel room, in Heidelberg, I turned on CNN. There was Bush commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, and drawing comparisons between the events of that 20th-century conflict, and current wars on terrorism and in Iraq.

Thinking outside the box ... While in the pulse of the Germany grids and the energies of WW II, I knew the gateway between the 2 programs, and their parallel realities, had ended. Could I physically prove it? No! But I knew and it felt right. Once again, reality would never be the same. There could be no doubt this transition of consciousness was the reason I had known for months that I had to be in Germany at this time and follow the journey in the manner in which I did. Patterns ... reality is about patterns and duality, god vs. trickster as the spirals of time cycle down.

From CNN news 30 August 2005 ...

There is nothing to justify Bush's behavior, there never is, other than to realize that is part of a grander plan/program in which he is playing out his role and stimulating / simulating people to think and become more aware. It is a move away from lazy thinking.

When we reflect on Nazi Germany, one has to wonder, how did a sick lunatic like Hitler ever come into power and remain there so long, carrying out some of the worst atrocities the world has every known, remaining in office until his own mental illnesses and drug addiction resulted in poor judgment and his downfall. This was not until the energies / projections of that event became frozen in the grid, filmstrips of time, to one day come to an end.

You've read it all in the press, concerning the events of Hurricane Katrina and an administration that has once again demonstrated its lack of preparedness to handle crisis situations, lead by a president who apparently says and does everything wrong, including the manner in which he was elected in 2000.

Is Bush the 21st century version of the trickster or the antichrist? I don't believe in an antichrist, just functional people who work on a higher frequency vs. dysfunctional people who exist on lower level frequencies and create the drama.

Outside the box ... Bush is a pawn who aimlessly plays out his role, based on the patterns of the Masonic Program, as we await the end of his tenure in office. Things will get nasty before he's gone, but he won't be assassinated, though there will be attempts, perhaps not reported in the media.

Once again we leave Bush bashing to the pros, people of the planet, and of course Michael Moore, whose 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 told the truth and should have influenced the Presidential election that year ... but that is the irony of the program, reality makes no sense. Can't wait to see what Moore does with this scenario, or maybe he's just sitting back and saying, "I told you so! I told you so!"

Global catastrophes remain encoded in the grid as fear factor unites human consciousness, creating a harmonic for change. These events force change on all levels and in that respect, act as a cleansing catalyst, especially in the darkest portals on the planet. If you can remote view, you can see them.

These events are far more powerful than global meditations to raise frequency. "Why?" you ask, as you most likely have been indoctrinated for years in the metaphysical belief systems that if we all meditate on love and light it will change everything!! Grow up! If it hasn't happened by now, it won't!

It's all about the human component. Let's say there was a global meditation. A harmonic is created. After the experience, the people involved let go of the harmonic and human consciousness reverts back to old frequencies and patterns. Result, a few more people move into the 'aery faery' realms and believe we can all co-exist in peace in a bi-polar reality. Right!

In other words people say they are raising frequency but revert back to their dysfunctional patterns. Do you have any idea how many people in the realms of so-called metaphysics are hypocrites or have no idea what they are talking about, spouting forth clichˇs of the 1990 grid programs? These people could be about money, ego, or any host of things that propel people on, including a belief in false gods! The ascended masters scenarios ... ridiculous ... but I keep the files posted as they have become a vehicle for some souls to awaken. Whatever floats your boat!

You already have all the answers encoded in your DNA. Look within. Do you feel the changes, especially since Katrina? Do you feel the evolution of consciousness at the 'doorstep?

About love and light ... and all that jazz ... get a grip. It will never be found in the physical level of this programmed experience, which is bi-polar in nature, duality, and remains as such until we hit zero point, when we ALL move out of our physical bodies, nothing remains, and into our souls sparks of light.

I know most people hold onto the notion that Earth will still be here, transformed, a glorious paradise, ... yada yada yada, not so! Reality is consciousness not the physical planet!

As for Earth changes, they are here and will escalate especially after the Tsunami & Earthquake 2004 underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean and resulting tsunami of 12/26/2004 which cracked the tectonic plates.

We are headed to Zero Point and it is only your awareness of reality that will allow you to understand the nature of what is occurring. Think outside the box. Events will move fast and furious now for some, while for others, not fast enough.

I am not going to go into issues and how you should heal your life, as that has all been said and done! You are either working on yourself by now, or not! [Barnes and Noble, Self-Help Section -- Ellie's Archives -- Goggle]

Believe in your personal and collective dreams . They will bring messages of global importance through the spirals of the consciousness. Meditations will also give glimpses of reality.

We are still doing the math, but are also experiencing in the aftermath.

Katrina was a disaster that allows us to awaken on many levels.

We are all about to find out what happens as the hologram shuts down and the experiment ends. Souls are here for the 'grand finale.' Computer end program! Computer end program!

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